The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 1

Welcome to one of the fanfics that I have written for the TMNT mailing list last year. This story is told from the eyes of Leonardo, and has some of my own characters, in fact a lot of the characters in the W's and the four Shapers are my own characters. Hope you enjoy the story. A part from the story will come up each week.



The Shape of a Turtle

Part 1

The light of the full moon hit upon my face. I stand up to see a character in black heading towards a hardware store. I knew this was going to be the next hit.

My name is Leonardo and tonight I am following the world’s newest crime wave. They call themselves the W's and one day they just appeared all over the world causing problems. I could swear they're a take off of the Foot Clan, but a bigger problem.

I was getting use to an easier life of relaxing.  It's been over 12 years since our last fight with the Foot and we have to thank Mikey for that, believe it or not.

Now the W's have got us on the run again. I wish I could figure out what they want. They normally steal stuff of little to no value and kill everyone in the area of their hit. Only one time did people survive an attack, the first time the W's showed up.  It was here in New York, when the leader of the W's killed two people in a hotel room.  Two kids were left alive, saved by a kid actor who was in the same hotel at the time of the attack.

I grip my swords and jump from the window that I was perched on. The wind blows hard in my face as I move towards the hardware store. I hide behind a car to see what the guy is up to. Five others join him. "Blades said to not leave anyone alive.  There should be nine people in the store."

"Do we take anything."

"You want it, you take it."

"Yes sir." The six of them head toward the store’s door. Two of them pull out swords, three others carry bo staffs and one of them holds sais. The odds are good. I know I can handle six people. As they go in, I immediately take out the last person, grabbing his bo staff and hitting him on the back of the head with it. I drag his body off to the side, then I head in to join the others and find them at the register with the store employee.

"Give us all your money, mister! Everything in the cash register!"

"Yes.. what ever you say..." The guy starts putting the cash from the register on the table. Two of thieves go through the store together, herding the people to one area.  One of the thieves with swords counted the people.

"Yep, nine people. Guys, take what you want. I'll watch these people.  Then when you're done getting stuff, we'll kill each of them slowly and painfully."

I watch as the five go in different directions through the store. I know the one with the civilians will be the last to take out. I go to the back of the store, seeing a hammer sitting on a countertop. I grab it and toss it on the ground to where it would make a noise to get the closest W to come to me.

Hiding, I to see the kid come over towards the hammer. I throw a throwing star, hitting a sai out of the kid's hand. He turns to face me, but I send a punch at his face before he could make a move.

"Two down, four to go."

I head towards the car department, an area filled with all the stuff you could dream of to fix an engine. I walk over and start to look at the stuff, pulling a hat over my face. One of the W's notices me.

"Hey you!" He said coming towards me.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did you want to look at this stuff?" I said, letting the guy get closer to me.

"You're coming with me buster!" As he steps my way, I throw a roundhouse kick, hitting the guy up against the wall. He goes to get up, but isn't fast enough. I do a sidekick to his face and he falls flat. This is starting to get too easy, even for me. I walk over towards the far left side of the store, it has lots of fun tools to work with, Donatello would love this area.

I hide at the end of the aisle watching on the kids with a bo coming my way, knowing I already took out the one with the sais, one with the bo and one with the sword.  It's time to take out another bo staff. I stick my foot out in front of the kid as he goes past.  He trips and lands on his face. I jump on his back and knock him out.

Now, off to the far north side of the store.  I have to pass the one with the people being held. I run past him from behind. He doesn't notice me while counting the money. I look over to see the other kid not too far from the front of the store.

I run up to the next aisle down from him and climb on top of the aisle. I look down at the kid filling a bag with batteries and some wires. I jump down on him, knocking him out in seconds.

"One more to go." I turn and look back towards the kid counting the money with a sword on his belt. I jump down in front of him.

The kid pulls out his sword. "Who in the world are you?"

"Well one thing is for sure, I'm not Santa Claus, but I do know that you've been a bad boy this year and you won’t be getting anything for Christmas this year."

We hold our swords out at each other.  He makes the first move, swinging the sword towards my lower left leg. Using the sword in my left hand I block his sword and the sword in my right hand went right into his left arm.

"Oh, you're good, aren't you?" The kid said, backing away with blood coming down his arm. Just then a sword is put to my neck from behind. I go to look who it was, but the sword pushed tighter. "Master Blades. Boy am I glad to see you!"

"Find the others, I'll take care of this guy."

"Yes, Master." I attempt to hit his arm, but I feel the blade of the sword harder and I can feel the blood start to trickle. Not too much blood, but enough to tell me I’m in trouble.

"Who are you?" I don’t plan to answer. Blades is the second in command and I've met him once before. He's stronger than any man I've ever met. It's as if he's not human. "You and your brothers have been getting in the way far too much. It's time for you to die."

"Wait! Master Blades." The kid said looking over. "He might be one of the ones we're looking for, you notice how he doesn't fear to fight us."

"You might be right. Get the others and lets get out of here." I go to fight back, but before I can do anything, Blades puts a shot in my arm. "If he is one of the ones we're looking for, this will keep him under our control." Next thing I know, everything goes dark.

When I wake, I’m looking up to see a character in red. His eyes are pure white and his face flat as if he doesn't have a nose with what looks like a red mask pulled over it. He has a black headband with a W on it.

He looks right at me. My eyes drift down as I continue to see what I’m facing. I see he is wearing all red, with another W on his chest in the upper left hand corner and black belt with a W on it. He stands right over me. "Remove his hat and coat."

Blades comes over and I look to see him grabbing my hat and coat off
"Oh this is too funny. Shaping as a kid comic book hero to fight crime. Please, come up with something of your own." The one in red laughs.

"What are you talking about? This is my real looks!"

"Please, you might be able to trick kids and humans, but not me. I know you when I see you, and from the sound of your voice I'd say it's you Mark."

"Mark? My name is Leonardo!"

"Well, if we're giving names to call each other, it's Mr. Terror to you! Now, where are your brothers? I want Peter!"

"I don't have a brother named Peter!"
We end up fighting about this for many hours. He kept trying to tell me my name was Mark, and didn't believe that I was telling the truth.

Than I looked up to see the eyes of a woman. I knew who she was, but to see her here was a big let down. "Master Mokishan." Blades walks over towards her.

Mokishan was one of the best ninjas in Japan.  She would fight for good. I use to read up on her, saving her home town, Saki Japan, from any trouble, but she became missing over 12 years ago. This is the first I've seen her.

"Who do you have here?" She asks looking at me.  "Is it one of them? Is it a Shaper?" I could see hope come to her evil eyes. Looking into her eyes, I mainly saw evil. I would never want to bump into her on the streets on a dark night.
"I believe this is one of them. I think it's Mark." Terror said. What shocks me about Terror is each time he talks, the red mask over his face moves as a mouth. The more I look at it, I see it isn't a red mask, it’s his real face.

"What are Shapers?" I ask, hoping for them to see that I’m one of these Shapers.

"Stop playing around Mark." Mokishan walks towards me, looking me over. A thoughtful look goes over her face. "You know what, I don't think he's lying, Terror.”

"What do you mean?"

"Do you see a peace sign on him anywhere?"

Terror steps back and starts to laugh. "Oh, what an honor.  We have a real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in our hands." He stops and looks at me. "Blades, you use to read the Turtle comics, you said you read it because one of your old high school friends was mentioned in the comics."

"Yes, Lord Terror. My friend Saki was in there.  They called him The Shredder, which is rumored to be true. But that's only rumor.  No one knows if our Shredder is Saki or not."

Terror walks towards me. "We might have use for you Turtle." There’s an evil look in his eyes. I know immediately that I am in trouble here.

"Where's my brothers when I need them?" I say to myself.

Terror walks over and grabs out a syringe. "You are soon to be the newest member of the W's."

"I would never work for you!"

"Oh, but you have no choice." Terror puts the needle in my arm, injecting something into me. "You see, with that shot you are stuck working for us. Or, I'll do this." He presses a button. I feel a pain go right into my heart. It’s the worst pain I’ve ever felt.  I feel as if I’m going to stop breathing any minute now. He releases the button. "Now, Turtle, you see, you have no choice. Bring him to the dojo and see how good this Ninja Turtle is. I want him tested to see if he's good enough to wear the blades." Terror lets me up from the table. I jump at him, but before I can even reach him, I drop into that pain. I can't move at all. "You can't stop me now, Turtle, because you are now one of us."

Terror turns and walks out of the room. I look up to see Blades, a man in a ninja suit and Mokishan, the prettiest lady, wearing all black. I remember I had a crush on Mokishan as a kid, when I read about her, now I could start to understand why she was doing what she was doing.
"Come on Turtle. Is your name really Leonardo?" Mokishan said walking out of the room. I follow not far behind her.

"Yes, that's my name."

Blades starts to laugh and sing in a low voice. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles..Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.. Hero's in a half shell... Turtle Power” He almost falls over laughing.

I look back at him. "Yes, I'm one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The cartoon isn't really.. well... not fully like us. We used the theme TMNT as a cover up, so if we're noticed, people would think we were people in costume. It was Mikey's idea after he made some friends, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. They put out the comic and the rest is history."

"Wow to think you four green things are real." Blades says as we turn into a room with all kinds of ninja weapons.

"Well, we worked on the first TMNT movie, and let people in costumes handle the other movies. Otherwise we didn't do much with the famous TMNT characters for the cartoons and comics."

"Here's your weapon, Turtle." Mokishan throws a sword at me. I catch it and go to hold it down to my side as Mokishan comes towards me with her sword in hand. I raise my sword and hit her sword off to the side, tripping her.  She rolls and lands right back on her feet.

"What are you doing?" I ask, as she starts to swing her sword at me, with moves I could only dream of doing.

"You are being tested, Turtle. So stay with me on this." I have to wait for the right time, to see her open for a hit. I hold off, backing away. Then I see how to get her down. She brings her sword at me, I go flying from the blow. She comes over to claim that she's won, but I jump up taking her down, putting a sword to her neck. "What? I thought..."

"I have learned that all things are not what they seem, and how to use that."

"Well it seems you have past your test." She gets up. "I wouldn't think that a teenager would think to do that."

"We have a good teacher, and have fought many fights, that is one of the oldest trix in the book." I follows her again through a long hall to see Terror standing at a computer. It looks as if his hand was melting into a control board.

"Did he pass the test?" Terror asks, then his hand transforms back into a hand.

"Yes, Lord Terror."

"Good, welcome to the gang, Leonardo." Terror walks towards me, as I stand with my face looking forward, as if I didn't even see him. "I know of your friend, or should I say worst nightmare, the Shredder. We've met, I bet you have been wondering why you haven't seen him in the past 12 years."

"He left after the comics, and cartoons of TMNT came out."

"That's not the reason why he dropped you guys though. You see Shredder has been working with us. He is in Japan, and the Foot is now part of the W's. Shredder told me of you Turtles, but I never believed him, I thought he was joking because of the cartoons and comics, but now I see that he wasn't."

"Shredder isn't known for jokes." I say trying to find a way out of this place.

"Blades.. get me the last pair of blades out of the other room. I think we found who can use them."

"Blades? What blades?" I start to back up.

"These blades here." They look almost like what Shredder would wear, but there were no straps to hold them on.

"What's so good about those?"

Then Blades looks at me. "Listen, Turtle, you don't want these on you!"

"Why?" I ask, seeing that Blades isn't joking around.

"Why do you think they call me Blades?" Blades brings up his arm in front of me, nothing there, but then, as if it came straight from his skin, he has blades.

"What just happened?"

"Those blades become part of you, yet they are evil. They become one with you full inner and start to pull out all the bad thoughts and anger you have hidden within you. It makes you see things in a hole new why. And you can't get them off."

Terror smiles. "That's right, only my dad, Killer, and the one you love the most can get them off, but you most know who you love the most and you have to know the one spot they can come off in. Otherwise, those blades will never leave your skin." Terror continues to smile as he places the blades onto my arm. I feel a jolt of pain go through me. I can't hold myself up, as I fall to the ground. It feels as if I’m being eaten from the inside. I end up passing out again.

Later, I wake up in a room. The door’s locked. I look at my arm and see nothing. It had to be a nightmare. I try to find a way out of the room.  I start punching the door, acting as if I’m having a fit, like Raphael. I stop and look at myself. "What am I doing? I need to think of a way out of here, anger won’t help."

But as if I couldn't control it, my anger starts to take place in me. I start hitting the door again, I want out. I get more upset by the minute. I can't stop myself. I see everything I’m doing, but there’s nothing I can do about it.  My actions are not as I thought. These blades must really be in me. I look at my arm and think about seeing the blades and they come out of me. Fear races through me about this. I fall back against a wall, seeing no way out, feeling the anger in me grow.

It’s an anger that I never felt so strongly about. It’s my anger at the Shredder that is eating me up. He destroyed our life. I blame Shredder for everything.

A year past, before I saw the light of another room again. I miss my brothers, and Master Splinter.

The door opens and Terror is standing there. "Hello, Leonardo, it's time for you to start working for us." He says with a smile on his face.

"I will never work for you!" I say, with anger showing through in my voice. He smiles and walks up to me.

"Remember, you don't have a choice. Now here is your first job. I want you go to this pizza shop in New York, it's called Roy's Pizza. You are to kill everyone in there, and take all the money that is left in the building and bring it back to me. If you do not do as told, I will blow up all of New York, meaning the end of your brothers. Oh, and you are to take some of the W kids with you." I know I had no choice, but the anger in me grows. My head starts hurting as I want to break something. "Oh, and it must be you to kill everyone, the kids will not do any of the killing. And they are to see your real face. Turtle!"

I look up to see Blades and Mokishan behind me. "You guys coming too?"

"We have too. To make sure you do your job."  Blades says, pulling a ninja mask over his face.

"Why do you get to cover your face?" I ask as we walk towards the door out.

"Because I'm not known of and looked up to. Little kids like the Ninja Turtles, and Terror is going to use that, to stop kids from dreaming there's really heroes out there that will save them."

I look down, as Blades tells me that, now I see how evil Terror and this Killer is.

"You mean all the people in this world believe that this stuff is done by you, and it's all force!"

Mokishan walks up behind me, putting her hand on my shoulder. "No one ever knows how it feels to be a W, until they are thrown into it. Even you thought that we were evil, now you see the truth. You have to think of the person who you care the most about. We might be able to get you out of this."

"Don't think of it, MokiShan!" Terror says walking up behind us. I look over at him, just then a black ninja suit forms out of his red skin and over him. He looks like a normal W kid.

We got to Roy's, I looked in to see all my friends. I looked back at Terror.

"Why are we doing this, it doesn't seem that you need any money?" I ask, trying to stop us from going in.

"Because, there's four characters on this planet who need to learn that hiding will do them no good." Terror pushes me to the side and walks towards the door to Roy's.

"Wait! Are you saying you're doing this to get your hands on five people?!"

"Yes, and there's nothing you, my good friend, can do about it! Now do as you’re told and shut up!" Terror walks into Roy's, Blades and Mokishan follow. I can't go through with this, there is no reason for me to. I would rather be hurt than go and kill my own friends. I turn and run off.

Jumping into the sewers, a few of the W kids go running after me. Terror turns and see me run. I got into the sewer, then I notice something red at my feet. I back away from it as it forms up into Terror. "You can't run from me!"

"I would rather be killed than let others get killed, so go ahead, put me in pain, get rid of me!" Terror just looks at me as if he was about to start laughing, but I didn't see the joke here.

"Oh, so you want to play hard. Now it's either just the 19 people in Roy's or it's all of New York."

"What do you mean?"

A smile goes across Terror’s face. "Well, I have a bomb right here in New York, and it will go off as soon as I want it too."

"How do I know you're not lying?" I could tell that he wasn't by the face, but I needed to stall time until I could think of what to do, how to get out of this mess.

"You want to see proof of my bombs? I have bombs in every city on this planet. I'll show ya, then you'll know I'm not joking."

Next thing I know I only see red, then when the red went away, I was back at the W's HQ. He takes me to a computer.

"Here, see this computer, it shows all the city with active bombs in them." I look at the map, there were bombs marked as all over the world. Not one city left without a bomb. "You have no choice but to work for me." He’s right, at least until I can find a way to stop him and the rest of the W's. "Now, Back to Roy's! The others are still there."

Then it goes red again. I’m confused at how we were traveling. Once getting to Roy's it seemed like the W's went into action without us. The place was being held up, one person shot and wounded. I can't think of killing these people, there has to be away out of this. I want everyone to get away. Then I felt a sharp pain go through my arm. It’s from the blades they put on me. I knew those things were going to cause trouble, but I don't know how just yet.


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