The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 15

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Part 15,

I look out the window of the cargo plane as it lands in New York. I can't wait to be home. I said goodbye to the Shapers this morning before jumping on the plane.

I sit watching the plane wheels come out and go down to touch the ground. I was home, New York, but now there’s thoughts that make me scared.

What happens if my brothers don't trust me and kick me out? What would they think of me, after killing millions for evil reasons? Would Master Splinter take me back in? And worst of all, what if Mikey is dead?

Once I get off the plan and into the sewers, the fear goes through me more. I don't want to go home anymore. I want to hide away.  I’ve dishonored Master Splinter's teaching, I no good to  lead them anymore. Raphael will never let me back in.  I’m an outcast.

I look behind me at the long way I have come to go home. I look ahead to see the door of the lair. Will they really want me back?

I walk up to the door.  It’s quiet... too quiet. I look at the time.  It’s around noon, lunch time. At this time, Mikey would usually be playing his music full blast.  Donatello would be typing away at the computer, and Raphael would have the TV on. But all was quiet; no music, no sound of typing at the computer and no sound of the TV. This worries me. I grab out my swords, ready for something to be wrong.

As I go in, I see nothing wrong, but at the same time, I see no one. I walk through the room.  It’s quiet and empty. Then I hear a noise of something drop. I run into the other room to see Donatello sleeping on a chair. Asleep at this time of day? I better go check on Master Splinter and Raphael... and find out if Michaelangelo is still alive.

I go to Master Splinter's room.  It’s dusty as if no one has slept in here for days. I run to Raphael's room, it’s also empty.  Was Don really sleeping there?  It hits me, something must have happened..Raph and Master Splinter's room were dusty and dirty... as if they haven't been in their rooms for awhile, where could they be? I went to Michaelangelo's room. I saw his body lying on the bed. With all kinds of stuff on him, to take care of him. I've seen this kind of stuff in hospitals, with stuff put in his arms.

I walk over and put my hand on Mikey, he was hot with a high fever.  "Mikey?" I say, seeing if I could wake him up. "Mikey... you ok?" He doesn't move. I try again, now worried.  Is he going to live. Don must be alive for him to be taken care of. "Mikey.. come on wake up!"

"I'm sorry, Leo. He's not going to wake up." I turn around, Donatello is standing behind me, wiping the sleep from his eyes. "What are you doing here, Leo? Or am I dreaming?"

I smile, seeing Donatello's face, but at the same time, a tear comes down my face for Mikey. I blame myself, if I had never gotten caught, this would have happened.  How could I have let something like this happen.

"I'm back, Donny. Some friends got me free." Donatello smiles and gives me a hug. A tear from him hits my shoulder. I never knew how much this place and my brothers really meant to me until I lost them for so long.

"Welcome back, Leonardo." Donatello says as he lets go and looks me in the eyes. "I've missed you so much."

I look around the place, dust in almost all the rooms but Mikey's room, the living room and the kitchen. I look up to Donatello.  "I've missed you, too.  But what about Master Splinter, Raphael and Ninjara? Where have they been? Why is the place so dirty? What's going on?" Donatello looks down, then walks towards the living room.  He has something to tell me and from what I could tell, it isn't good news. "What's wrong?"

"I better start at the beginning..." Donatello sits down and look up at me. "You see, Leo, after we lost you, we kept searching for you. We had the idea that the W's got their hands on you, since it was the W's that you were after that night, but another one of our fears was the Government." He reaches over and picks up a newspaper. "This paper said that something, that wasn't human was said to be found in New York, the police have taken it in and haven't let out what they found. Of course we jumped right at that."

"Did you find out what they got?"

"Yea, Leo, but let me get to this. We went to an office where it was said the thing was being kept. Mikey and I guarded the back, while Raph tried to get in. But a guard notice him. It wasn't too long before he ran out and told us to start running. I asked him if he saw anything, but Raph saw nothing of what was going on." Don looks down, this story is long and I know it, but it must also be a painful one. "The lost of you got Master Splinter sick at first, but we needed his help, he might be the only one who would be able to find out what was in the building."


"Yes, Leo, he worried so much about you after you didn't return that night. He worried himself sick.  In fact, he didn't have us work out for a few weeks because we couldn't get him out of bed." I fall down into a seat when I hear that. Master Splinter ill over me? "Master Splinter blamed himself for you being gone, he was the one to teach us Karate, and if wasn't for him you wouldn't have been out that night." I look up at Donatello, who’s still taking this real hard. "Mikey also took it hard that you were gone, but he hid it as much as he could. Raphael took it I think the worse. He went out looking for you every night. He kept blaming himself as well, you asked him to go with you that night and he said no. He remember that so well."

I look down remembering that night and how Raph snapped at me about going, that his show was coming on and he didn't want to waste his time going out looking for W's.  "I'm sorry he went through that."

"Well we kept trying to get in the building, but later learned it was moved to area 51. We went there, but couldn't break in, but things got worse, some of the guards there caught me. They gave me a shot that knocked me out, when I woke up, I was alone in a room. The door was locked. I feared them having me, and what they could have done while I was out. I got the door opened and went into a hall, only to find another door not to far down the hall, I peaked in to see something, at first I thought it was one of the Sons of Silence, but than I realized this was one of the aliens that ppl say they see, it was a Gray." Donatello picks up a picture of an old alien drawing from one of those papers that has that kind of stuff. "It looked just like this. I turn and went to run out of the place, but I turned to see eye to eye with another Gray. Once it touched me, I went out again. The next time I woke up I was straped to a table with a few Grays over me."

"You were taken by these GRAYS??"

"Yes, but it didn't last long Leo. I was able to get away, I broke the straps and got my hands on a knife from a table off to my right. I fought my way out of the rooms, but they didn't seem to be trying to hurt me."

"This is weird Don! The Sons of Silence wanted you before with the TurnStone and now the Grays got you? What's with aliens and you?"

"I don't know Leo, but I found out I was still in area 51. It seemed like some of the Grays must be friends with some humans. I ran, till I was out of area 51, with guards after me, I didn't think I was going to get away, but Raph and Mikey were still trying to break in. I bumped into them, and they told me where to find the Turtle van, the three of us ran to it. We went to Las. Vegas and took a plane back to NY. I told them what happened on the way home, and that I didn't see what they took from New York, meaning I didn't know if you were there or not." Don put the paper back down. I look back at Mikey's room, worried about him.

"We kept trying to find out, but couldn't go to area 51 again, so I tapped into their computers. But it had nothing about what I wanted. But I found so much out, about aliens and how much they really know. I mean, they know so much, why don't they tell people? But we kept searching. Until one day a letter appeared on the table, Mikey was the first to find it. It was a note saying you would be at Roy's. Mikey and I thought it wasn't for real, but Raphael jumped at it. When Raph returned to tell me that you were there, but he didn't believe it was really you, we caught on that it had something to do with the W's, and we knew that for sure."

"I wonder who left the note?"

"We still don't know that Leo, but that wasn't the only time that happened. The note was signed "A Friend" we didn't believe it was a friend, but now we know who ever it is, is trying to help us. A new problem came up that day. It was Ninjara.  When Mikey and I saw her, we freaked. I thought if Ninjara just came back to say be friends, we would lose Raphael at a time like this. He wasn't himself too much wanting to find you, and Ninjara would be to much on him. But she wasn't coming back for that. She needed our help and missed Raphael. We took care of Raph and listened to her story."

"I better hear this story."

"Ok, well here's what she told us. It starts from a few years after we left, she was having troubles there, but the troubles just got worse and worse... you see, one of the ppl there, didn't want her there. But at first she didn't know who it was, but things started to happened. She said someone was trying to kill her. With in the year, she said a few W kids jumped down taking her sword, before she could attack, Mokoshan saved her, from that attack, later they learned that part of the pack was turning against having a fox there with them. When she learned who their leader was, it was no surprise, the same person that brought Raphael to the site, pointed out the window at Mokoshan with Ninjara. It was Revyen." Donatello pauses to take a breath, I should have known Revyen was up to something. "The pack went in three different ways, one went on their own, to get away from the fighting. Revyen took the other part of the pack and kept attacking Mokoshan's pack. The fights got worse, and for some odd reason the W's joined in, helping Revyen."

"The W's were causing Ninjara problems at the same time they had me? I wonder why? I know I didn't hear about this."

"Well whatever the reason, it got Ninjara to see she took the wrong road, she wanted to return to Raphael. She asked for our help to end the fight there. So we went and fought, until we got another note, saying that you would be would be at Cherly's in LA. So we jumped a plane and went. That was our second time hearing anything about you. I was so shocked to hear that you weren't a clone." Donatello looks down, "Even though Raph won't say it, he's really sorry about the sais going into you. I think he said it, but he took that real hard. After I took you back to the W's, Raph got over me heavy about that. We went to help Ninjara again, a few months went by of this fight, till we got another note saying to go to MI. It said where and gave a time." Donatello gets up and walks over picking up a note. I couldn't tell the hand writing, but it was from that time.

"I wonder who was helping you?"

"We don't know Leo. But that was the third time we heard about you. We went, Raphael wasn't planning to take it easy on you at all. It hurt Raph that you were able to plow into him like that. He really did feel bad after the fight. But it wasn't to long before the next note appeared in my hands. It said to go to New York, on 34street, we remember that as a Foot hide out that we found out about awhile ago. We went there, leaving Raph with Master Splinter. We got to 34th street just in time from what we could tell. It hurt that you had to leave with the Shredder. Shredder sure did want to kill us, just like the good old days." Donatello smiles at me, then put down the letter.
"We did more of the fight, the W's were getting harder on the clan, we we didn't stop, Ninjara needed us. Later Mikey went out get some pizza, we were home to get some stuff for the fight with Ninjara's clan, which wasn't going to well. When Mikey didn't return, we got real worried. Boy was I shocked to walk in later and find you, Raphael and Ninjara fighting among each other. I was happy in a way to see you home, but shocked to see Mikey the way he was. I couldn't let you leave, there was no way on earth I could do that. After hearing your story I knew you had to leave. When Raphael and Master Splinter returned.. we got news of a big battle, Ninjara and then returned leaving me here with Mikey to be taken care of." Donatello looks down, then looks at me. "Leo, I... I... I haven't heard from them since, and I can't leave Mikey alone." I stand up, Master Splinter needs my help.

"Donny I'll tell you what, first thing in the morning I'll go to Mokoshan's place and find out what's going on." I pick up a Turtle com and look at it. "I'll keep in touch with ya and let you know if anything goes wrong." Donatello looks down.

"Ok Leo, but you better be careful."

"I will Donny, but before I go, I need to get some sleep." I go off to my room. "Good night Donny."

"Night Leo, good luck tomorrow." As I walk to my room, I look at Michaelangelo.  I can see the pain he’s feeling from the look on his face. I don't think things are going to turn out right, but I have to hope for the better. I return to my room, looking at the dust on everything. I take my blankets off my bed and shaked them around until they’re not as dusty. I'll have to have Donatello do the laundry while I'm away. I climb into bed, and close my eyes. Tomorrow is going to be a long day, I hope Master Splinter, Raph and Ninjara are ok.

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