The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 17

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Part 17

Once I catch up with Raphael and Ninjara, there’s only one thing left on my mind. Master Splinter. Where is he? Is he really dead?

The pain from the blades still burn. Raphael looks back at me, he knows I’m the right Leo, but he still doesn't know if he can trust me.  "Leo, why did you save that girl back there? She's one of the main W's, I almost had her."

"Because Raph, when I was a W, she was one of my only friends. I have two friends there I would like to help get free. Who knows..." I look back towards where we were fighting. "..maybe even three people still need to be saved, even though one of them... well, nevermind." I thought of how the Shredder too was caught and made to work for them, and how he reacted when he heard we had to take out a Foot Hideout. The Shaper was right. Shredder has feelings, he just doesn't want to show them.

"Who all are you talking about saving, Leo? I mean, I don't want to keep fighting the W's, they're not our fight, they are the humans’ fight."

"Boy, have you got that wrong." We turn around, and see there stood a teenager. I've seen him before. It's Mark in his human shape. "The W's were never the humans’ fight. They're here after my brothers and I.  Now, they are also after you. This is your fight, too."

"Who are you?" Raphael asks, looking at Mark. He’s more confused than anything.

"I'm a friend. I've been helping you guys since the W's took Leo."

Then it hits me, the Shapers always knew what was coming up, they had to be the ones writing the notes to my brothers.  "So it was you guys. Why did you make it so I had to face my brothers?"

"Because Leo, you had to see what you were doing was wrong and you use to fight it."

"But I knew that."

"So did Mokeshan, but now she takes her job as if it's a normal job. She doesn't care if she kills or not anymore. She lost hope, cause the people she fought was people she didn't care about. She has less hope of being free than you do. Your brothers were a reminder. And it worked, each time you fought them, you were trying to pull back. The blades couldn't break all the way through because of your love for your brothers."

"Hey guys. I'll like to ask one question. Who is this guy and how did he find us?" Raphael says, getting mad.

"Raph, this is Mark. He's one of the Shapers, the group we use to call the shadows. He's one of the ones that helped me get free. Don't worry he is a friend.... that's one good question though, how did you find us?"

Mark smiles at me.  "I know how to find you, Leo. I'm good at that, when I saw Terror was leaving because of a report of finding you, I followed him, I didn't get involved in your fight with him, because I knew you had to show Raph it was you. Then I followed you guys."

Raph covers his face.  "Ok, now lets get to our hideout. How am I to tell Mokoshan about all this madness?" Raphael says walking on, Ninjara walking close by.

I kind of fall behind, walking with Mark. I see Raph isn't going to tell me about Master Splinter yet. I have to wait for us to get where we're going.

"Mark, do you think this fight will ever end?" I ask, being a little quiet for Ninjara and Raph not to jump in.

"I don't know Leo. This fight has been going on for years, and I don't think they'll stop until they get what they want. I hate that fact, but that's the way things are."

I look down. We don't say another word while walking to the hideout. I’m shocked it is so far away from Mokoshan's real home.

While walking, I don't really know what to think. Raphael, still isn't showing too much trust to me, but how can I blame him. I can see the marks on him from my blades from the last time we fought. I hurt him more than I would have ever wanted. Mark was right, fighting my brothers made me think more than just doing my job. Right now, I feel as if Mark is my only true friend, but I know I’m wrong.  My brother still care for me, they just have a fear because of some stuff that happened in the past. And I’m out to fix it.

I also have a big fear. What of Master Splinter? How much longer will I have to wait to find out if he is alive or dead? With how Raph is acting, I’m scared.  Scared that I may never see Master Splinter again. My blades started to cool down since the fight is over and I have friends all around me. Ninjara and Raph keep looking back at me. I still see very little, if any, trust in their eyes.

We come up to this big cave, Mokoshan is sitting near the door. He sees me and stands. He walks over to Raphael and Ninjara. They talk softly and I can't hear what they’re saying. Mokoshan nods his head and looks over towards Mark and I. We walk forward.

"Hello, Leonardo. Long time no see old friend."

"Leo, can you wait here. I'd like to talk to Ninjara and Mokoshan.  Alone!" Raph says walking towards another room. They leave me and Mark in a room. I hear them talking on the way there. I look down.  It’s strange to be left out.

"Either the news is hard to tell, and they don't know how to break it. Or they don't trust you enough to know if they can tell you the truth."

I look down.  What Mark said is true. I walk over and sit down. My head is hurting as if there’s a thunderstorm going on within it. The thunder was the shaking going on within.  As for the lighting, I can feel it hitting the front of my head.

I close my eyes and lean against the wall. I’m feeling lonely and now a bit ill. I just want this nightmare to end so I could go home and everything to be all right.

A few hours pass before they come out of the other room. I had fallen asleep up against the wall. When I wake, Mark is sitting down looking outside. Why was he here? I get up and look around.  I’m lonely alright, I want to go home. I look back at Mark and see happiness in his eyes. He has a life, even though he was hunted every day. He can walk among the humans. He can see the days coming ahead with a new light. When all us Turtles usually see is only another dark sewer.

I look at a wall with some art on it.  The art looks a few months old, but I can tell it’s Mikey's.

"Leonardo, come with me." Raph says, stepping back into the room for only a moment. He then turns and walks back out, still no trust in his eyes. Mark looks at Raph and Raph looks back at him. "You stay here, this is none of your..."

"Raph!" I don't like how he is talking to my friend.

"It's ok Leo, I'll see you later."


"Drop it, Raph."

Raph goes quiet. He’s mad, but being around anger isn't what got me to come back. I want to be with my family.  But what family do I have left?

We walk into a dark room. Mokoshan is standing over something. My eyes go wide as a tear goes down my face. Is he alive. This is Master Splinter's body, but is he alive?

I go to move forward and Raph holds me back.  "Leo, he needs rest." Raph says, that means he is alive. I want to say hi so bad, but Raph won't let me.

"Raphael.... let.... me..... see... Leo... nardo..."

Raph lets me move forward after Master Splinter speaks. The sound of his voice is music to my ears, but at the same time, I hear a cry of pain within his words. I look over at Raphael.  "Revyen did this?"

"Yes, a bomb went off.. Master Splinter was too close... I better tell you the story."

I look at Master Splinter. I know I need to hear the story, but I really don't want to leave Master Splinter. I move closer to get a better look at him.  I see a few areas on him where the fur was melted to his skin and other areas where he was shaved for some stitches. Splinter's arm is wrapped up though I see a burn under the wrapping. Raphael walks up to me and put his arm on my shoulder.

"Go with your..." Splinter pauses while trying to speak to me.  I can see the pain in his eyes and a little bit of blood coming from his mouth."brother... My son." I look at Raphael, than back at Master Splinter.

"Come on, Leo. He needs to rest." I nod and follow Raph out of the room. As we leave, I look back at Master Splinter and see him close his eyes.  I just hope that this isn't the last time he closes them. I feel a tear go down my face.  I don't want to leave Master Splinter, though I must.

Raph leads me to a room upstairs and we sit down.  "One thing before I begin, Leo. If I find out any of this gets out to the W's, I'm going to smash your head in myself!"

"Trust me, Raph, I'm not a W anymore."

Raph looks at me, still with little trust in his eyes.  "Okay,  Leo, the W's believe Master Splinter is dead, and it's better it stays that way. You see, Master Splinter and I returned to help Ninjara.  She said she had to help Mokoshan out of this mess before she returns with us for good. Of course I would help her, she's the only girl that I've ever cared this much for." Raph sits back and looks down.

"I know Raph. I know how much you care for her and I understand why you jumped into this fight."

"Well, Leo, it was just three days ago. We were at Mokoshan's old home, getting some food he had hidden there. Master Splinter was in the kitchen, Ninjara and I was up in the storage room. I heard a big bang, it came from downstairs. We ran down the steps, and saw Revyen standing near the kitchen, there was smoke coming out of the kitchen.  She had a big smile across her face. Then she looked at us." Raph looked down. "She told us that she was sent to destroy us, only then will she be happy and the W's will leave Mokoshan's people alone. I pulled my sais out on her, she just smiled at me, then turned and walked away. I ran into the kitchen to find Master Splinter on the ground, his fur covered in blood."

Raphael stands up and starts to pace.  I can see worry in his eyes, along with his distrust for me. "A lot of his fur was melted to his skin, when I checked for heart beat we were too late. It was gone. We carried him back to Mokoshan. Mokoshan saved him, he brought Master Splinter back."

I smile slightly  to Raph about that.  "Remember how when we first met Mokoshan you didn't trust him?"

Raph looks at me. He didn't like that joke at all.  "That was then, Leo! He saved Master Splinter's life, but we don't know if Master Splinter is going to live from this."

I look down.  I know what Raphael is talking about,. Master Splinter didn't look good at all.  "I'm sorry, Raph, I just like it that you're working with Mokoshan after all that time you hated him."

"It's ok, Leo. Now, I got some stuff to do. I'll show you to a room you can stay in."

Raph takes me to a room and walks out. You can tell he doesn't want to be near me too much, he still doesn't know about trusting me. I sit down on the bed. looking out the window. It’s getting dark.

I still don't feel free, because nothing seemed the same.  Everything is different. I lay down on my bed and close my eyes, hoping for a better day to follow.

The next morning I wake and go downstairs. This cave was made into a house, with windows, bedroom, and about three floors. I find Mark on the couch in the living room, sleeping. I walk to the kitchen and look around for some food. There isn't much to eat, but I can understand.  They’re having a hard time. This war is holding them back on their freedom and food.

I make a small breakfast and sit down to eat. After I finish eating, I bring out a plate food to Mark.  Carefully, I wake him up.

"Hi Mark."

His eyes open and turn towards me. Then he looks at the food and smiles, sitting up.  "Morning, Leo. How did things go with Raphael last night?"

"He still doesn't seem to trust me, I've tried everything, but I don't think he'll trust me for a long time." I look down, feeling a pain, one that I've had for a few years now.  This pain is because I’m lonely.

"Don't worry Leo, your brothers will take you back. They love you, just as much as you love them." I smile, then see Raph walk into the room. Mark looks over at Raphael. "Morning, Raph."

"Oh, hi.. what's you two up to?"

"Just getting something to eat, you hungry?" I ask, getting up to go get Raph some food.

"Oh, that reminds me, today I have to go get some food." Raph says going over and grabbing a coat. I walk up to Raph, this is a chance for me and him to be together.  I can't pass it up. I have to earn Raph's trust again, he is my brother and I don't want to be left in the dark forever.

"Hey Raph, I'll come with you." Raph looks at me, shocked that I offered to go with him to the store.

"Since when? You never wanted to go to the store with me before, Leo? Unless we were getting something you wanted."

"I just figured why not, I haven't been with ya for awhile, we can caught up with each other. What have you been doing this these past few years." Raph sees I’m just trying to be friends with him again.

"I guess you can come Leo." Raph says, throwing a coat and hat at me. "Just don't get in my way."

I look at Raph. I know he is joking with that last part, trying to treat it like the old days. Mark says goodbye to us as we go outside. I’m shocked we’re going out so early in the morning to go shopping. I guess it's because of the war that's going on, it's not safe to travel to much during the day.

"So, Leo, all this time you've been gone, what all has happened? I mean, you never hit me as hard before you were a W." Raph touches one of the sores I gave him.

I look down.  "Well, Raph, as I told you, these blades bring out the anger in me. I'll be scared to see you in these blades."

Raph smirks and looks at me.  "Ah, come on, Leo, I'm not all that bad"

"Hey, you're not the one who has to put up with you."

We take a car that April got for them to use to travel. Raph and I joke all the way to the store.  It seems we’re getting back together again. It’s great to be with my brother. I’ve missed him a lot.

We don't get much at the store, as we don't have enough money. After getting some food, we put it in the car.  It‘s getting to be day light. We go to get into the car, and found the front two tires are flat.

"What's with this?" Raphael says, grabbing out his sais.

"I don't know, Raphael." We look around, weapons in hand. A cold chill goes down my back.  There’s trouble nearby, I can feel it. I look up and see a shadow come down into the light in front of me. Before I see anything else, all goes dark.

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