The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 13

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I hold my blades over Shredder, feeling as if I could bring them right down into him. But in my mind, I know I don't want to do this.  I want to fight back the urges of the blades.  But I loose, bringing my blades down hard at Shredder.

Suddenly, I’m knocked away from Shredder and see Terror and Killer standing beside him.  "You have won, Leo. You are the first command out of the Earth W's."

I look down hearing Killer say that. I’ve lowered myself further than I ever did before. I glance at Shredder's body. I'm so sorry Shredder.

Killer looks at me and smiles.

I get up and head towards my room without a word. When I get there, I go straight for my calendar.  I know it's close to Christmas, but how close? It's December 13th... Friday the 13th!!! No wonder I was having such a bad day!

I wonder if I can get away to say hi to my brothers on Christmas.  Right now, that doesn't matter all that much to me.  I’m too sick to my stomach for what I’ve done.. I lay down on my bed, wanting to go home now more than ever, but knowing the W's will never let me go.

It doesn't take long for a doctor to come into the room.  I’ve never seen a doctor here before. If I ever did get taken care of, it would have to be when while I wasn't awake.

"Who are you? What are you doing in here?"

"My name is Professor Matt. I'm your doctor here."

Professor Matt? Could this be? Is it him? Is he one that killed the Shaper's brother Jim?

"Since when do I have a doctor here?" I say backing away. With all the pain, I know I have to move. I can't just sit here.

"Since you became first in command, I’ve been told to come in here and to make sure you're in good shape."

I don't want this guy touching me. I never had a doctor, for what would a human know about a mutant.  "I'm in good Shape. I don't need a doctor."

"Settle down. I know you're not use to being taken care of by a human, unless there's really an April O'Neil who takes care of you, like in the show." He smiles. He didn't seem to mean me harm, but I still don't trust him. "Besides, I've taken care of a mutant turtle before. When your brother was here, I was one of the doctors trying to save him before you came and took him away."

I do end up settling down. The pain in me is so strong and I need help, if I wanted it or not.

Over the next few days, I sit in my room for days. I didn't want to go anywhere. I just wanted to be alone.

Blades comes into my room, a tray of food in hand. I glance up at him, but I don’t meet his eyes.  "How are the Shredder and Mokeshan?" I ask.

"Mokeshan is doing okay. In fact, she was in the lunchroom for her first time since the fight."

"And Shredder?"

"He's okay, but boy is he mad. He's been drinking a lot and has killed a few W kids just walking down the hall. If I were you, I would stay out of his way."

"Don't worry, I'm out of everyone's way." I turn over in my bed away from Blades. I hear him set the tray down.

"Don't put it like that, Leo." He walks out of the room.  I sit up and look at the food. I feel bad at how I just acted just then, but I really don't want to talk.

The next few days, Blades comes in and leaves my food. I don't talk to him and he doesn't talk to me. After a week of this, Terror makes an appearance.

"How are you feeling? Shredder and Mokeshan didn't hurt you this bad to hold you down." I look up at Terror, feeling the anger inside of me for what he has done. I don't say a word. "You're the only quiet one here." He stops to see if I would talk yet, but not a word comes from my mouth. "What's wrong with you DAMNIT!!!" Terror walks over to me. "I want you to TALK TO ME!!! WHY ARE YOU STAYING IN THIS ROOM." I continue to just look at him as he yells.  I fall down into pain, feeling him trying to force me, but I still don't make a noise. I’m too mad at Terror for what he's done to me.

"Oh! I get it!" Terror said backs off. "Those blades on you are finally doing their job. You are getting anger in you to where you can't control it." A smile goes across his face. "Well, my dear friend, you are going to be working for us more easily." He walks out of the room.

Then it hits me.  Terror’s right. These blades are getting to me, so much so that I've locked myself in a room. I go over to the window and look out.  I’m only tired and hungry for some of Mikey's home made pizza. I wonder how Mikey is doing.

"Leo, Terror was right just then." I glance over to Mark in my room. I drop my gaze "You have to cheer up. Look at what is happening to you."

"Why fight back? I can't get away."

"You? Leonardo, the Leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, is giving up! I don't think so, Leo! It's not you! Your brothers are in a fight, besides this one right now, and they need you!"

"What can I do? I'm stuck here! I have three different things holding me here."

"I only know of two.  What is the third?"

I look down at my arms, then back up at Mark.  "I have the problems of a bomb in New York, the pain Terror gives me and these blades. That's what's keeping me here!"

Mark smiles at me and takes a seat.  "You only have two things holding you down my friend, well to tell the truth, just one thing."


"You see, those blades are not holding you here.  You're just stuck wearing them and getting upset easily. And that bomb? I don't think it would go off."

"Why not? Doesn't Terror do what he says he will."

"Yeah, most of the time, but he can't in New York. Because around 45% of the kids here are being held by that one bomb.  If he blows up New York, many of the W kids will leave and he knows it. The only problem you have is the pain, and you'll never guess what."


"I know how to stop that pain. We've done it once before, but it almost killed the person."

"What did you do? Can this be done to me?"

"I'm not sure. But you see what happens is that they put some computer chips with in your blood line with that shot.  The computer chip doubles each time they give you pain, that's why the pain gets worse. What they do to cause the pain is let you get shocks through those chips. So, if the chips are taken out, then you'll be okay. Free of everything besides the blades."

"Tell me what to do and I'll be up to it! I don't care if it gets me near death, just don't kill me, then I'll never be free." I stand up, happy to hear about this new news.

Mark looks at me, I can tell he was worried.  "This has never been done with a mutant before, just one human. It can be hard and I can't say you'll come out of it alive, because I don't know." Mark looks down.

Then the thought of Professor Matt hits me.  "Hey, didn't you tell me Professor Matt died in a fire at the lab he worked at in Japan?"

"Yeah, but what does that have to do with what we're talking about?"

"He's my doctor.  How is that possible?"

Mark smiles slightly. I can tell I got the worry off the top of his head for this little bit, and this will answer who Professor Matt is.  "You see, his twins are working here. So if you bump into two Professor Matts here, don't be surprised. Now, lets get back to work. We have to save you, before those blades do you in all the way."

"So what do we do?" I ask, walking towards the door.

Mark stands up.  "You’re going to have to come with me." He walks over to me and grabs my hand. "Oh and Leo, if they cause the pain while we're trying to save you, it will kill you. So lets just hope that they don't notice you’re gone."

I look at Mark, now worried and he could tell it.  "Me, too." Next thing I know, everything goes dark. The shaper shaped over me. We’re moving, but where to?

We come up in a nice, small old house. You can tell the walls were old and the house isn't going to stand forever, as if it will go down soon. A teenager is sitting on the couch.  The funny thing is, I know him. It’s the person who was Cherly's.  It was Mikey.

"Hey Mark, what are you doing home so soon?" Mikey says turning off the TV.

Mark looks at me, then back at Mikey. "Mikey, I need your help." He looks back at me with a smile. "I know how to make sure they don't know you're gone."

Mikey walks up to the two of us.  "What do you want, Mark? And why is the Turtle here?"

"I want you to go to W HQ, shaped as Leo. Stay in his room and don't talk to anyone."

"For how long Mark?"

"Until one of us comes and get you."

"Ok." With that, Mikey shapes away. Then it hits me, the Shapers said they would help me with the fight with the Shredder, but I didn't see them at all that day.

"Mark.. I didn't see you the day you said you would help me with the fight. Where were you guys?"

Marked smiles at me, then starts walking towards a back room.  "You see, we were with you. You don't think you could have stood through all that pain without any help? We were there, using some of our powers to keep you on your feet. It got real hard after he cut your shell, where the sais went in. We lost control of you there. But you took care of the Shredder the rest of the way without our help." He opens a door.  Peter is sitting on a bed with a book in hand. "Peter, he wants to go through it."

Peter stood up and walked towards us.  "Then to the basement. We have to work fast, if we mess up any second of time, it can kill him. Get Kevin, we're going to need all the help we can get. Where's Mikey?"

"He’s taking Leo's place at W HQ. I’ll go get Kevin, Peter take Leo down stairs. Let's get this over with." Mark turns and runs the other way, this was my first time being alone with Peter. I follow him to a wall and watch as he hits the wall and it opens to some steps going down.

"Why is your basement hidden in your own place?"

"Because Mikey takes a lot friends here, and if they saw the stuff we had down here, they would find out we're the aliens in no time flat."

When I get down the stairs, I see what he was talking about. The computers were not of this world and were everywhere. There’s so much stuff here.  Donatello would have a field day here.  ”Wow! Nice place." I say while looking at a small robot cleaning up the place.  Then I look over to my left to see more steps down. "What's down there?"

"We don't have to go down there. It's just a hiding place for something else that's from our planet. We can't keep her out in the open, because people would notice her.  So she stays down there. When she wants to run around, we take her to another world nearby, like Mars or the moon. The dark half of the moon is a good place to play for her."

"What is she?"

"She's a 40 foot talking White Cat with wings. They were the caretakers of our planet.  She's one of the oldest, and knew my mom and dad well."


Peter pulls out a table and starts grabbing some stuff out.  "First thing I'm going to do is see if there's hope for you."

"What do you mean? Hope?" This worries me.  Is he telling me that there might be a chance I won’t be able to get free?

"Well, you see, if you got too many of the chips for pain in you, we won’t have enough time to remove all of them the right way. And if we remove them the wrong way, they'll all go off into a pain that will kill you. I have only a minute and a half to remove all of the chips."

"Oh, I see." I look down.   That didn't sound good. I thought of all the times I've gone down into pain for not listening to Terror, like going home those few times and talking back to him. I've done so much stuff, I don't know how many of these chips are in me.

"Take a seat here, Leo." Peter says, pointing to a chair with some wires around it. I feel as if I was going to be put to death.  It looked so much like it. Once I sit down, he starts to put some of the wires on me. Then puts a hat of some sort over my head. I look up at him. He turns on something and I could feel the wires shaking. They were doing something. But what? I keep my eyes on Peter, to watch his face. About 10 minutes pass before Mark and Kevin come down stairs. Kevin looks at me, then looked at Peter. Peter now looks down.

"Well Peter, is there hope for Leo?" Mark asks, walking towards Peter.

"I don't think so, Mark. He's 1,000,0034 over the limit of chips. I think it would be too dangerous to take him under for this. There's no real way to save him."

That's it! Going through all of this just find out there's too many chips and I'm doomed.  "I'll go through it anyhow!"

"No Leo, it will kill you!"

"So what?  If I live, I work for the W's.  If I die, I work for the W's.  So what's the big different! I'll tell you what is different! If this works and doesn't kill me, I'll be free. I want to go through with this!"

"Leo, your blades are talking. You can't go through with this.  We won't do it!" Peter says walking towards the steps.

"So you're just going to give up on me! I don't think so!" I jump at Peter, knocking him to the ground.

He looks at me.  "Stop this madness! I'm telling you the truth... and you're going to have to live with that!"

"No I won't! Either you guys save me now, or I'll go to someone who doesn't know how to remove them! I won't rest until these chips are out of me!"

"Man, and I thought Raphael was the turtle that acted like this." Kevin says as he pulls me off of Peter. "Give it a rest, Leo. We did the best we could!"

"No you didn't!!! If you gave it your best than I would be free right now!"

"Chill!!!" Kevin pushes me up against a wall. "We're not god, we're only god's pets. We can't control if you live or die, and if you die it's going to seal your life in the W's forever! So stop this madness.. and I mean now!"

"I want free." I say, as I slip out of Kevin's hands onto my knees on the floor. "I just wanna be free."

Kevin looks at me. "That's not easy, Leonardo and if you just go mad like this, then you have picked your own life.  Don't let these blades control you."

I look up at them, tears going down my eyes. I was mad, angry and drowning in my own tears.  "Please.. help me.. I can't take another day in the W's."

Peter walks over to me, putting his hands on me.  "It's not fun to be a leader who's depressed. We'll take a shot at it, but I can't say you'll come out alive, because this is harder than you'll ever know. If I see any trouble, I'll close you up and wake you up." The other Shapers look at Peter. "Get on the table, Leo." Peter grabs out a shot as I get on the table. He puts the shot in my arm.

Next thing I know, I’m looking at my own body. Am I dead? I am out of my body?  What's going on? I don't see the Shapers.  They should be working on me. I go to leave the room, then I see fire coming up all around me. I back away from the fire.

"Nice try, Leo! But now you're ours forever..."

I look to see Terror staring at me. I back away to bump into Killer.  It was over. The Shapers couldn't save me,  and now I’m a W forever.

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