The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 21

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Part 21

I walk quickly to the battlefield with Mokoshan’s army behind me. As we walk, I can see the anger in Raph's face. I feel unwanted and that makes me want to go hide away.  But then again, they did put me back in the lead. I wonder if anyone here besides Mark trusts me. I walk watching for any trouble that may just to pop up.

"I'm sure the only way things could have gone wrong with this plan is if the other army didn't follow the plan." Mark says, trying to lighten up the crowd.

Raph gives him a cold look, then walks right up to Mark.  "Look! I don't want to hear a word out of you! You're nothing but trouble! It was your plan that got us this deep! SO WHY DON'T YOU JUST KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT NOW ON!"

Mark steps back slightly from Raph.  I see he doesn't want a fight, so he just shuts up. Ninjara walks over to Raph and he puts his arm around her as they walk.

You don't have to ask her how much she cares for Raph, you can see it in her face.  But you can also see her worry for Mokoshan, knowing she still cares for him.  How could I not blame her. He's been nice since the start, back when Mokoshan lost his love, Nei'shan.

Mokoshan, was at first filled with anger and depression, for he loved Nei'shan, his Moon Eyes, so very much. Then when he saw Ninjara, the empty place that was left was filled in just by the sight of Ninjara. He was nice to her and liked her, only for the reason he needed to find happiness. At the time of Mokoshan being nice, poor Raphael was scared of losing Ninjara and was filled with so much anger that he let it out on Mokoshan.

Later when Ninjara was hurt, Mokoshan took her in and cared for her injuries. Raphael was filled with anger and the fear of losing Ninjara. His mind was played with, twisted. He didn't realise how much he was being used. Revyen saw Raph's anger and took it, using it hopefully to get Ninjara and us all, wanting us to leave. But her plan backfired on her and now look at us. We're here in this war, which is really a waste of time, for Ninjara already said she would leave and proving that her love is only for Raphael.  But why did poor Mokoshan have to go through this to prove their love, for what love does Mokoshan get out of all of this?

While walking, I can feel my blades burn.  They are as happy about what is going on as I am. They are letting me know they want some action and I know where the action would be. I want to take on Revyen, she killed Master Splinter. My anger for her is great, but at the same time, the feeling of what is going on is really just lost. I don't know if we should be going to the battlefield or if Mokoshan is even alive. All I know is that I want to fight and the one I want to fight is Revyen. Is this the feeling Raphael usually gets that I try to hold him back from? What are these blades doing to my thoughts?

Mark walks up behind me. I can see the worry in his eyes.  He doesn't feel as much right here as I do.  I know he must want out of this, but he knows I need him. I need someone who has trust in me. For now, the only thoughts in my head are really no good with how bad I want to do in Revyen. First off, I want poke her eyes out, so she can't see what I'm doing to her. Then I'll pull each of her teeth out, one by one. Then I'll burn her fur to her body, watching it melt, laughing to make her pain feel worse, and then I'll shave all that hair off of her big stupid head. Oh, but to kill her would to be too kind, for she must live with what she has done.

"Leo, I'm sorry about all this. I thought it would work. I hope things don't turn out too bad."

"It's ok, Mark, I know you're trying to help. And you have helped me more than anyone else has in the past so many years."

Mark looks down, I can see the pain in his eyes.  If he fails at what he does, he feels just as bad as I do and he's taking this hard. I stop, hearing a noise come from our right. Looking over, I get everyone to stop moving.

Raphael comes up beside me.  "What's going on Leo? I know that look."

I look past Raphael, seeing Revyen's army going past, on the other side of some trees.  They too are heading to the battlefield, but why? I go to go towards them, but Mark pulls me back.

"Let's see what they are up to before coming out to them. This could be a trap." Mark says.

I step back.  "You're right, let's not rush into this." I say, holding my sword.  I just want my hands on Revyen. Raphael looks at me, then looked at my hands holding the sword as tight as I can.

"You got to control that temper." Raph says with a smile across his face.  He could tell I am mad and he is going to get me with what I’ve always told him. I look at him, knowing he is joking, but I’m not in the mood for a joke. Raph's testing me or something.  I better not blow up, I can't let these blades talk.

"I'm ok, Raph. I can control my temper." I say and boy am I proud that I heard myself say that, because to tell the truth I don't know how long I can control it. Master Splinter always taught us to work our hardest to control our temper, for anger was our biggest fight that we had to win. Raph was the one having the hardest time with that fight, but now I am too.

Oh, what would Master Splinter do if he knew that his best student was having problems with. I mean, I was always the student to work the hardest in class.  I overcame the other three because of that hard work and to control my temper was one of the first lessons.  I wish I could run to Master Splinter, but I can't, he's gone.

Why can't this all be a dream? I still feel as if he will be home once we get there. I hope Don's ok taking care of this.  I mean April is in her late 40's now, she can't do too much to help, but she says she feels as young as she use to. We all know she's only saying that.

Oh, how my mind is going in so many different directions.  But one of the big questions is should I be leading these guys? I haven't slept in over 24 hours.

I look at Raph and Ninjara walking close together as we follow Revyen's army.  I feel for them, but I wonder if they really trust me, or are they testing me.  Is this time of putting me in lead a test? I look at Raph again, seeing at how he is watching me the full time.

"Leo, are you ok?" Mark asks, looking over towards me looking at Raph and Ninjara.

"Yea, I'm fine. I just hope I haven't lost their trust for good. Raph is blaming me for Master Splinter, and..." I look down, then back up at Mark, who has been by my side, keeping an eye on Revyen’s army. "I've never told anyone this, but out of my brothers, I worry about Raph the most."

"Why? He's strong and taking care of himself all the time.  I thought you would worry about Mikey more."

"Mikey is fun loving and tries to stay out of deep deep trouble.  Raph on the other hand, jumps into trouble. He gets mad so easily and goes after what he doesn't like. Mikey, believe it or not, is easier to keep an eye on. I worry about Raph each time he goes out." I look down.  It’s true, Raphael is the Turtle that causes us the most problems.  Though no matter how much I get mad at him, I care about him and worry for him.

We come up to the battlefield and looked around. The other army hasn't noticed us yet. So we keep our distance from them, to see what they're up to. I see the leader walking back and forth, mad as anything.

"We were betrayed!!! They took Revyen!!!! THIS MEANS WAR!!!!" Seeing how they are reacting I know they didn't take Mokoshan.   So what's going on? I get up and walk towards them, without a word Mokoshan's army follows. Revyen's army notices us.

"Where is Revyen?!" The one who is acting as their leader asks, stepping forwards towards me.

"We don't have Revyen and Mokoshan never came home last night. We were hoping that you guys knew where they were."

"We don't have them.  We came here to find out what was taking Revyen from coming and telling us the war was over." I know this meant trouble, but I can’t tell what kind.  “I say both armies work together, to save Mokoshan and Revyen, and when this is over, us Turtles will leave with Ninjara. Are you guys with me?"

"We sure are!"

Within minutes, we come up with a plan.  Both armies are to spread into many groups and go out looking for any signs of trouble, or anything at all that will lead us to Revyen and Mokoshan. I  team up with Raphael and Ninjara... Mark goes with some of the other soldiers.  Now I really feel alone.

I walk for a long time, the two of them not far behind me. I feel as if it is that cold winter when I was taken by the Shredder and the Foot by surprise. I was being followed, but not by those of the ones who care for me. I look back at Raphael.  It‘s as if he isn't the same Raph I knew before all of this happened. He has his hands wrapped around his sais, as he watches me. I look down, feeling alone and wantig to be that way. I wonder if I have them check another area, would I be better off.   But we were to keep together, I have to earn his trust again.

I close my eyes as we walk, again losing track of what we're doing. I can picture Splinter on our last birthday that I spent with my brothers.  It was one of our biggest birthday nights, since Mikey made his friends and got the TMNT comics and cartoons and movies out, we had money to buy foods and gifts for each other. Splinter got me some new weapons for my birthday, some swords and throwing stars.  He told me 'That they would not always be there to solve the fights for me', and that 'they shouldn't have to be there. To find a way of stopping a fight shouldn't come from which I give, but which you already have.'"

Then the thoughts of Revyen came in mind, how she killed Splinter, how she started this trouble that has got my brothers in this deep. I wish Splinter was here.  He always knew how to help me. Raphael isn't too much of the one to support my every thought, in fact he usually doesn't do anything I tell him.  And right now it seems weird that he is listening me, as if I'm on a test. I look at my swords in my hands and think of Master Splinter's teaching. I put the sword away and just keep walking.

Raphael looks at me.  He's not use to me walking without my swords when we're looking for a fight.  "Leo, what in the world are you up to?"

"Raph, if Revyen has Mokoshan and realizes what happened, then she's not going to want to see our weapons.  If we make the wrong move, we might lose more than what we want to.  She already killed Splinter."

"IF YOU DIDN'T MOVE HIM, LEO!!! He was ok.  We had him.  He was being taken care of! You had to move him!!!" I see Raph is just letting his anger out, and what better way of letting it out then putting the blame on me.  But this isn't the time for this.

"Raph,cool it!" I know if I had my swords in hand once seeing her, these blades might get me madder than I should be, but is that possible. I'm very mad and I have a reason, but to kill. I feel the blades burn, I know they want at her. Just then, I look up as I hear a loud bang from east of us.

"Raph! Ninjara! THIS WAY!"

"WE KNOW LEO, WE HEARD!!!" We run to see a battle, but in this battle we see Revyen fighting the W's? I stop and look around to see if I can spot Mokoshan, but he is nowhere in sight. Ninjara grabs Raph's arm.

"Where's Mokoshan?" She cries, falling into Raph's shell. I see that this is hurting her, just as bad as I thought. I go to pull my sword, but then stop. In this battle, who is the bad guys?

Revyen, who killed Master Splinter, or the W's, who took me for years.  The last years of Splinter's life!!! I look over to see Raph grabbing his sais, putting Ninjara up against a tree.



Raph stops and looks at me.  "What do you mean NO? They're the start of this all!"

"Yea, and that's why I have a bad feeling about this fight, it could be a trap!"



Ninjara gets up and between Raph and I.  "For once, I'm going to tell you to calm down. Raph, you too. Now, Leo is right, we can't just rush into this. Revyen is going to pay for what she has done, but it will have to wait."

I smile at Ninjara, she saved Raph and I from getting into another fight of ours.

"OK, but I still think we should just kick some W's off of our world!"

"Yea, but think about it, Raph. Revyen works with the W's.  Why would she be fighting them? And where's Mokoshan? These are two questions that we'll have to answer. Let's split up.  Ninjara take the right and work your way around. I'll go left. We should meet up on the other side, and report what we saw with this fight and who is helping Revyen with fighting.  She can't be in this fight on her own."

I watch Raph and Ninjara head off to the right.  It’s my chance to be alone and clear my head. It’s weird.  The full time I was with the W's, I wanted back with my brothers.  Now that I'm back, I just want to be alone. I miss Master Splinter.   I really just miss him.

I start off to my left, watching the fight, but I can't see who is working with Revyen. I grab out a sword, this is more than fighting Revyen.  If I'm noticed, all of the W's will go after me as well. I hope it's Mokoshan helping her, that would tell me they made up and the war between the Wolves will be over.

Just then, I see a wolf jump out of the middle of the fight. It’s wolf fighting with her. Just like Mokoshan had wolves around him when he first attacked.  They are working with Revyen. I get closer, only to see wolves, but no Mokoshan. Where can he be? Just then someone comes up behind me.

"We never stop bumping into each other do we, Turtle?" I turn around to see the Shredder standing behind me.  He brings his sword down at me. "To kill you Turtles will give my brother the rest he should have!"

He's drunk again.  I can smell his breath. I back away.  It's not good to fight him when he knows what he's doing, but when he's drunk, he could be more danger for both me and him. The sword just misses hitting my head. I look at him, even if I stand still he would have missed. He can't aim properly right now.

"Shredder, don't be dumb right now. Get home and rest for when the hangover hits you!" Shredder comes down a little faster.  Using my sword, I knock his sword from his hand. "Go HOME SHREDDER, BEFORE YOU KILL YOURSELF!!" Then I look up, that yell just lead some W's my way. I've been noticed. Now the fight begins.

"STOP! THE TURTLE IS MINE TO KILL!!!" The Shredder yells, but the W kids keep coming. They, too, know he is drunk and can't take me on alone. "NAGI'S DEATH ALL LEADS TO YOU TURTLES!! IT'S TIME TO PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!"

"But Shredder, we were not alive at that time. Listen to yourself.  You're looking for someone to place the blame on.  Killing Yoshi wasn't enough for you. And poor Tang Shen! She never did anything WRONG!!"

"She turned my brother down! That's where she went wrong!" Shredder then throws a throwing star at me.  I jump out of the way.  His aim is getting better and he managed to cut my arm. I feel the blood trickle down.

Shredder kicks the front of my shell. The old pain from Raph's sais resurfaces. I look to see the W kids are now all around me. Man, I wish that Raphael was by my side, but he is on the other side of the fight.  I wonder if he even realizes that the fight has moved my way some more.

I look to see Terror standing in front of me. What's going on here? I think to myself, why are they ganging up on Revyen.  This has to be a trap.

I back up from Terror, but for some odd reason the fight against Revyen keeps going. Why? They have me.  Do they want everyone else too, by the same trap? Is this a trap?

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