The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 10

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Part 10

Donatello sits near me until Master Splinter comes into the room. I look up at Master Splinter.  "I'm okay, please check on Mikey, Sensei."

Master Splinter sits down next to me and looks me in the eyes. He can see that there is some unknown pain going through me. He looks at Donatello.  "There is something going on and I do not know what I can do about it." Splinter puts his hand on my forehead, feeling the pain that I have. "Whatever has him is very powerful and is nothing like we have ever fought."

My eyes start to water as I try to hold back the tears of pain. I look up at Ninjara and Don.  "I'm okay, check on Mikey" I say again, this time using my hand to point at the bed. Lifting my hand felt like lifting a 200lb weight. I can't move it too much, the pain feels as if it is going to rip my arm from its socket.

I drop my arm back down. Splinter's head turns to look at Mikey laying on the bed. With all the pain, I move again, this time to stand up. I feel the pain, but I can't do anything about it besides going back to the W's.

Splinter's head turns back towards me.  He knows I shouldn't be standing. My legs are like weights themselves. I feel as if I can't stand, but somehow with an inner power, I am able to stand. I look to see Splinter looking at me with a worry in his eyes. I turn to see Donatello getting ready to catch me if I fall.

Raph stands beside the door, watching. I can see the anger on his face.  For a moment, I feel as if he doesn't care if I live or die right then. Then the pain worsens. I fight just to stand there. It’s as if I can't do anything else.

Then, I push the pain to the back of my mind and take a step. I start to walk, slowly towards the door. Raph just watches, he doesn't even try to help. As I walk pass him, I feel as if a cold chill goes down my shell. Ninjara watches from the bed, as if I would try something in this much pain. As I make it to the door I fall to my knees. I look up and see Raph standing over me.

"If this is Leo, then why does he run from us each time he's in pain? And why two times in a row does he drop in pain in front us to get out, yet at the fights, he seems alright?!!!" Raphael is mad and from the sound of his voice he doesn't think it’s me.

"Raphael! I'm sure there's more to this story that we will learn in time! Isn't there, Leo?" Donatello asks as he walks up to me and helps me off the floor.  Just having my feet touch the ground, I feel more pain. I look down as I feel a tear fall from my face. There is two strong pains inside me. I know the pain that hurts the worst is that I still don't have time to tell my brothers what's going on and what they don't know about me anymore. This hurts worse than anything else.  You never want your brothers turning on you at a time like this.  And Master Splinter, what would I do without his help?

Raphael steps in front of the door. "You're not going anywhere! Not until you tell us what's going on!"

I look down, feeling the pain is nothing to me at this time. I have to tell my brothers.

Master Splinter walks up to me.  "My son, please do tell your story, if you can.  But if you cannot, I understand." Raphael looks at Splinter.  He doesn't like it that Splinter is telling me I can leave.

"No way, Master Splinter! Leo's not just getting up and leaving again! I don't care how much this hurts him! He has to tell us the truth!" Raphael walks over and picks my sore body off the feet that hurt so much.  For a moment, I don't mind because it released some of the pain, but then it hits me.  Raph just might do worse than the pain to me. "Look, he's already hurt me.. and look at Michaelangelo! For all we know he could have done that too!"

I can't believe what I’m hearing.  "I didn't do that to Mikey! The Shredder did! All I know about his fight was that he was put in front of me all bloody. DAMN IT, RAPH I BROUGHT HIM HOME TO BE TAKEN CARE OF, NOT FOR YOU TO GET AFTER ME!!!" The blades on my arms start to burn, then it took me seconds to use them.

Raph is suddenly on the ground. I look to see what I did. "I'm so sorry, Raph!" Raph has blood going across his face. "I didn't mean to!  It's these blades." Raph looks at me, I feel as if he is going to kill me for this. I stand up with all the pain in me and look at Master Splinter. "I have to go." I turn to walk out.

Again, Raph jumps in my way.  "You're not leaving, Leo!" Just then another pain goes through me. Terror wants me home now and I know it. I look to see my brothers eyes looking at me. "Tell us your DAMN STORY, LEO!"

"Very well, Raph, but if we all get killed because of this, it’s your fault!" I sit down,easing the pain on my legs. Raphael comes over and sat near me, just far enough for me not to be able to touch him. "You see, that night when we all went our own ways..." I pause for a second, as another pain goes up my back.  I just want this to end, but I’m going to leave this world dishonored by the W's. "... to find out more about the W's. Well, I was caught. I almost won that fight." I lower my head.  It's not easy for me to admit defeat.

"Go on my son." Splinter said, putting his arm on my shaking leg. He could tell I was in pain, and that I had to leave. But to have me leave now would not help them, to find how to help me. "It's ok. We all know you try your best in a fight."

"I was taken to the W's New York HQ. They placed these blades on me and put a shot in me." I gasp for air as a sharp pain goes through my body.  I fight to get my breath back so I can continue to tell more to my brothers. "The shot causes a pain, whenever they want me... which... I feel right now." I lower my head even more.   To look upon Splinter and see disappointment is my biggest fear. "He also told me about a bomb here in New York and if I don't return and do what he says, he'll destroy New York."

"AAAAAHHHHH" I look up to another cry of pain. It’s Mikey, as Donatello touched his leg.

Donatello stands up and walks over to Master Splinter.  "Whatever Shredder did to Mikey, he wasn't being easy on him. I don't think Mikey will be able to make it through the night." I look down overhearing Donatello talk to Master Splinter. Splinter looks at me.

"Raphael and I will take Leo back to this W HQ. Donatello, I want you and Ninjara to take care of Michaelangelo." I can feel the weakness from my brother and I want to help him, but like Mikey I too am weak. Splinter and Raph pick me up. I feel the blood from Raph's fresh wounds drip onto my arm. I feel the anger from Raph as he holds me. I know he doesn't know if he can believe my story or not.

I go with Splinter and Raphael, telling them where to take me. Splinter also sees the anger in Raph and tries to calm him. "Raphael, we must understand Leonardo's problems." Raph turns his head and acts as if he didn't hear Master Splinter.

Once we get to the W HQ, Raph and Master Splinter sit me down outside. "My son, we're always here for you. This is going to be a test on you, to do what is right. I know you'll find a way out my son."

"Master..." I say with all the pain, yelling at me not to talk. "I forgot to say one more thing." I let the blades out for Splinter to see. Master Splinter steps back, he's only seen them while I hit Raphael earlier. "These things.. I don't know when and where...." I reach up to hold Splinter's hand. "but they can only..." I feel the blades burn me... like the blades know I am about to say something to Master Splinter that isn't to be said to anyone. "be removed. ahhhhh" I scream as the pain goes through me again. The W's will have heard my scream and will come.

I turn towards the door, when I look back Master Splinter and Raphael are gone. I hear his voice from afar. "I love you, my son. Take care." I look up to see the door open, a W kid is looking at me.

"LORD TERROR!!!!! THE TURTLE IS BACK!!!!" The kid yells, picking me up.

Terror walks over and looks at me. He doesn't look happy at all.  "It took you long time! A little too long! Next time you're gone that long, say goodbye to New York!" The pain hit me harder, I fall to the ground.  It’s as if I’m going to pass out, but I don't. He wants me awake and experience the pain for being gone so long and leaving without approval. A W kid takes me to my room and lays me on my bed.

A week passes, though the pain never stops. I can't sleep at all because of the pain. I'm exhausted, yet all I can do is lay in bed and feel the pain going through my body.  It seems to only get worse.

Terror walk in my room, and looked at me.   "I hope there's not a next time of this. Leo, you should know better than letting anything that we hold free! Your brothers will pay for your move." My pain suddenly stops and I feel my body begin to relax.  "You have one hour. I want you to join Shredder, my dad and I in the lunchroom." I watch Terror walk out. I haven't really met his dad before, and I fear the thought of meeting Killer. I set my clock to wake me in a half hour and I fall asleep.

I wake to see Donatello standing over me, his bo staff at my face.  He’s ready to do me in. I jump up and knock him up against the wall.


"Yeah, Leo! I'm mad at YOU!!" Donatello brings his bo down towards my head. I jump out of the way. "You let us Down Leo! And the only way to stop you is too KILL YOU!!!"

"NO! DONATELLO!!!! THERE'S ANOTHER WAY!!!! WON'T YOU LISTEN TO ME!!!!" Using my sword, I cut his bo in half, then my blades come out. I jump at Donatello, my blades going right into him. "NO!!!!!" I yell as Don's body falls limply to the ground.

"See what trouble you cause, Leonardo! It's all your fault the W's are after us!" I turn to see Raphael, all of his wounds look as if they were re-opened. "You just killed Donatello! Are you happy now!"

"My son, you have failed me!" I turn to see Master Splinter. I can't believe what I’m hearing. I look at my hands and blades all bloody and Donatello's body below me.

"It's time for you to join what you just did to Donny, Leo!" I look to see Ninjara ready to attack. My family, my friend! They've turned on me. I'm all alone. Raph and Master Splinter start to walk towards me.

"It's YOUR FAULT MIKEY AND DONNY DIED! NOW YOU SHOULD JOIN THEM!!!" Raphael says, jumping at me, sais in hand. I step back, then my blade reacts again, but before I could go after Raph. Ninjara jump in the way, with her sword right at my face. I kick her sword out of her hand and my blades cut into her. I look up at Master Splinter as Ninjara's body falls to the ground.

Just then my alarm goes off and I sit up.  It was only a nightmare. Something is going to happen.  Am I going to kill my brothers? And why wasn't Mikey in the dream? They say he's dead! Is Mikey okay?

I jump out of my bed and start to get ready to join Terror, Killer and Shredder in the lunchroom. I can't figure out what is going on all the way, but I want to go home and check on Mikey. I hope... I hope... I hope that Shredder didn't hurt him to the point to where he's dead.

Once I get to the lunchroom I see Mokeshan standing across the room. I wasn't told she would be here. I sit down at a table that Shredder is at, Terror sitting next to him. They were waiting for Killer. No one says a word.

Killer walks in and looks at me. Then he sits down next to me. Mokeshan walks behind Killer and sits down next to him. "It's time we get to know each other, Leonardo. I know you've heard of me and you know most of the rules of being in the W's. Now it's time you learn more." Killer leans forward. "It's time you all learn more. Come.  You have a place to see."

We get up to follow, Terror is right behind me and Killer in front of me. Shredder and Mokeshan followed at the end of the line. We went down to the basement. I look around, not knowing what is going on.  Whatever it is, it isn't good with Killer leading the way.

We come to a stop. I look at Shredder and Mokeshan. I can see they knew where we were going. They grab a hold of the wall, then I feel why. The ground begins to shake and I fall to my hands and knees, then see what is going on.

A cave comes out of the ground. The walls of the cave are made of fire. I could feel the heat as Killer leads us in. I walk in, feeling the anger and fear all around me. It is the worst feeling I've ever had.

Terror looks at me and came up closer.  "Welcome to our home...Hell!" Terror says with an evil smile. I look at him, he seems to be happy to be here, but I don't like it too much.

We walked into a room, the heat is hotter than anything. I look up to see a red and yellow glow that fills the room. It is pure evil, that's all that I can feel in this room.

"Is this the Turtle?" A voice says. I look around, but still don't see anyone else. The voice sends fear into my heart. I want to run out of the room, but I stand my ground, wondering who is talking.

"Yes. This is him." Killer says walking forward towards the center of the room.

"Then leave the Turtle for me. Killer, you know where to take the others. This Turtle will learn there's no escape from the W's." I look back at Mokeshan, she looks down. She doesn't look happy at all.  I look back at Killer as he walks over.

"Leonardo, you are to stay here. Everyone else come with me." They walk out. Then a flame flies down around me.  I can feel my skin burning, but I stand there with all the pain going through me. Then in front of me I see the flames go together to make one shape, it takes the shape of the person I hate the most. Shredder.

"You're the Turtle named Leonardo.. the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." He says walking towards me. "Now you're on the other side of the table, and now you'll live in the most feared place of all. Your new home is here, in hell." I back away.  I don't want to stay here. "I've wanted one of you Turtles for so long, I guess I got the one I thought I would never had... now Raphael, he's more the type I prefer. But I guess you'll have to do."

I don't know what to do, but each time he says anything it is like stabbing a knife into me. This is the devil, the thing everyone fears. All he is, is all of your fears put together. Your worst nightmares, and he wants me! I don't want to be a part of this. I start to look around, but the door is gone. I’m trapped in this room. Then I notice he is coming towards me. The flames in the room come up all around. I feel the heat as the flame touches me, burning me. I want to go home. I want Master Splinter.


Fear fills my head. There really is a hell, and it is now what I'm up against.  Can I win a fight like this?

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