The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 14

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I’ve lost my hope of being free. It’s my fault.  I told the Shapers to save me, but as they said they are not god. I go down into tears, they have broken me.

Terror grabs my arm, "Now it's time to go to hell."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" I yell, pulling my arm back. "I won't go!"

"You have no choice, you died wearing the blades... you're ours forever!" He smiles at me, the evil in his eyes shining through. Then I feel another force pulling me away from them. He grips my arm tighter and then Killer also grabs me. I feel myself being pulled the other way. I want to go the other way, but I can't. I fight to get out of their hands, but they’re holding me tight. I feel a deep pain rush through me again.

"Pain! After Death?!"

"Of course, you're going to hell, you think you wouldn't have pain!"

I pull back again. I can't stand the thought that I’m dead. I feel the pull, I try going back again, but that pull is not strong enough.

Killer pulls my arm.

I have to go. I have to follow the other pull. I look at my body below. This time I see Raph, Don, Ninjara and Master Splinter standing around it. I feel so ill, I just want to run over and hug Master Splinter!

I feel another pain go down my shell. Terror starts laughing. "Look at your family, all around your dead body, and it's your fault.  You let yourself die. The others warned you! But did you listen to them? No, you wanted free! Your freedom cost you your life."

"No!!!!!!!!!!! I can't be dead! I have a life! I want to go back to it! I hate you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I pull away from their arms and go towards the other pull on me. I'm going home. I'm getting away. Then I feel Terror grab my leg and pull me back towards the fire.

I have to get out of his hands. I can't go that way.  I look at Master Splinter.  He is alive and at my body.  Can he save me? No, he isn't trying, he’s standing there with tears in his eyes.

Is it too late for me? Oh, there's the Shapers over there, standing behind my brothers.  Why aren't they trying to save me? I want to go home! I don't want to be here. I look back to see Killer and Terror holding me. I don't want to go with them!

Terror holds onto me.  I can't get out of his hands. I try and try. I see Master Splinter standing over me, saying something to my brothers. Donatello is breaking down into tears.  I can hear Don's cris..."First Mikey... Now LEO! NO!"

Mikey is dead? Is it true? Oh no! It's my fault! If I never got caught by the W's, none of this would have ever happened to me. I look at Donatello as he falls into Master Splinter's arms, his eyes filled with tears.  Ninjara hugs Raphael.

"Think of how we were treating him, Raph." Ninjara says. I want to go to them, tell them it's okay, and that I understand why they acted like they did.

Then the pull gets stronger. I feel myself getting pulled out of Terror's hands.  He comes right at me and gets in front of the pull, pushing me the other way.

"No!  I want to go with the pull!!!!"

"But you won't, because you're ours now! You're not going anywhere, but Hell!"

I try to get past him, then I feel Killer grab me from behind.

"Leonardo, give up.  You were ours in the first place as soon as you became first in command.  You became ours all the way, even if you get away, you will always be a W. I own your life, you can't get away. And you'll never lose those blades.  So you can run your full life, but I will get you."

I look at him, now feeling the fear of him and I just want to run. He’s the devil.  He’s so evil, but NO! He's not the devil, he's the devil's pet. He's just a pet, but that's what we're looked at as.  Or is it? Could we get human rights if we ever tried. Why are all these thoughts going through me?  I want out of here!!!! I need something to fill my head with, to get the fear out of my head.

I break free again.  This time I go with the pull. I hear in the background Terror and Killer yelling.

"We will have you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I wake up. Peter is standing over me. I look at him, then look around.  Master Splinter and the others are not here.

"Well?" I ask, hoping for good news.

"I'm sorry, we didn't get all of them out, but we felt as if we were going to lose you. We can try again later to put you under, but it will have to be a few hours later. Let's just hope that Mikey can act like you good enough for you to stay long enough. We got most of them, it should only take one more time." Peter helps me up and walks me up the stairs to a bedroom. "Lay in here.  You'll be okay."

"Thank you." I say with a smile. I know what I want to do.  As soon as I’m free, I want to go home. I want to run to Master Splinter and tell him I don't have to leave.

It isn't long before Mark walks in the room with some pizza.  "Here, have something to eat." He says, sitting down not too far from me. "You must of been having a bad dream while going through that. We lost you for a second, you were dead, but we were able to bring you back."

A cold feeling goes through me at the thought of being dead. Was Hell really pulling me there?  Were Terror and Killer really there?  "I saw something, Mark. I think they know I'm gone."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because while I was down, Killer and Terror were there. They were pulling me towards hell, fighting the pull that brought me back. They said I'll be theirs forever as long as I wear these blades."

"I'm sorry we can't help you with the blades. I wish we could." Mark walks over and looks at my arm. "Only the person or mutant that you care the most for can help you now."

I only wish I was near Master Splinter, he has to be the one I care for the most.  "How will I be able to tell who it is?"

"When you can't hurt the person, it will be the person you care for. Remember though, they can't just remove it.  There's a place and time for it to be removed.  But we never know where or when.  Only the W's know that."

I look down. That is just more bad news for me. Mark leaves me alone in my room. I go to sleep for a few hours. I could feel that they did cut me open in an area, but what did they do to remove these things. I have no idea.

Peter walks in the room.  "Hey Leo, it's time for your second round. We have to get you under, and we should be able to save you." He walks over and helps me to my feet. "Mark tells me, you think the W's know you're trying to get away."

"Yes, it was as if they were pulling me to hell."

"Then we better hope they don't cause the pain, the next time you're under."

Once we get downstairs, I lay back down on the table. Peter looks at me. "You'll be ok." Then he gives me the shot. Next thing I know, I’m back where I was before, looking at my body.

"Do you think those Shapers could really save you?" Terror says from behind me.

I look at him, but this time I didn't sense danger.  "I hope so.”  I look back down at my body. "Aren't you going to try taking me to hell?"

"No, not while my dad's not here."

I look at him, surprised. I’ve never heard him ever do anything nice.  "What? You're going to let me go?" This has to be a dream. I’m not dead right now and I know it. I watch my body down below, but no one is around it this time.

Just then flames came up around me.  Terror's eyes go from the non-danger look to pure evil. Then I see Killer behind him.  "What happened?"

"You didn't live through it, they couldn't get all of our stuff out in time. You knew that we knew what you were up to, and yet you went on with it anyhow.  You’re a fool." Terror says. He did change within the last minute.

I get up and back away, I want to run. I don't feel the pull that I felt before. I’m not being brought back. What's going on? Am I really gone? I keep backing away from Killer and Terror.  They seem more evil than I've ever seen them before. They’re coming to take me. I start to run, but no matter how fast I run they’re right behind me.

"Leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Never Leonardo!!!! You are ours!!!!!"

I run faster than I've ever ran before. I keep looking back only to see them right behind me. I can't get away, but at the same time, it’s like I wasn't running at all.  I can still see my body all alone. Then I see some flames coming up around my body.

"NOOOO!!!!" If they take my body, will I be able to get away. This is wrong.  They’re getting me, this isn't suppose to happen. I go down to my body and try to move it, but it won't move. It’s cold as ice. I look around me, then I hear something.

"Leo. You let us down! It's your fault Mikey died! You were the one to get caught by the W's!" I turn around to see Raphael standing there, looking at my body not me.

"Raph! Raph! You gotta help me! Please!!!" I yell, but he doesn't hear me.

"Aww isn't this so touching." I looked over, seeing Terror right on my back. "Your brother blaming you for everything. Now, is that the kind of family you want?" Terror puts his hand on my back, I turn around and hit him to the ground. I look back at Raph. This can't be Raph. He doesn't know where I am.  What is this? Then I feel a fast, hard pull.

I open my eyes to see Peter over me.

"I think we got him! Oh, wait we're losing him again... hurry up... get my....." I slip out of it again and Terror is right off to my side.

"You won't be going back there!" He comes towards me and I back away, then look at my body.  An idea rushes through my head and it’s worth a try.

I jump into the body and open my eyes.

"We got him! He's going to be okay, just lets get him upstairs so he can rest." Mark and Kevin pick me up, as Peter opens the doors to get me to the room I was sleeping in. I fall asleep as soon as they sit me down.

The next time I open my eyes. I look around, seeing Mikey sitting in the room across the hall. I sit up in my bed.  I have a major headache. I crawl out of bed and got to my feet. Walking into the next room, I see he is talking to Mark. Mark looks up at me and runs over. He seems happy to see me.

"What are you doing out of bed?" He says, "Oh man am I glad to see you up!" He walks me back to my bed. Mikey watches. I look at Mark as he gets me lying down.

"How long have I been out?"

"You've been out for two weeks, Peter says you could be out for four weeks and if you weren't up by then, then we would lose you all the way."

"Am I clean, free of the W's?"

"Yes! We were able to finish getting the chips out of you, but we almost lost you all the way.. we got you back for a second, but the next second you were gone again. I was shocked to see how fast you came back to us." I smile at Mark.  I’m free, that's all that matters, but I’m still tired.  How can I be so sleepy after two weeks of sleep. " You get some rest, Leo."

"Can I have something to eat first? I'm very hungry." Mark gets up and looks at Mikey

"Go get Leo something to eat. Leo, I want you to take it easy. Once you can get on your feet, without any trouble, we'll get you back to your brothers." Mark walks out of the room. It’s just a few minutes before Mikey comes back with some soup, Peter right behind him.

"I wanted to get you a pizza, like it says in the cartoon that you dudes love pizza, but Peter told me I had to get you some soup. So here it is." Mikey smiles, but Peter didn't seem too happy with that joke.

"How ya feeling, Leo?" Peter asks, sitting down next to me.

"I'm tired and hungry." I say as I take the soup. After I finished eating, I’m ready to talk to Peter. "Mark told me I'm free... is that so?"

"Yes, the only thing left to remind you of the W's is the blades on your arms." Peter walks over and picks up my arm, looking at it. "We're trying to find out how to remove the blades, but still we can't find out."

"It's okay Peter. You guys have done enough for me. I could never thank you guys enough."

Mikey smiles in the background, with how big his smile is, it seemed as if he smiled for both of them.

"Get some rest, Leonardo. For when you wake up in the morning, we'll get you back to New York to see your brothers." Peter says, getting up and walking out of the room.

"Thank you, Peter. Thank you very much." I say, and Peter is out the door. Mikey goes to follow him. "Wait! Mikey, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, but didn't you just ask me a question?" Mikey smiles.  He remind me so much of my Mikey. Could I ever tell him that I met him before. I smile back at Mikey, and sit up a little.

"Does Peter ever smile?"

Mikey looks at me and goes quiet for a moment, another thing that reminds me of my Mikey. He doesn't want to talk, if it wouldn't have anything to have fun with, for to talk like that just brings more bad upon the world.

"I can answer that." Kevin says as he walks in the room. "Peter went to himself years ago. I blame humans, but Mark has his own story."

"Can you tell me about it?" I ask, I’m in the mood to hear a good story, it would help me go to sleep.

"Sure. From what I know, you know about us coming here. You see, when we got here, Peter was sad, but not this sad, for he just watched our planet get destroyed, then watching Jim die. Peter took that hard, but didn't let that take him down. It hurt him when he found out we had to hide on this world, and it hurt him worse when he did start caring about people and them they died. Peter just got real depressed, and to a Shaper depression can kill. So that's the problem, why Peter doesn't smile... he's too depressed, meaning he's sick."

"Why do you blame humans?"

"Think about how much easier things would be on us, if we didn't have the government out to kill us, or have people get overly scared of us if we do anything like shape. Human's treat us like dirt after all we've ever done for them." I look down, knowing Kevin's feeling in away, but Kevin had it better than we did, for the reason that he can at least shape to look human.  Who would want to shape to look like a Turtle?

Kevin and Mikey get up, leaving for the night. The thoughts of going home go through my head. I can't wait.  Now I can tell the full story of what happened, say hi to Ninjara and see what's she doing back with us. Oh how much better my life will be after this one night. Nothing can go wrong as long as the others believe me, which is a fear I don't want to face.

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