The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 22

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Part 22

Revyen notices me and tries to fight her way towards the battle around me.  But I see the W's go down harder on her. What's going on here?  Then my eyes go back upon Terror. A wave of fear goes through my head.

"Leonardo, how nice to see you." Terror says, walking towards me.

Shredder jumps in his way.  "He's mine!!! I WANT TO BE THE ONE TO KILL THE TURTLE!!!"

"We're not killing him, Shredder. We're taking him back." Terror says, continuing to walk towards me.

Holding my sword as tight as I can, I swing it, hitting his W on his belt. Terror drops down in pain. Seeing him in pain is my chance to get away. I turn around, cutting my sword into one of the W's kids.  I watch him fall, leaving a path for me to get out. Keeping my eyes on the Shredder, I start to head out, then Shredder jumps me.

"Now is my chance to kill you! You will pay! My brother can't rest, until all who stand for Yoshi are DEAD! YOU MUST DIE!!!!"

"Shredder, shut up and listen to yourself! Nagi did this to himself and you'll never be happy until there's nowhere else for you to go! I wasn't there for Nagi's death, therefore, I had nothing to do with it!!!" Shredder swings his sword at me.  I bring my sword up, blocking his sword.. "Shredder, stop this!" I wish he didn't drink, it's easier to get away when he's not so mad.

"WHY DID NAGI HAVE TO DIE?! I'LL TELL YOU WHY!!! BECAUSE YOUR RAT'S MASTER WANTED HIM DEAD!!! NOW YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT HE DID!!! ALL WILL PAY FOR NAGI'S DEATH!!!" Some W kids grab him back. Others run around me. I can handle the W kids easier than Shredder, so I’m happier.

"Down, Shredder, we'll handle the Turtle." One of the W's says.

"NO! I WON’T LET YOU BE THE ONES TO DO IT!! THE TURTLE IS MINE!!!!" Using his blades, he cuts one of the kid's arm that was holding him. I look back seeing him get away from the W kids and seeing the blood all over the one that got cut. If I don't fight him, he will kill these kids for holding him back and some of them are like I was, made to work for the W's with no choice.

Should I run or fight? I look up to see Raphael and Ninjara jump out into the fight.

"LOOK WHAT YOU'VE GONE AND DONE, LEO!!!" Raph yells. "But even though you made another mistake, I'm helping." This is my chance. Raph and Ninjara will handle the W's while I take care of the Shredder.  But is that a good idea?

I hold my sword strong, but not strong enough.  Shredder gets free from the W kids and jumps right on me, knocking my sword off to the side. He brings his blades right down into the same spot Raph's sais went before. I feel the pain, but can't give in. I throw my arm up as the blades come out and hit Shredder off me, cutting him in the gut.   Shredder screams out in pain.


"Shredder! I'm not here to kill YOU!" I look up as Revyen gets over here. I notice a W kid grab her back. She kicks the kid off her, then kicked Shredder off of me. I look up at her.  What's going on here? Is she helping me?

"I need your help Leonardo!"

"Why should I help you?! You killed my Master Splinter!!!"

"Because, when I showed up to the war, I didn't see any of you guys at!!!! Mokoshan tried to talk things out with me and the W's attacked! They took Mokoshan. I'm trying to free him!"

I look at the fear in her eyes, as Mark said, she does care for him.  "Ok, we'll work together in this one battle, but any sign of you betraying us, then you'll be going down."

"Thank you, Leo."

Shredder jumps back up.  He is slow, much slower than normal at reacting to stuff.  I never fought him drunk before, and it seems weird. Holding his sword, he comes at me. Revyen jumps in the way and takes on the Shredder. I back up a bit, just to let some of the pain in my shell take a break. I feel the blood going down the front of my shell.  It hurts so bad.

I feel a rush of wind coming at me from the back of my head. I duck just in time to see a sword go pass.  One of the W kids got up behind me. I turn around and hit him up against a tree.  Grabbing out my other sword, the blades take control. I step back to see what I've done. I didn't mean to. I don't want to.  Why do the blades do this? I walk over to a cold body with no life. "I'm sorry" I say in a low voice, lowering my head.

Raph looks at me, as he hits a kid down. He doesn't look happy. He knows I don't like killing and always tried not to unless I have to. There was a time that I would kill the ones we fought with no problem, like the Purple Dragon gang, but I grew out of that and Raph knew it.  Even though he still killed, I always told him not to and now he sees me killing. He didn't trust me before, now what does he think of me?  Did I lose more of his trust?

Picking my sword back up, I leave the body there. I’m ready for anyone else to come at me, and I’m hoping that I won't do anymore killing. The blades start to burn.  I feel like letting them take over just to stop the pain, but I can't.

A kid comes jumping at me from a branch in a tree. I swing around.  But again the blades win, as my sword brings more blood into this battle. I want out now.  This is too much.  The blades are winning, as I turn around with my sword again upon another W kid. I'm feeling bad, real bad.  This isn't what I want and Raphael is watching me. I look over seeing Revyen fighting Shredder. I can hear him yelling.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY, YOU DOG!!! I WANT THE TURTLE!!! I'M GOING TO KILL HIM!! You know I could use a shell hanging on my wall for all to see." Shredder really is losing it, but he's drunk and that can do that to a person.

Shredder brings his sword down at Revyen.  She is able to block it and as long as she can handle herself I’m letting her.   I can barely stand and I’m losing too much blood. I watch as Ninjara takes off into the woods.  Now it’s up to Raph, Revyen, her wolves and me to win this war. Why did Ninjara leave us?

About three more W kids come down upon me. It takes my blades but seconds to take them out. I feel bad for them, but I couldn't help it.

Raphael comes down near me.  "Leo, since when do you not leave anyone alive?"

"I'm trying, Raph, but these blades really don't like leaving people alive. I have to get out of this battle before I kill more."

"You better just hope you live getting out of here, Leo!" Raph wipes some of the blood from my shell. "I'm worried, Leo, you can bleed to death because of this."

"I'll be ok, Raph, but right now we have to find Mokoshan.  He's here somewhere.  The W's have him." Raph goes to pull me towards the woods, he’s too worried about me to think of Mokoshan. I know he still cares. "Raph, Revyen told me they have Mokoshan.  We have to save him!"

"How can you trust her?" I look back towards her as Shredder cut her arm. "She's the one who got us into this mess. I don't think I want to deal with the likes of her, unless it's in a fight to the finish."

I know the feeling Raph was talking about, but if we didn't work to find Mokoshan and get this war over with, than we would be letting Master Splinter down.

"Raph! We need to get this war over with! Now just because I was gone for a few years doesn't mean I'm a changed Turtle."  But I know I am. "Let's get this war over with." I know I’ve changed.  I know it all too well. I look around at the W kids that I killed.  I didn't mean to, but it happened.  What happens if I get mad at one of my brothers? I have to lose these blades somehow.

Raph looks at me. You can tell he just wants out of the fight, but he listens to me. "You're out to get us killed, Leo."

I look down, knowing what I’m doing is right.  Why can't Raph take my word on it? I feel a sharp pain and I want to fall to the ground and just go to sleep, but I don't let myself.  I need to rest and need out of this fight. I know it, but I also know Mokoshan needs my help and that is more important. My shell yells at me with pain. I’m beginning to feel dizzy from the lost of blood, but that isn't going to stop me.

Raph goes back into the battle, I can tell he isn't happy. I look at Revyen holding the Shredder back in a fight. Both of them are cut up badly. It does seem like Shredder is winning, because of a cut on Revyen's leg. Even though Shredder is drunk, he's dangerous.

Raph jumps down hitting Revyen off to the side. "Let me handle him, before you get yourself killed!" Raph says with a smile upon his face, as he blocks the Shredder's sword from coming down upon him. "This is a job for a turtle, not a wolf." I can tell Raph is having fun putting Revyen down like she can't handle herself, but Revyen is getting mad.

"True, turtle, I would rather fight you!" Shredder says with an evil laugh. "YOU WILL DIE FOR WHAT HAPPENED TO NAGI!!!"

Raph stops and looks at the Shredder.  "What?" I see the confused look on Raph's face, because he never saw Shredder this drunk before. Just at the car, and he didn't really understand that either. "Nagi? Where does Nagi come in on this fight?"

Just then I feel something behind me. I turn around to take on whoever it is, but before I could do anything, a wolf jumps the person. It’s another W kid alright, and that wolf takes care of him.

When I look back towards Shredder and Raph fighting, I notice Revyen is fighting the Shredder again. I look around, but I don't see Raphael. I walk towards the fight, feeling the pain in my shell with every little step. I still can't see Raphael. Shredder notices me and jumps at me. I move out of the way, watching Shredder land on his face. I look at Revyen.

"I feel like I'm in a bar fight." She smiles at me, as we watch Shredder trying to get to his feet.

"I can kill him now!" Revyen says.

"NO! Don't kill him!" I say, stepping in her way. "Death is never the answer." I look around again, I'm getting worried about Raphael. This fight is getting out of hand and I have to do something about it. But before I do anything I want to find Raphael.

"What do you mean don't kill him?!!" Revyen yells. "That's nice coming from a Turtle who has been killing anyone who attacks him!! Isn't it??" I look down, what she has said is true, but it isn't my biggest worry right now. I worry more about Raphael and Mokoshan, but I don't want Shredder to die over this fight. Revyen goes to go down at him with her sword and I jump in the way, blocking her from killing him.

"Don't kill him!" I look at the Shredder as he gets back on his feet. Then I look at Revyen. "To kill someone while they are down, is to kill without honor. Now, just hold him back! NO KILLING!!"

Just then I feel blades go into the back of my shell. I let out a scream of pain.  The Shredder got me. Now I’m bleeding from the front and the back. I want to drop to the ground, but I know Shredder will kill me with no problem.

I turn around, cutting at the Shredder.  My blades are at full power now and want Shredder dead. I jump at him, now as if I’m out of control.  Revyen steps back and watches me as I bring a sword down, cutting into the Shredder's shoulder.   He lets out a cry of pain. The W kids jump both of us at once to try and stop this fight, but it is only seconds before those kids lose everything they have and Shredder and I are back into a fight.

"Now look who's out to kill, Leo." Revyen says, watching the fight.

I stop and look at her, then I realized what is going on.   I let the blades win me. Shredder comes down at me again.  I jump out of his way, then I fall in pain from the blades.  They want me to fight and that is the only way they won’t hurt me.  But if I let them win, that I would be letting myself lose. I look up at Revyen.  "Please take over the"  The dizziness is taking over,  but I can't pass out, not now. I don't care about the blood loss, I have to find Raphael.

Revyen goes back into the fight, keeping Shredder from getting me, and some wolves come around stopping the W's from jumping me. Now it is up to me to get back on my feet.

I remove my elbow pads and knee pads, tying them around my shell to use like a bandage until I can get out of the war. I use a tree to get back to my feet. I don't want to talk or fight.  I want to run, but I can't do that. At least not until Raphael is found and Mokoshan is saved. I wish Ninjara hadn't run off on us.

I walk around looking for Raph, a few wolves stayed by my side, keeping the W's back. A W tries to jump me from the tree.  It takes only seconds for me to step out of the way and finish him off. I don't want to do this, killing isn't the answer and I am filled with it tonight. I look back at Revyen fighting, as if she doesn't even miss Raphael. Where could he be.

I notice Terror is back up fighting the wolves, trying to save the W kids, because he needs them. I wonder how long he has been up.  I know that Shapers are not as easy to take out and he couldn't have been out that long. I walk over and look down, with no sight of Raphael.

I fall against a tree. I failed him.

I look up to see Revyen fall again.  I can't take this and I’m not fully on my feet anymore with all this blood loss.  But I have to do something.  The fight is my fight and it was to be finished by me.

I take my sword and look Shredder dead in the eyes. Even though he is here, he is lost. My goal now is to control my blades. The blades begin to burn harder, knowing what I am up to. Shredder takes a few shaky steps towards me.  For once I see him as a drunk man, who can't even stand straight. It is time.

I think of my teachings, of what I have learned from Master Splinter. I am only allowed one hit.  If I fail, Shredder will kill me himself. But when can I get that hit in and what would I use? It's needs to be something good to take out the Shredder. The best thing about this is that the Shredder is drunk, and he won’t even know what hits him when I'm done.

"Come on, turtle! What are you a chicken or a turtle?"

"Turtle" I say, then goes towards him. He throws a sidekick.  It is the messiest sidekick I've ever seen come from him. I’m able able to block it easily. I follow the block with a spare hand strike to the throat. Shredder falls to the ground, out cold, but not dead.

I step back, then look at all the W kids, who have stopped to see the Shredder down.  They back away, fear in their eyes for they've never seen the Shredder go down so fast. But the war is not over. Terror is waiting for me.

Holding my sword in my left hand, I am ready for him.

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