The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 18

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Part 18,
My head hurts.

I open my eyes to see Raph driving as fast as he can. I feel blood come down my face. I sit up and look behind us, seeing another car right behind.

"What's going on Raph?"

"The Shredder found us! He's with your girlfriend in the other car!"

"Girlfriend? What are you talking about?!"

"You know! Mokeshan!" I sit up and look behind us again, focusing more. He’s right.  There are two in the car, but who knocked me out? I look at them. I fear what is going on. But then it hits me.  If we could get Shredder and Mokeshan to crash, to where they didn't get hurt, I might be able to get the Shapers to help save them, as they saved me.

I grab the wheel of the car and start to bring us off the road.

"LEO!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING!!!!" I look back.  The car followed us.  I bring the car right towards a tree. "DAMN IT LEO!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING???!!!!" I pull into a turn, before we could hit the tree.  And just as I planned, their car goes right into the tree.

"Raph, hit the brakes!!" Raph steps on the brakes and grabs out his sais. We run over to the car. There’s blood in the passenger’s seat, where Mokeshan was seating. I pull her out of the car. She’s knocked out. "Raph, I want both of them alive. See what you can do about the Shredder."

"I don't think the Shredder will be a problem about being alive." Raph says, pulling out his sais. I look over to see Shredder had jumped out of the car before it crashed. I pull Mokeshan into the back of our car. Then I look back over to the Shredder.  I can tell he’s hurt. I pull my swords and go towards him.

"Leo, why are you doing going towards him?! We should get out of here!" I look back at Raph, but I know what I’m doing. I have to take the Shredder out.  It’s the only way to get him to the Shapers. I got near the Shredder, then I find what made it so easy for them to crash. I can smell Shredder's breath.  He’s drunk.

"When will you learn, Shredder, we're not easy to take on all by yourself."

"I can handle you, Turtle! It's your fault these things took me, you guys are the fault of everything you freaks!!"

"Shredder, again do I have to tell you, it's Nagi that started this chain of killings.. and trouble... it's your brother. Not us!"

"Stop IT!!! IT'S NOT NAGI'S FAULT!!! IT'S YOURS.. YOU CAN'T BLAME NAGI." I know the madder I get him right now, the better chance I have at winning this fight. Shredder has two things against him right now, the blades and the fact that he’s drunk. I work at getting him madder, and then the blades will start to burn him.  He’ll will jump at me, wanting to take me out.

"Come on, Saki!!! You know Nagi was the one to start the fight! If he never went to Shen's house that night, then you'll still have him!"

"NO!!! IF YOSHI DIDN'T KILL HIM!!! IF SHEN TOOK HIM FOR THE MAN HE WAS AND LOVED HIM!!! THEN MY BROTHER WOULD BE ALIVE!!! IT'S NOT HIS FAULT." I see it’s getting to his head now. Shredder starts to lean back, being drunk isn't helping him.

Raph comes towards me and looks over. "What are you doing, Leo?"

"I know how to take Shredder out.  You see, when he's drunk, he's mainly thinking about his brother. He blames us.  That's why he hates us so much. He blames Hamato Yoshi and since Yoshi is dead, he's going after what is left of Yoshi, and that's the ones who know of him, or the one who knew him."


"That's right. So my way of taking him out right now, well, you see. Look at how he can hardly stand on his feet." I look back at Shredder. "Hey Shredder, if Nagi was such a good guy, then why was he beating Shen?!"

Shredder's eyes go red. He jumps right at me. I move out of the way and kick him down to the ground. "I can't believe Mokeshan let you drive while you're drunk." Holding Shredder down, he fights back hard. I have to knock him out.

Grabbing his neck just the right way, Shredder passes out.

"Good show." I look up and see Terror sitting on the smashed up car. "Very good show, Leonardo. Even with those blades, you keep so much control.  But how much will you be able to take what is going to happen when you lose it to the blades?"

"What is he talking about, Leo? What does he mean by lose it?"

"He's trying to scare you Raph, I have full control over these blades."

"You do, huh? Well then, lets see how well of control do you have." Terror jumps down off the car, and walks over towards Raph. Raph backs up.  It sure doesn't look like Terror, only because he was shaped as his human form, but I know it’s him. "Now look at this scar on Raph here.  Now Raph, where did you get that."

Raphael looks up at me.  "Leo, when we got into a small fight."

"Now, has Leo ever hurt you that bad before he got the blades?"
"No." Raphael looks down. Then his eyes go on me.  He’s worried, more worried than before. "But those blades can't control him! Leo's too good for that!"

Terror smiles.  "Believe what you want to, Turtle, but remember you guys were warned." Terror looks down at Shredder. "Trust me, I've seen others go through the blades for years, don't think that you know everything about them Leo. Oh and don't forget, your soul is ours as long as those blades are on you." Terror smiles at me. "Oh, one more thing before I go, I want the two that was in the crash.  They belong to me." He looks at Shredder and he disappears. "Where's Mokeshan?"

"Was Mokeshan in the crash?" I go into a full act to try and save her.

"Yea, the only one that we found after the crash was ShredHead. You mean we could have been attacked at any moment, while we spent our time trying to get Shredder down?!" Terror smiles at us, I think he finds us funny.

"Oh, I could watch you guys forever, but I got other stuff to do." He looks towards our car and a loud cry came from the back seat. Then he looks back at us, "Nice try though."

"Aren't you going to try taking us out?" Raphael says, ready for a fight.  He dosn't understand what was going on.

"Now why would I do that, if you got your brother. Sooner or later, those blades won't let him think, then you'll get him mad.  Well then how should I put it." Terror looks Raphael right in his eyes. "He'll do my job for me." Then Terror shapes away. Raphael jumps back, then looks over at me.  Now I see fear along with the distrust.

"Raph, don't listen to him. You know you can trust me."

"I don't know Leo, we know nothing of those blades, and until then." Raph goes quiet.  I know now having full trust again is just a dream, unless I could get Master Splinter to somehow remove these blades.  But how can he, he can't even move. I’m now alone for good.

We get back to their hideout. I figure I would stay and help them with this fight, but then what? Do I return home with my brother, who doesn't even trust me? What if Terror is right, and the blades do break through me.

My headache I had from the day before returns. I go up to my room and lay down for a while. As the lighting keeps hitting me as hard as it hits, the more I fight it. I can't let these blades win.

Mark comes up to my room and looks at me. He walks over and I turn away.  I don't feel like talking right now, but he apparently has something to say.  "Leo, I know something had to have happened. Raph is full of anger and you are just plain lonely and you don't want to face it. You can talk to me, you know I won't hurt you in any way."

I look up at Mark, then shift my eyes down.  "I'm sorry Mark, but things are just so hard. Where do I belong these days? Raph hates me, the W's want to use me and I don't want to go to them. And Mikey is out cold, with Don left alone to take care of him. Most of this is all my fault."

"That's not true Leo, it's not your fault that Raph is scared. The W's use everyone they can get their hands on, it could happen to anyone. Mikey and Don still care for you, all of your brothers care for you. The blades are eating at you right now, and that's not hard for them to do. You're lonely and the blades are using that against you."

My eyes close, as a I feel tears come from them.  What Mark just said is true, yet again.  "Thank you Mark, but how can I overcome these things?"

"You can keep your hope up, and not let those blades win you over." Mark turns around and walks out of the room. He always seems to only say what he has to, then he leaves.

I start to hum the Mr. Ed theme song to myself to cheer up. "People yak yak yak all day, wasting their time away, but Mr. Ed he never speaks unless he has something to say...oh a horse is a horse of course of course"

I smile a little.  That song kind of fits Mark.  All Mark would have to do is shape into a horse. With my headache, and the thought of how mad Raph is, this is something to lighten up my mood.

I pick up my Turtle-com, thinking of Donatello home alone with Mikey. I better call Don and let him know what's going on. I walk over to the window and looked outside, then looking back at the Turtle-com.  How am I to tell Don about Master Splinter? I press a few buttons and hear the Turtle com start to beep.

"Hello?" Donatello answers.  I still don't know what to tell him.

"Hi Donny, how's Mikey?" I should keep the topic off Splinter, until I can think of what to say. Mikey is a good topic for me, that way I’m not the one talking. I’m so lonely that I’m sick.  I feel it fall down on me, and it would be very hard to give bad news to Donny.

"Mikey's doing about the same since you left, I don't think he's going to live, Leo. I feel real bad.. Leo what are we to do? Do you think Mikey will live?" Getting this kind of talk didn't help, he’s depressed too.  But I have to keep off the topic of Master Splinter.

"I don't know, Donny. I hope he's okay. So no movement or anything from him huh?"

"Nothing, Leo. I don't know about him, I'm scared Leo. I'm really scared." I can see a tear go down Don's face through the Turtle com.

"Don't worry, Don, things willl work out. I hope." I go quiet, still not knowing what to say. I just want to cry it all out for him, but that wouldn't be like me to do. They know me as the fearless leader.  Little do they know I have a fear, a real strong one, and that is losing Master Splinter and my brothers.

"I hope you're right, Leo. I really do. Mikey didn't deserve this, he was always such a fun loving brother... I mean, he made us laugh when everything was at the worst point, Mikey would crack his jokes. I miss him, Leo." This is getting even harder for me. I can't tell him right now, he has to see Master Splinter first.

"Well Don, I just thought I would call and check in with." I say, getting some points down, so this depressing talk can wait until I'm home. "I want to let you know, that I'm with Master Splinter, Raph and Ninjara. I think Master Splinter and I will be home in the next week, be ready for us."

"Really Leo? Cool! Ok, I'll get the placed cleaned up for Master Splinter. Ok, I better start cleaning.. I'll talk to you later." A smile goes across Don's face.  At that moment I realize, I’m not the only lonely one. "Good bye, Leo."

"Sayonara, Don." I turn off the Turtle com. I know what I want to do. I want to get Master Splinter home, where Donatello can take care of him, but then Don would need help. I think about it for a while, then I think of April and how she can help us.

I go downstairs and look at Mark, then looked towards the room that Master Splinter is in.  Raph walks up behind me. I can tell he wants to know what I was up to, but if I tell him, he will tell me Master Splinter isn't in any shape to be moved.

"Leo, what are you doing?"

"What? Can't I leave my room without getting questions?" I know I have to take control again, it’s the only way things might work out.

Raph looks at me. He hasn't heard me talk to him like this since I got back. I've been trying to prove I'm good again.  "Leo, are you building up guts to talk back to me?" He says with a smile across his face.

"Raph, I can't hide behind an act of trying to get your trust back, when there's no reason for you not to trust me. Right now, I got to get my old life back, and if you don't trust me, that's your problem, because I am free, I'm not a W anymore. And I'll never go back there. Right now there's more important stuff to think about. Like Michaelangelo and Master Splinter, both of them are down, and I don't know if they're going to live."

"It's great to have you back, Leo." Raph says. I can tell that got to him, he sees the part of the old me that he missed.

Mark looks our ways and smiles at me. I’m doing this right, now to finish it. I walk towards Master Splinter's room.  Raph watches, but doesn't stop me. I guess it helps showing the real me to him.

Going into the room, I see Master Splinter wrapped up in a blanket on the bed. He doesn't look good at all. I look out of the room at Mark and an idea came to my head.

"Mark, can you come here?"

"Sure." Mark comes into the room and I close the door.

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