"The Shape of a Turtle" Chapter 11

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I wake up with a bigger fear of what's going to happen.  It was another nightmare, it had to be. I stand up.   It was like the dream from earlier, when getting ready to go meet Killer. Nothing could be worse than that dream.   The worse part is that it feels so real.  So real that I can still hear the devil talking to me. I grab my swords and put them on my belt, then walk to the lunchroom.

I can't help but let my mind wonder.  Is there a hell?  If so, am I going there? What is going to happened to me? Will I ever get away?

Worry just fills my head, along with the fear.

Once I get in the room, I look to see everyone is in the same places as they were in my dream.  It starts to feel like it was GroundHog Day.

I sit down next to the Shredder. Killer walks in, though this time he doesn't sit by me.  Instead, he just walks over to Terror.

"Is this everyone you have chosen?"

"Yes, father, this is all my best fighters." Terror says, standing. For the first time, I see fear in Terror's eyes.

"Who is who and tell me about them." Killer then sits down, but not at the table with us.

"This over here..." Terror says, running over to Mokeshan. "...is Mokeshan.  She was our first human W. I got her from the town where the Shapers grew up on Earth. She's been one of the best fighters since we got her.  She was looked at as a hero to the humans, now she's one of us."

Terror then walks up to Shredder.  "This is the Shredder.  His real name is Oroku Saki. I found him as a leader to a criminal organization here on Earth. They called it the Foot Clan. He grew up with the thought of revenge for his brother's death. In doing so, many have killed, including the deaths of his brother's killer. But more came from that one kill.   He gained some people or should I say turtles who went out to stop him.  He failed to ever defeat these Turtles."

"You're wrong!" Shredder stands up. "I have defeated these Turtles many times! I just haven't been able to kill them!"

"Sit down, Shredder" Killer says. The sound of his voice reminded me of my dream. Not the voice of Killer in the dream, but the voice of the devil. "Now tell me about the Turtle, Terror."

Terror walks up to me.  "The Turtle here, is the newest to our little family. His name is Leonardo and he is the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

Killer looks at me.  "Earth, the world of entertainment, has one of their stories that is true. I've watched the cartoon a few times." Killer smirks. "Oh, this is too funny.  The Ninja Turtles and the Shredder. HA! This has to be a joke." Killer then looks at Terror. "Does he fight as well as they are known for?"

"Yes, father, and yet better, he can stand pain longer than any of the others. He fights back, but we can break him down. He'll be seeing there's no way out of here soon enough."

Killer gets up and walks towards me. I can feel pure evil from him, it feels as if he was the devil. This is Peter's dad?  "He has a strong soul. We can use him for more than just causing problems here on Earth." I turn my head away from him.  For some reason, I don't want to look him in the eyes. "Yes, we will break him, but that might take too long. I say we bring him up our way."


"I say, we turn this little Turtle back young and raise him in our ways."

"Father, before you do that, we must use him to take on the Shapers." Terror says standing up. "Then we can try that Just make sure that he keeps all his karate skills when turned to a kid." Terror smirks.

"Don't worry, Terror, I know more than you on this topic, for I have done this before." Killer looks at me. "Once our job is done here on Earth, you will have a new life ahead of you. In the meantime, I want you get the other turtles, Terror.  We can use all four of them and that rat of theirs." Killer goes to leave the room, as Terror runs up to him. I can barely hear them talk, as they leave.

"Father, I don't know if we can get all of the other three."

"Why not?"

"Because I kind of had Shredder take one of them down.  I don't think it will live."

Killer looked at Terror.  "Well good then, we'll only have two turtles to get." Then they were gone. Shredder stands up.   He looks at me and smiles.  "You poor fool. I get to go free after the Shapers are out of the way, and I get to loose you four geeks at the same time. I'll be free of all my problems, the world will be mine!" Shredder laughs and walks up to me. "You see, turtle, things go right for the one who is right, and it wasn't my brothers fault for his death.  It's you who is getting the rest of your life taken away early. HAHAHAHA!!!!" Shredder walks out of the room.  I can hear him laugh all the way down the hall.

"He just won’t face the fact that his brother was causing trouble and your master Yoshi did what he had to." I turn to see Mokeshan standing behind me.

"Thanks, Mokeshan. I know one of these days he'll learn the truth and I hope I'm there when that day comes." Mokeshan and I walk out of the room together. I look at her, feeling a way I never felt for a human before.   She was caring and she too was in the trouble that I’m in. We go down to the dojo and begin working together.

"Mokeshan, what do you think that meeting was about?"

"I believe Killer is taking over.  This operation is taking too long. He wanted the Shapers caught years ago. Terror is showing him around."

Later that night I couldn't sleep. I lay in bed. No matter how tire, my a two dreams bother me. Is Mikey alive? Is the devil real? Can I win this fight?

I toss and turn in bed for hours, just thinking about what has happened. I want to run home and check on Mikey.

I have to get my mind off of my dreams.  I get out of bed and head down to the lunchroom for some food. As soon as I enter, I notice Shredder sitting in there, also awake. I go to leave, not wanting a fight with him. He looks to be drunk and might try something dumb. As I was leave, I can hear him talking to himself as he breaks a few dishes.

"IT'S HAMATO'S FAULT!!! HE KILLED MY BROTHER!!! I HAD A RIGHT TO KILL HIM!!!!" He tosses a cup across the room. "If those turtles want to stand up to me for giving my brother peace, then so be it! I'll kill each and everyone of them! Then I will be left alone!!" He picks up a plate and throws it at a window, breaking both. "I'm not going to take orders from the turtle!! He's NOT MY BOSS!! HOW DARE THEY EVEN TALK ABOUT LETTING THAT TURTLE BE PLACED HIGHER THAN ME!!!!"

What? What is he talking about? They can't place me higher than him! Why would they want to? I'm not evil. Shredder's evil to every last bone. I don't think there's anyone in this world he cares for.

"Then you're wrong." I turn to face Mark. "Saki does have feelings, he's just locked them away." Apparently, I was talking aloud and did not realize it.

"How would you know?" I ask, taking time out to hear what Mark has to say.

"Because we met Saki before he was Foot, before his brother died. He wasn't like this before, in fact he cared for people. He was close to his brother, and his cousin."

"Cousin? I didn't know about him or is it a her?"

"It's a him."

"What happened to him?"

"Well you see, when they were real young they met a cousin, not a close cousin in relation.  He was from England. I better start from the beginning with this, let's return to your room." Mark turns and starts walking towards my room. I follow.

Once we get to my room, I sit on my bed as Mark takes a seat near the window.  "Before we Shapers got to Earth is when this story begins. You see it took place in England.  A young boy lived with his mom and dad. They were a happy family, until one day some people broke into their home and killed the mom and dad. They made the boy watch. Then one of them took the boy away in a car. He was going to kill the boy, but had to get away from the area first. He took a plane to Japan, to get rid of the kid where no one would find him. As they were driving, the car crashed.  The boy lived, and was taken to a hospital there in Japan."

"Was the boy badly hurt?"

"Yes, Leo, he was. Both his legs were broken.  His name is Davy. Saki's brother was the one to find the crash site, so he would go in and check on little Davy. One day, a doctor came in and told Nagi that Davy was a cousin of his, but couldn't speak japanese. Nagi did know english and went in to talk to the boy. The doctors gave all rights of the kid, while in Japan to the only English people in that town. That was Professor Matt and his twins."

"Shouldn't the Oroku's have gotten him?"

"Since the Oroku family was never use to anyone so.... how to put this.... lets just say, Davy was so bad, any wrong move could break him. Saki and Nagi both were not ones to stand still long enough to take the kind of time needed to take care of Davy, at least that's what people thought. One day while Prof. Matt was at work, the building went up in flames killing him. By this time, we Shapers have gotten to Earth. We didn't know any of them yet though, besides for Prof. Matt.  He was the one who killed my brother Jim." Mark looks down, he is telling me so much, but it still not what I want to hear.

"After Prof. Matt died, his two sons were taken in by another family.  Davy was given to the Orokus. Saki and Davy were very close as kids.  They would hang out with a gang of other kids. Even though Davy was in a wheelchair, he knew how to have fun. Around this time, we noticed Davy and would help him if he ever needed it, but we wouldn't talk to him.  We didn't know how to talk like humans. To hear the sound that humans made were weird to us.  We couldn't tell one from the other." Mark walks over to me. "This is where we saw that Saki had feelings, he loved his cousin and took care of Davy's every need. Davy left Japan before Nagi's death and was never to be seen again. I know that no matter how mad or out of it Saki is, he'll always care for his lost cousin, who left on a plane ticket to England at the age of 7 years old. To find his family that lived, like grandparents. I hope he found a home."

Mark gets up and looks over. "It's time I go. Now when you look at that mad person in the lunchroom, remember he did have a life before this, and if it can be pulled out, there might be a chance for him yet." Mark shapes away into the ground.

I walk back to the lunchroom. Shredder seemed to have calmed down. His metal mask placed on the table, his head in his hands. "DAMNIT NAGI!!! WHY AREN'T YOU HERE FOR ME!!!! Why...why...why...?" I now see the pain in Shredder, that all the anger in him was because he lost the only two people who he really cared for in his life, and he was taking it out on everyone else. "I'll get that DAMN TURTLE!!! He's the one causing us pain now!! I'll put you out of all your pain!!! I miss you!!! I'll get all who says it was right for you to die!!!! YOU DID NOTHING WRONG! YOU WERE THE PERFECT BROTHER!!"

I look down, listening to the Shredder. I can't face him tonight. He doesn't seem like himself, but then again, drinking can do that to a person.

I go back to my room, this time with more thoughts on my head. One thought is of how the Shredder was once just a big cloud of anger.  But now it seems there’s some love hidden within the anger. The other thoughts haunted at me too.  How are my brothers? I want to go home to them, to Master Splinter.

After a few hours of laying down, I finally fall to sleep.

When I awake the next morning, Terror is standing at my door. Blades not too far behind him.  "Wake up, shell back!" Terror snaps, turning on my light. "I want you to go down to the dojo right now. You have to work out for three hours, then you'll get to eat." Terror turns and walks out.

Blades looked at me, then followed Terror. I could hear him in the background talking.

"Please, Lord Terror, I just want to go for a bit.  I want to go see my home, it's around Christmas time, I haven't been home for years now." As the voices disappeared, it hit me... Christmas is here already... again. I sit up, how many years has it been since I haven't been home for a Chirstmas.

I get up and walk to the dojo. Shredder is standing in there, over to his right is Killer. To Killer’s right is Mokeshan. "We are here to see who gets first in command among the three of you. The first two fighting will be Mokeshan and Leonardo. I will pick who is the winner.  You do not stop fighting until I tell you to stop."

Mokeshan walks out in front of me. I can't believe Killer is telling me to fight her. We start with our basic moves, slowly working up.  I did a side thrust kick, but Mokeshan blocks it with a low block move. I follow my kick with a left punch.

She doesn't see it coming. I get through, as she goes to right block a punch. As she was left open from my punch, I hit her with a front kick.  It sends her flying back a few steps, enough for her to catch her breath. I really don't want to be the one in first command.   I'm not evil.

I lighten up on her, knowing if I win, I will have to fight the Shredder.   While sparring, we can hurt each other and I heard Shredder say he wants us dead.  But he has nothing against Mokeshan.

Apparently, Killer noticed me lightening up on Mokeshan, and sends a wave of pain through me.  "I want you to fight and not let the other win. Fight you hardest.  That goes especially for you, Leonardo! I know you can fight better than this, if what I was told is true."

I know if I don't live up to what he thought of me few things could happen. The good would be that I won’t be the one he wants. He won’t turn me into a kid and I would be set free. That is what I want.  I might not be set free right off the bat, but as soon as they leave Earth, they'll leave all who have failed them behind. I wouldn't mind them taking Shredder out of our hands though.  But then it hits me.  I look at the Shredder.  Could he really be cured?  Is there any love left within that ball of anger?

Mokeshan comes at me in full force. I back away ,letting her kick miss me and she falls off balance. I see she just wants this over, while her back is towards me I kick her, knocking her down.  Then I think of being free again, of not being first in command.

It hits me, the bad part of letting them down by not fighting this fight is they might kill me or worse, make me go down in pain for the rest of my life. Each day the pain getting worse, I have to fight. I jump down at her and she rolls out of the way. This is just the beginning of the fight. Mokeshan and I both know we’re good fighters.   And I've always looked at her as the best. I would study her when I was younger, I never thought I would be fighting her.

She comes up at me, hitting me on my right arm.   I look to see blood coming down.  She used her blades.   I've never seen her use her blades. I hold the scream of pain in, as I throw my blades into her right side. I can see the pain in her eyes. I draw back with a scream of pain. I look towards Killer, to see if he would call the fight over yet, but he doesn't.

"Keep going, Turtle. You're not done yet." Killer says, watching as if he was enjoying this. Mokeshan hears that, and wasn't going to let me get her again. She stands up and jumps at me, with a flying side kick.

I jump to the side doing a round kick and hitting her to the ground. She gets up, as fast as she could.  The pain in her eyes hurts me, I don't want to fight her. As she gets up again, I knew I had to take her out, before she got hurt worse.  I’m not going to let myself get hurt and right now I have the upper hand, being the one who has had the blades not as long as the others.  I have more power over my anger.  Poor Mokeshan lost that to herself years ago.  Her anger still grows to this day.

I jump at her, going down with a punch to finish her, and to put her in a state where she can't fight anymore.  It would only last for a few minutes, if I hit the right spot. As I was going down, I feel a blade go down into the front of my shell. I scream out in pain, as I feel the blood come out.

Mokeshan was faster than I thought. I grab her arm and I hear a snap.  I knew right then that I broke it. I didn't mean too, but I’m in pain. Mokeshan screams out and rolls away, holding her arm. I fall to the ground holding my shell.  I know if I stay down too long, Mokeshan will try something.

I get up to my feet and turn to face Mokeshan, who also gets to her feet. I bring my blades out, ready for this fight, though not wanting it to end, because I fear what is going to happened. I fear either Mokeshan or me dying.  I know they won't let us die, but they would let us get close to death.

Mokeshan comes at me, and I’m ready for her this time, but I’m not ready for what she does.

So far the main thing she has been doing is kicks, but this time she throws a punch, with blades out.  She hits me across my face. I feel it cut into my skin.  The feeling of the pain gets the anger in me flaming, but I fight it. I have to keep control, but the blades start to burn again.  The last time this happened, I fought Raphael and I don't want to lose my control again.

Killer's eyes go on me, as he realizes I still have control, yet Mokeshan doesn't. Killer smiles, he was making his choice before the fight was over. As the blades burn, I hold it back. I flip over Mokeshan and jump her from behind, just in the right place. She falls to her knee, then to her hands, not being able to hold herself up anymore.  She falls out of the fight.

"Good job, turtle." Killer says, walking towards me. I can't stand anymore.  My shell is in deep pain, it brings back the pain from the sais as well. I fall to my knees and Killer smiles. "Today, you have won, but tomorrow, you'll be facing the Shredder." Killer turns and walks away. "Take Leonardo to his room, he'll need the rest for tomorrow."

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