The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 20

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Part 20 The Beginning of the final war

"NO!" I cry out as tears start to come from my eyes. "It can't be!"

Donatello gets down near me, feeling for a heartbeat and looks up at Ninjara and Raphael.
"I'm sorry guys, but he's gone." Don says in a low voice.

The words go through my head so many times.  The pain of the words.  I can't believe it! He was just talking to us. I look up at Don, then towards Raph and Ninjara. Raphael gives me a cold look.

"If you left him alone, he wouldn't have died!!!" Raph says to me.

I look down.  It couldn't have been because of the move.  He was moved safely.  He should have been okay. I see a tear go down Ninjara face, just as she throws herself into Raph's arms.

Raph goes down into the hug, crying. "It's all your fault Leo!" He says. I can hear the depression in his voice.

I look at Master Splinter's body.  It can't be true.  He can't be dead. I reach down and hug the body. I feel the cold setting in, there’s no life left in him. I start to cry harder.

Donatello pulls me from Master Splinter and puts a blanket over his face. Tears go down from his eyes. We’re all depressed.  How will Mikey take this once he wakes up? Will he ever wake up?

I sit near Master Splinter's body, not knowing what to do.  No one we ever knew this close has ever died, besides the Mighty Mutanimals, and the future Turtles handled that for us.

Did they know that Master Splinter was going to die like this? Why didn't they tell us? I thought they said old age?

Is this all my fault? I never saw the blades on the future Leo? Does he hide them? So many questions going through my head, while it's just stuff trying to block out the truth.  Master Splinter is dead and there's nothing we can do to save him.

Raph looks up from the hug with Ninjara, seeing me sitting next to Master Splinter's body.  I can feel his angry at me. But what can I do about it. I didn't want Master Splinter to die, It wasn't my fault, was it?

The blades in my arms start to burn. The war has to end and Revyen has to pay for what she did to Master Splinter.  But I just can't leave the body, it’s still Splinter.  He can't be dead, this has to be a dream. A nightmare.

April walks up behind me and puts her hand on my shoulder. I almost forgot that she was here, she was so quiet. I look up at her, tears going down my eyes, one of my hands holding Splinter's hand. April gives me a hug, then takes Splinter's hand out of mine.

"I'm sorry Leo. I think we should leave the room for a bit." She leads me to the living room. I sit down and start to cry.  I can hear Ninjara and Raphael behind, crying. It’s a sad day for all of us, a day of which will never be forgotten.

I look back to see Donatello, cleaning up Master Splinter's room, with tears in his eyes. Don fully covers Splinter, then goes towards his lab. He made coffins years ago, in case something happened to any of us.  He made five. One for each of us turtles and one for Splinter. He was the only one of us that could face the fact that death is coming for each of us. He even has a place picked for us to be buried. His only fear was, who will bury the last one of us alive.

These thoughts are giving me a headache.  But how am I to think of anything else. Master Splinter... how??... How can it be so?  He's always been there for us.  What will we do without him?

Then it hits me. Master Splinter didn't just die, he was murdered.  That blast is what did him in! I stand up and look at Raph and Ninjara.

"I say we finish this fight for Master Splinter."

"I agree, Leo! Let's get ourselves a wolf!" Raph says, wiping a tear from his eyes. "I'll teach her for doing this to Master Splinter!" I like the sound of it.  Raph isn't going after me about this, for once. But we have a job to do.

"I wish I could come and help kick this dudette’s butt, but I have other stuff to do." Donatello says, as he pulls one of his coffins into the room with Master Splinter, closing the door behind him. I can't help but feel tears coming down my face.  Master Splinter's gone and poor Don is doing the hardest job of us all.

"Leo, I still think you shouldn't have moved Master Splinter!" Raph sas walking towards me. "But I'll get after you later, right now we have a wolf to kick!!!" Raph grabs his sais out, Ninjara behind him, holding her sword.

"We have a war to end! Let's get this done!" Ninjara says, walking towards the door.

Mark is standing outside, waiting for us. He looks up at us, with the tears going down our eyes. I think he knew what was wrong, but he didn't say a word.

"We want to go back." I say, looking at Mark.  He nods his head, then all goes black.

Once we come up, I look to see the wolf people. Mokoshan is out working with them, getting them ready for battle. "Mokoshan, it's time we go out and end this war!" I say walking towards him.

"What's going on?  here have you been?"

"It's a long story.  All I can say is that Revyen is going to pay for what she did."


I look down. I know I have to tell him what happened or he'll never understand.  But it is so hard to say. I don't want to say it out of my own mouth.  It still isn't real to me.

Ninjara steps forward.  "Master Splinter has died." She says, looking down, another tear coming from her eyes.

Mokoshan looks down.  "I understand, but do you have a plan?"

"Just show me where the W's hideout is here and I'll come up with one." I say grabbing out my swords.  It is time to take on this fight and not to let Master Splinter down.

Mokoshan takes me on a long walk. We are careful not to be spotted.  Raph came along while Ninjara stayed home. I noticed I am still getting the cold shoulder from Raph, but at least we're working together.

Once we get to the hideout, I see the wolf people that went with Revyen all upset, and Revyen yelling at them.

"What do you mean you still haven't found them?? The W's wants those Turtles and in exchange, we'll be free of that fox, Ninjara! Hurry up and get your work done.  Find them!!!"

"But Revyen, we have been trying for days, and we can't find them. It's no use, maybe we should give up this fight.  It's a lost cause. The fox is going to go home with Raphael."

"No! It's not a lost cause, she was so close to Mokoshan it hurt! I never trusted her from the start, I don't want her to leave here safe!!!"

I look at Raph, seeing how he is reacting to this. His hands grip his sais, sweat starting to come down his face, anger in the eyes and tears coming from the eyes. Things are hard enough today on us.

"Let me at her." Raph says quietly to us.

"No, Raph, we need a plan. Let's go home till we get one."

"Ok Leo, but once we do get into a fight, I want to be the one to handle her."

"We'll talk about this once we get to a safe place, Raph." We get out of there before hearing anymore. Revyen has no right to be mad at Ninjara.  Ninjara was invited to stay there.

Once we get back to Mokoshan's hideout, we gather to talk. Ninjara, Raph, Mokoshan and I all sit at a table.  Mark stands up against a wall, watching us. They never offer him to help us and that's one thing I am going to change.

"This fight is going to be big, and we have to face that fact right off the bat. Raphael, I don't want you or Ninjara up against Revyen."

"WHAT?? SHE'S OUR FIGHT!!! I WANT AT HER!!!" Raph yells at me.

"Sorry Raph, but I don't want anger to cloud your mind in this fight. It's important that you don't have anger at the person you're fighting, at least personal anger at who you're fighting."

"May I speak up." I turn to see Mark finally stepping in. "You guys are going at this all wrong."

"We are?" I say, trying to see what he was talking about.

"That's right.  We have two sides in this war and both are lead... hmmm get the army together, we're hiking to the other base." Mark says moving from the wall.  "Then I'll tell a story to you guys." We follow Mark, as we walk to the W's hideout.  Mark stops us. "You guys stay here." He walks off into the hideout.  We notice Revyen isn't even here right now. Within 10 minutes Mark returns to us. "Come.. " We follow him into the base. Revyen’s army is sitting down.

"We will hear your plan to end this war, but you must know that the only way we'll let the war end is as long as Ninjara leaves." One of the wolves say, standing up for the rest of their army.

"Very well. I'll leave as soon as this war is over." Ninjara says as we all take a seat to hear Mark's story, but why must both armies be together to hear it.

"My story is for both sides to hear, but what you must know is that I didn't write or make up this story.  I heard it here on Earth in a song." He sits down in the center between us and the other army. "This song is of a war.  A king called for war, and the other king answered. They would have this war at the rise of the sun. Throughout the night they worked on their fighting and weapons. At the rise of the sun they met at the battle field weapons in hand, they looked out across the vacant land, they counted their missing one upon one, none upon none the war was over before it begun. Two little kings playing a game, they called a war and nobody came."

"What does this have to do with us?" I ask, trying to get the plan out of him.

"Ok, Leo, if you must know, here is my plan. We all know that the reason Revyen doesn't like Ninjara is because she wanted to be called Moon Eyes by Mokoshan. She wanted to be the one Mokoshan loved. Well if she is left alone to fight him, she won't fight right."

"You know, you might be right about that." I say, this is starting to make a little sense to me now.

"Ok, so my plan is for Mokoshan, finally to call a war upon Revyen.  You guys act as if you're going to go to the war.  But then when the war comes, do not show up. If we all work together, Mokoshan might be able to knock some sense into Revyen, if no one else is around."

"That sounds crazy enough it might just work." Raph says, sitting back with one arm around Ninjara. "Leo how come you never come up with crazy ideas that might get someone killed so easy?" I hit Raph on the back of the head.

"We'll go with it, Mark.  I hope you know her as well as you think." Even though I don't know if Mark knew Revyen or not, I was going with him. He seems good with people and was always there for me.

Raph gives me a look.  You can tell he really didn't care for the idea, and was just being rude when he talked. When we get back to our hideout, Mokoshan called Revyen to war at the rise of the sun.

I sit awake all night, waiting for this to be over. At the rise of the sun, Mokoshan goes to the battlefield alone. I sit, watching for him to return. I hope Mark is right about this.

An hour passes and I begin feeling something is wrong. Why is it taking this long?

I go downstairs to see what everyone else was doing. Ninjara and Raphael are cuddled on the couch asleep. I see the bottom part of Raph's face mask was still wet from tears.

It was such a hard day yesterday.  Even though I know Master Splinter is dead, I just feel that he's gone for a long trip and will be home when we return.

I sit down on a chair, looking over towards Raph and Ninjara.  The thought of how they acted to each other the last so many days before breaking up comes to mind. I miss those days.. I miss those days so much, no one will ever know. Master Splinter taught us to live, and let live, even though he first asked us to kill the Shredder. I could understand, but the Shredder still lives and now I've learned more about him.

To think of how we use to fight him as if he wasn't human. Our anger for him was great.  He killed Master Splinter's Master Yoshi. But now, I wonder why did we have the anger for that.  We never met Yoshi, we only heard stories. I wonder if he was as good of a ninja as Master Splinter told me.

I want out of this fighting.  Why are we fighters?  Is it the only road we can take? After this war is over, can we call an end to fighting in our life, or will more come? I look once more back to  Raph and Ninjara. I see some kind of peace that wasn't there before, before they got back together. They now know they were made for each other.

I remember back to how they met.  I didn't trust Ninjara at first, but Raph just fell right into her arms. All of these stories and no one to hear them. Having to hide from humans, besides for kids as they believe in the Turtles, but adults think we're just a cartoon. I walk over and look at them sleeping so peacefully.  I wish I could go to sleep.

I feel a tear go down my face, as the thought of Master Splinter hits me again. I've been up all night and my body needs rest. But I can’t.  Mokoshan still hasn't come home. I start to walk back and forth. My head hurts and the blades start to burn my arms again. All these thoughts are too much.

I go back to my room and lay down. Trying to sleep is useless, I can't. The thought of Master Splinter is going through my head. I feel as though he is near me. Could he really be?  Did I lose him? I can't face that fact. I close my eyes as I feel the headache grow.  I just can't sleep. Master Splinter can't be dead!!!

Giving up, I get up from my bed and I go to the kitchen to get a glass of milk. Sitting down, I feel as if I’m going to drop face down.  But I kept my head up, even though I’m starting to see two of everything. I really feel something is wrong. I can't sleep, at least not until Mokoshan returns home so that I know he's safe.

After drinking my milk I go back upstairs and lay back down.  Can I sleep now? I roll over, feeling the headache.  Hours pass of me just lying here. I get up again, this time I hear Raph awake up downstairs. I walk down, to see them making some food. Raph looks up at me.

"Has Mokoshan came home yet?"

"No, I'm hoping everything is ok." I reply, looking out the window.

Raph walks up behind me.  "Leo, I'm worried. I think we should go out and see what's going on.  See why Mokoshan isn't home yet! We have to take action, Leo!"

"I agree Raph, get some food in yourself and Ninjara, I'll get the army ready." I walk out.

Getting the army ready doesn't take long.  Most of the wolf people are ready before I even get there. I walk back to the kitchen. Though before I say a word, I look in to see Ninjara in a hug with Raphael.

"Raph, I'm worried about him!"

"I know Ninjara, he's ok, we'll see to that."

Ninjara looks at Raphael, tears going down her eyes. Raph goes down and kisses her. I look down, feeling the pain she must have.  She has feelings for Mokoshan, we all know it. A tear goes down from my eyes.  I walk in the room and Raph looks up from the kiss right at me.

"It's time to find out what happened." I say, then turn and walk out. Raph and Ninjara follow.  It is a war we wanted to be over with, but will the war really ever end? With all the thoughts in my head, this is one of the hardest ones.

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