The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 16

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Part 16,
I awake the next morning. The dust in my room really turned me off. I’m upset that I let my room fall to this bad at being dirty, but it wasn't my fault and I have to get that through my mind. I clean my room a little bit before getting ready to leave. I go into the kitchen to make some food, and look at the time.  It was 3:30am. I want to get out by 4:30, so I eat a fast breakfast then walk over to Mikey's room.

"Mikey, I'm so sorry this happened. They would have never went after you, if it wasn't for them having me." I look down and walk over, putting my hand on him. He’s still burning up. I wish he was getting better. I hug Mikey, then look to see Donatello watching.  He seems so quiet, like a ghost watching us. "I'm going to be leaving soon, will you two be ok?"

"Sure we will Leo. April's coming down today. I can't wait to tell her that you're back with us. You are back with us for good? Right?"

"Yes Donny, I told you I'm free. I'm not going back to the W's at all." I smile and hug Don goodbye. "I'll see you later, take care." I grab the Turtle com, an extra pair of swords and walk out. Donatello watches as I leave.  I could tell he didn't want to be alone.

I get to the airport and jump into the back of a cargo plane. This is easier than paying for a ticket. I know where I’m going, the strange thing is I haven't been there in years. Not since the day we said goodbye to Ninjara. I don't really know what all happened between the two of them, and how Raphael and Mokoshan got into that fight, Raph wouldn't talk about it. I just know that what ever happened made it so Ninjara figured she should stay away.

Once the plane lands, I start to hike out to the woods.  It’s a long walk and takes me three days to get there, since the last time we were out her, April had a car. I get to where we were camping the night before. I lay down and get a few hours sleep, before going into the battle zone.

The next morning I head to Mokoshan’s home. When I get there, I have no time to think about what to do next, because a sai is put to the back of my neck.

"I knew they were going to throw you at us sometime!"

"Hi Raphael, how ya doing?" Raph pokes me with the sai. Then a big fear went through me, what if he doesn't believe me when I tell him I'm free.

"Don't hi me Leo! I got you this time, and you're not going to drop the kick on me!"

"You're right, I'm not."

"What do you mean, I'm right?" He’s confused now, usually by this time I’m trying to get away from him or telling him to leave, but I’m just standing here. "Now Raph, can we get to some cover before the W's just see us standing around?"

"Why are you talking as if you're not one of them Leo?" I really have Raph confused, and to tell the truth it’s funny.

"Because Raph, I'm free. I got away, I'm not a W any more." Raph brings the sai down, then Ninjara drops down on top of me.

I fall to the ground and look up at her. "Thanks for dropping in Ninjara, but next time can ya be a little easier on the shell."

"Oh stop talking." Ninjara doesn't seem happy at all with me. "Now, I heard what you told Raph, that you're free, but how can we be sure of it?"

"Here, call Donatello on the Turtle com. He knows. I was with him a few days ago.. I think three or fours days ago."

"How did you get away?"

"The Shapers helped me. The ones we called the Shadows, they're real all right and I know where they're from. Now let me up, I came here to help you." Then it hits me as the blades start to burn.  It could sense I’m getting mad about Ninjara being on my shell.  I can't let it take over. I have to keep control. Ninjara gets off my shell and the blades cool down.

"We'll give you a chance Leo, but if you betray us..."

"I won't, just don't get me mad. I still have the blades and they don't react to well with anger." I smile at Raph and Ninjara, seeing them together is a strong feeling for me. I mean, when we first met Ninjara, I didn't really trust her.She was working the bad guys, fighting us, but then her and Raph got together. I never knew how much she would become part of our family. "Where's Master Splinter?" As soon as I say that, Raphael looks down.

"Ah Leo... you better come with us. We have to hide, and tell you a story. I don't know if you want to hear." This doesn't sound good. I follow Ninjara and Raphael, and they lead me away from Mokoshan's home, where I thought they were staying.

While walking, thoughts go through my head. Why did Raphael react like that? Is Splinter alive? Did the W's kill Master Splinter?

My blades begin to burn, as I’m so upset. I just want to know what they have been up to and where Master Splinter is. Why is that such a hard question?

As I walk with Raph and Ninjara, I see their eyes keep looking my way. I can feel that they don't trust me anymore. The love, trust and honor we once felt for each other is gone. Will I ever be able to make that up to my brothers? I look back to see Ninjara, her eyes never leaving me, her hand ready to pull her sword at any moment.

Just then, a sword comes flying out at us.

I jump out of the way, looking up I see Revyen. I pull my sword, ready for battle, then look around seeing hundreds of W kids running around us.

"You should have left and not returned, you foolish Turtle." She says, looking at Raphael. He has his sais out before I can even get my swords. "Now you and your brother will destroyed.. Just like your rat was."

"WHAT????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yell. Master Splinter destroyed?  The thought of that kills me inside.  I look at Revyen and jump her. My blades coming out and I don't stop hitting until Ninjara pulls me away.  I look around seeing all the W's around us and Revyen on the ground all bloody and not moving. Raphael kind of glares at me, as if I did wrong, then I see. I should have never taken Revyen out like that. But my worry for Master Splinter caused the blades take over.  How am I to tell Raphael that.

I back up and look down.  "I'm sorry, Raph, I know I lost control, but what she said... is it.. true?"

"I can't answer that to you yet, Leo." Raph says, he watches me as if I am some kind of freak. I lost my temper in front of him and I was always the one to yell at him to control his temper.

The W kids start to close in on us. I grab out my swords, ready for a fight. Then I feel a hand on my shoulder.  The first thought that comes to my mind with the feeling a five finger hand is Master Splinter. I turn to look and see Mokeshan standing there.

"Leonardo what are you doing here?"

"I'm free, Mokeshan, I've came to join my brothers." She looks down, then back up at me.
"So does this mean the only time I'll see you is in fights?"

That hurts.  Mokeshan and I had become close friends. I have a feeling for her, a strong one.

"I'm sorry Mokeshan, I hope you find away out of this madness." Then it hits me, she’s at this fight. "Wait, you knew about the fight going along with my brothers and you never told me?"

"I couldn't tell you. Terror would have killed me. Please understand Leo, they started this fight after they had you. They wanted to get your brothers. This girl, Revyen came to the W's asking for help, at first we turned her down, until she told Terror that the fox girl, Ninjara, that she wanted to get rid of was a girlfriend to one of your brothers. Terror jumped at that, this fight would bring your brothers and he could have all four of you."

"So the W's didn't want to get involved in this fight in the first place?"

"Yes, Leo. Terror is only here to get his hands your brothers, and now I guess you too."

I look over towards Raph, who is now in a middle of the fight with the W's. I grip my swords in my hands.  "I'm sorry, Mokeshan, but I can't stay." I turn around and run over towards Raphael, jumping over some W kids and landing next to him. "We have to get out of here. If we leave and not come back and fight, the W's will drop out of the fight, and Revyen would be all on her own."

Raphael looks at me.  "Are you sure, Leo? I don't know if we should leave this fight."

"I'm sure, Raph!"

"I don't trust him!" Ninjara says from behind me. "We stay and fight.  Wouldn't it be odd for him to come and tell us to drop the fight. We know the W's have had him for sometime now."

"Ninjara, I'm not a W anymore! I'm free! I know why the W's are here! We have to get out of here!"

"No! We're going to stay and fight, Leo! Ninjara is right! How do we know we can trust you?!" Raph hits a W kid, knocking him out with one punch.  Raph’s anger is big, you can tell by how he is acting. Just then a blade comes down right at me. I look up to see the Shredder.

"Oh No!" I back away, holding my sword up to keep him back. Raphael looks over to see what is going.

"You left us, you foolish Turtle, now either you die or come back while you're alive!" It hits me, if I die with these blades, I'm a W forever. I have to fight back.  I’m not going to join him, but I can't lose this fight.

I go at him, not taking any chances and cut off one of his blades. The Shredder fall to the ground in a deep pain. I watch him, as he can't even stand up. I back away. Raphael's eyes go wide to see the Shredder taken down so easy. I remembered that if I cut off all the blades, it will kill him. But I’m not out to kill.

"Now, Raph! Let's get out of here!" I say, turning away from the Shredder. I kind of find it funny that the Shredder goes down with no blood drawn in a fight.

"Don't go with him!" A voice that sounds just like me says from behind. I turn around and can't believe my eyes. I’m staring at myself. "He's a fake! The W's sent him to win your trust!"

"Then who are you?" Raphael asks, looking at the other me.

"It's me, Raph, but I still can't return with you." I have a feeling that I know who this is and the only way I can prove it is to fight him.

"Raphael, that's not me over there." I say, looking at Raph. Now Raph and Ninjara are both confused, but it kind of makes sense for the W's to send another that looks like me to try joining them, when the real one was still caught.

"I knew I couldn't trust you!" Raphael says, looking at me.

"Raph, I'll prove to you that that's not me!"

The other Leo smiles and looks at me. "Aren't you over acting a little?" He says.

"No! I'll fight you, only then can Raph see that you're not me!"

The other Leo looks at Raph.  "Now isn't that so much like a W, to want to fight to prove things? Come on, give me a break, I know they sent you out to get my brothers, but I won't let you." He is putting up a good act himself, a little too good.

Then another way rather than fighting hits me. I look at Raphael.  "Raph, I'll prove who I am without a fight."

Raphael looks at me, I could tell the other Leo is winning him over.  "How's that, Leo?"

"Ask that Leo anything about our past, then ask me another question, keep going until you know who's who." Raph nods his head.

"Ok, Leo." He says looking at the other Leo. "Who was the kid that bought us from the pet shop, before we became mutant Turtles?" The other Leo's face goes red.

"You want me to remember that far back?" He says, looking at Raphael.

Then Raph looks at me with a shocked look. I smile.  "It was Davy. Over at James Pet's Shop. About 15 years ago, we fought them and almost lost Mikey and I in another world, almost like our own, but Shredder ruled it. It was our last fight with the Shredder, before this." Raphael knows I’m not lying.

He looks over towards the other Leo. "Now who in the world is this?" He says, pulling his sais out.

"It's Terror, my old boss when I was stuck working for the W's. He's trying to get me back. I don't think we should stay and fight this fight." Raph looks at me, shocked.

"Why not?"

"Because, he's like the shadows,or should I say the Shapers, I don't know if we can take him out." Terror smiles and starts to come towards us. "I say we get out of here now, Raphael!" Raph and Ninjara back away. We start to run the other way.  Raph hits into Mokeshan.

"Out of my way!" He goes to hit her with his sai, it would have killed her with the way he was going to hit. I jump in the way and Raph pulls back his sai. "Out of my way Leo. She's a W!"

"There's no time to fight, we have to get out of here! Leave her alone." We look to see Terror not too far behind. Raph runs off, catching up with Ninjara.

Mokeshan leans over and kisses me on the cheek. "Thanks, Leo." She says with a smile.

"Anytime, Mokeshan." I say as I run off to join my brother and Ninjara. Now I’m going to find out where Master Splinter is. I can't wait, I have to find out if what was said by Revyen is true.

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