"The Shape of A Turtle" Chapter 2

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Part 2

The pain from the blades were something that I didn't know about and I wasn't going to take time to think about it right now. I have to save these people from the Ws, even though at this time I am a W.

When we walked into Roy's, the W kids stepped aside and let us in front. A little kid reaches out to me. "Look mommy, it's a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle." I can't stand the thought of doing anything wrong in front of this kid and everyone else in here.

Another kid grabs my leg.  "You're my favorite Turtle, Leonardo."

I look back at Terror, whose waiting for me to say something, but I couldn't. If I said something, it would kill me. These people didn't do anything wrong and should not be killed. They are all innocent.

"Leo, you have a job to do." Terror says, walking closer to me.  "Or you know what we'll do." Just then I feel another sharp pain in my arm. It’s like my arms don't want to listen to me. I pull out a sword from its sheath.  I try to fight it, but I can't stop myself.  I have no control as I see the sword go up and come down at this kid holding my leg.

Suddenly, someone grabs the kid away from my leg, my sword barely missing him. I look up to see Raphael standing there holding the kid. Raph wore a hat over his face and a long coat, but I know it’s him.  I want to just go and say Hi Raphael, long time no see, but I can't let on that I was the real Leonardo.  If I do, Raph would lose all, if any, respect that he has for me.

Raphael sets the kid down and grabs out his sais.  "I knew you weren't Leo! Now, where is Leo?" He says, he knows I would never willingly bring a sword down towards a kid. I know if I don't fight back, Raphael will kill me. But if I die, I won't have to kill these people. Yet that would be running from what's going on, and I couldn't do that. Raphael does a flying sai kick at me.

I step out of the way.  "Gomen Nasai" I say, Raphael looked up at me.

"Excuse me? You're acting as if you’re my brother and all you can say is excuse me!"

I smile a little, seeing that Raph did listen in his Japanese speech classes that Master Splinter taught us. He doesn't catch on that I was going to try something. I flip behind Raphael and land a roundhouse kick to his shell.

He turns and does a Gedan Barai Uke, blocking my kick. I knew he would have no problem with that kick, just as I knew he wouldn't have a problem with a punch to his face to follow.  He does a fast Jodan Uke. I’m ready for it, as I know what I’m doing. I think he’s confused though as I follow out all of the steps that we would go over in our sparring.  He can tell that this is for real, but seems so fake.

I grab Raphael and hold him back, just then an arm grabs me and tosses me against the wall. I can't believe the Ws are leaving this fight all up to me. But this is all just a test. If I fail, I'll be dead.  The only way out is to win.

I look to see who tossed me and see a face that I haven't see with in years. Raphael just stands there, looking to see Ninjara.  "Ninjara?" I say, then Raphael looks at me. He knows whatever Ninjara is doing here had to wait to ask questions and he just has to finish his job.

I jump over and grab Ninjara. I know she would toss me over her back in seconds, but it gives me time to say to her, "get everyone out of here."

Ninjara sees I’m not joking. "You're telling me what to do?" She says.

"We don't have time to fight about this Ninjara." She listens to me and does what I said. As I fight Raphael, I act as if we were in the dojo and don't care what happens as long as Ninjara gets the people out of here.

The Ws waste no time in going after Ninjara, though I know she could handle herself.  Terror steps forward to Ninjara. She looks to Terror and knows he’s going to attack, she readies herself for a fight against him. Terror does the attack, just as she thought. She does a sidekick to Terror's belt, sending him flying back and he acts as if he felt pain. He gets right back up and goes at her.  You can tell Terror isn't happy.

I look over to see him grab out a sword from nowhere and go to bring it down on Ninjara.  I act like I trip backwards, hitting Terror away from Ninjara.  His sword goes into the back of another W kid. Terror looks at me, his eyes glowing red.

"Be careful, Turtle!"

"Sorry, but how can I help it if I trip!" I yell back, then look up to see Raphael's sais coming down right at me. I roll over to see the sais hit Terror in the leg.

Terror looks up at Raph, grabbing the sais out of his leg.  His leg heals instantly as he straightens up. Terror’s hand forms into a sword, and he brings it right down at Raphael.

I can't let my brother be hurt, but if I fight back Terror will destroy all of New York City.  I can't let that many people die!

I look over near the store exit to see Keno standing there. What luck! I go straight over to him, hoping and praying that he will be able to help with this. "Keno, Raphael needs your help right about now." He looks at me as if I’m a freak.

"What is this, some kind of trap?" He asks, backing away.

"Keno, if you don't help Raphael, he might die. For once in your life listen to me." Keno looks at me, then looked right into my eyes and he could tell it really was me.

"Leo?? What are you doing working for the bad guys?"

"I can't explain right now, but I need you to help Raph and Ninjara."

Keno did as I said, knowing I wouldn't lead him wrong, but I don't even know what I was leading him against.

Terror is wasting no time in his attacks as he throws Raphael through the glass window and out of the store.  He jumps through the glass to finish Raphael off. Keno jumps landing on top of Terror.

Terror turns and looks at Keno.  I don’t know why, but Keno went flying back against the wall suddenly. Raph gets up, pulling himself to his feet while Terror is occupied with Keno.

Ninjara works on getting all of the people out of the building with Terror being so distracted. She runs over to Raphael.

"Let's get Keno and get out of here!" Raphael looks at her, then over at Keno. Ninjara flips over, landing near Keno and Terror. She grabs Keno’s shoulder, pulling him away right before Terror brings his sword down to cut him in half. Ninjara sends a kick right towards Terror.  The kick lands firmly on the W symbol residing on his belt. Terror stumbles backwards and you can see the actual pain in his eyes.

Keno and Ninjara help Raphael out to a nearby street. My guess is that they went down into the sewers.  They should be okay now, lucky them. I still have to deal with the angry red guy now.

Terror looks at me. "They got away too easy. You Turtles are known for causing trouble and getting away. You’re the leader and should know how to stop your own brother!"

I smile a little as I look at him.  "Raphael can't be stopped. He's on his own most of the time and has his own way around. Don't go telling me how much I know my brothers."

Terror walks towards me.  “Fine, if you’re going to cause me problems here in New York, then you're going to have a new area to work, where you don't know the people and the people don't know you. Oh, and guess what, you're getting someone to work with as well."

He’s going to take me away from my home?  If only I had a choice in this, but I have to find out as much as I can and find a way to get free.
"You listen all too well to be a newbie to the W's. It's like you're planning something, freak."
"I'm not stupid, Terror, and I don't want to lose my home. You have me now, but if I find away out of this, then you'll be the sorry one."

Terror smiles and grabs me.  "You think you can find away out of this? Well, I'll let you try all you want, but most of these people here have tried too and no one has ever gotten a way. The only way you'll be free is if I let you free." Terror turns and walks off.  I follow, but not too close. The other W kids start to go their own ways.

"Where are the others going?" I ask, looking back to see it’s now just me and Terror.

"They have homes and we don't want everyone knowing who our workers are all the time. They get to go home, but they know who they belong to."

"Why don't I get to go home?"

Terror almost cracks up laughing at that. "You're a hero to many and so is everyone you live with. You go home, you give my plans to your brothers then they try to stop me. It would be just more problems to me to let you go. Sorry, but you live at the W headquarters."

"Oh, so you're scared of my brothers getting in the way of your plans?"

"No! Your brothers think I'm here to take over the world, like any aliens who come to Earth. They don't know why I'm really here and even if they did learn, they won’t be able to stop me."

"And what might that reason be than?"

"That isn't for you to know just yet. You'll know when the time is right."

Once getting back to the W headquarters, he takes me back to the room they had me in for that year. "This is your room.  You have full run of the headquarters, but you are not to leave at all. Trust me, if you try to leave, I'll know about it."

He walks off, leaving me at the room. I look down and sit on the bed in my room. Then I look back up at the door, just now fully hearing what he said. I have “full run.” I smile and get up, heading  out of my room. I might as well find out what the Ws are up to and why they are on Earth.

While heading to the main office area, I run into Blades.  "I thought you had some where else to go?"

"Well, I live here, as you are now. But I had another job to do before coming back. You're lucky they didn't do you in for not killing one person. It must be because it was your first time. They were testing to see if they would be using you in New York or not."

"What do you mean do me in?"

"Well you know that pain they can give you?"


"Well if you don't finish a job usually, they'll give you that pain for as long as they want to. It can run up to days with feeling nothing but pain." I then felt the pain in my arms from those blades again. They were doing something in there, but I never could figure out what. "Well, I'll see you around, Turtle. I have some more work to do before I can rest tonight." Blades walks off, leaving me in the hall. I look over to see the main office and head for that room.

Once I get to the office, I notice there was someone inside. The person was wearing blades on his arms and legs and a metal mask covering his face. It doesn’t take me long to figure out who it is. He turns towards at me.

Shredder’s eyes lock on to me. "What are you doing here, Turtle?!! I thought I lost you once the Foot was stopped!"

"You must be joking yourself, Shredder, you would never lose us. We know you wouldn't stop doing evil, no matter where you were!" Shredder pulls out his sword. I can see we were going to have a fight, yet for once I thought, Shredder and I might be on the same side. "Shredder, do you want to get out of here?" I say, removing my swords from their sheaths and holding them in a tight grip.

"Why would you care, Turtle?!!" Shredder brings his sword down with serious force it.  There’s only one way to show him that I’m stuck here too. I drop my swords, as the blades in my arms slide out of my skin and use them to block Shredder's sword. Shredder backs up, seeing the blades come out of my arms. "What? How? You're Not Evil!!!"

"You're right, Shredder, I'm not evil, but I'm stuck here working for the Ws like you are. Now for once in our life time, we're going to have to work together!"

"Never!!! You Turtles are nothing but trouble. Besides, I always said you would make a good bad guy." Shredder steps back again.

"Fine, if you want to stay here and be told what to do instead of being free, then you just go on and kiss up to the Ws. But I'm not going to sit around!"

Shredder stops and looks at me, he looks at the blades on his arms I could tell those were not the ones he use to wear.

"You better have a good idea on what to do, Leonardo, or you'll have to be the one to face these blades!"

"Shredder, do you know why the Ws are here and what they are after?"

"Yes, I have heard of and seen what they are after, but we can't take these things out.  It's a joke to try having us do it. The Ws are after four brothers who live here on Earth, but they came from another planet. These things are the best fighters I've ever seen, they can take any shape that they want to and I've never been able to hurt them. They are Terror's brothers. They call themselves Shapers and believe it or not, they are a bigger pain than you Turtles."

I look at the Shredder.  "So, what we are doing is trying to get some aliens that hide on our world?"

"Yep, now good luck with that info. Let me know when you have a plan. Otherwise, I don't want to see your green little face." Shredder walks off, as if he was mad with the thought of having to work with me.

I smile, I know the Shredder couldn't turn down the offer of freedom. Now it’s up to me to get Shredder and the rest of the Ws free, then Terror will have no one behind him to help find his brothers. But first, I have to find out more about these brothers.

I turn to come face to face with Terror.  "You don't really think you can stop me, do you, Turtle? Shredder has been trying for a long time, but it's only you who will fall."


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