The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 23

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Part 23,

Terror looks me dead in the eyes.  He isn't going to let me get out of this. I feel the pain going through me, the pain from my shell, the pain from the blades.  It is all too much and I know I can't take on Terror alone. I look to see Revyen back on her feet.  She walks to my side.  Now it is the two of us against Terror with a bunch of W's. Just then I hear something.

"We're HERE FOR YOU, LEO!!!" I turn to see Mokoshan's army with Ninjara in the lead.

Mark goes in front of me, blocking Terror from getting me.  "Leo, you're too beaten to take on the rest of this fight, get out of here!" Mark says as his hand shapes into a sword. I know what he said is true, but I can't go until I find Raph. I back away from Mark as Terror goes at him. I notice Mark's brothers are also here.  It is good to know we have help.

Mikey comes to my side. I watch how they fight keeping the W's away from me. He reminds me of Michaelangelo so much! I wonder how Michaelangelo is doing? Is he still alive in that bed at home? And how is Don and April taking care of Splinter's body? Are we going to have a funeral? Finally while going through the battle, I see a green three fingered hand with blood all over it.

"RAPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yell.

I get down to Raph's body. Mikey looks at me. I see the fear in his eyes, as well as I feel the fear in me. I remember Mark saying he was a TMNT fan.

"Is he ok?" Mikey asks with fear in each word, seeing how bloody Raph is.  I’m almost too scared to check him.  A cold chill goes down my shell, as I reach for Raph to feel for a heartbeat.  "Well?" Mikey asks as I feel Raph's cold shell.

I look up at Mikey.  "He's alive." I say with a smile upon my face. Mikey helps me pull Raph away from the battlefield. Peter notices and joins us. I look up at the two Shapers. "I need one of you to come with me. The other stay here and guard Raph!"

"I'll stay with you." Peter says, then looks at Mikey. "You stay with Raph! And whatever you do Mike, don't let the W's at him!"

"Yes, sir!" Mikey says with a smile on his face. Peter and I get up and go back into the battle. I feel like falling on my face, but I hold myself up.

"We need to find where they're holding Mokoshan." I say in a low voice to Peter.  For some reason, I don't feel right around Peter.  H ie was too depressed and I've never seen him smile. I feel sorry for him, living with such a deep depression. At least with all my problems, I can still smile.

"Look over there!" Peter says, pointing over to a door in a tree.  It doesn't look like a door, but it is a peek open. Peter and I make our way to the door and look in.

"This must be the W's HQ over here." There’s a ladder going down. I reach for the ladder, feeling a sharp pain in my shell as I reach, but it doesn't hold me back. I grab the ladder and climb down. I see a few W's walk by. I was right, this has to be the W's HQ for this area.

Peter comes up behind me. "Let's find Mokoshan." I say in a low voice. Peter forms into a W kid and walks out mixing right in with everyone.  I follow in the shadows, staying out of sight.

I look around, checking out the surroundings.  I was kept at this HQ for a week while working with the W's.  I know where the jail is! "Peter, follow me." I say, and he does just that.

While walking through the hall, someone trips me. I look up to see Killer and Mokeshan.

"Mokeshan!" I say, trying to get to my feet. "How are you?" A sharp pain goes through me again.  I can't stand up, this time I’m down and I know it.  But I’m not going to give up.

"Cut the small talk, turtle." Killer says, taking out a syringe.  I know what it is and I don't want to have to go through getting rid of it again. Just then, Peter kicks the syringe out of Killer's hand. Killer turns to face Peter. "Who dares to mess with me while I'm busy?!"

"I do!" Peter says with a look of anger on his face. "Dad."

Killer backs up, then an evil smile goes across his red face. I want to run, but I’m still in too much pain.  I’ve done all I can and I finally fall.

"Peter, so nice of you to join our battle. I'll let this turtle go, if you just come home, my son." Killer says, walking towards Peter.  A look of fear goes into Peter's eyes. I know he doesn't want to face his dad. "I mean, Peter, don't you remember the good old days, when you were with your brothers and sisters and anything you wanted was yours? Don't you remember those days? With Peter and Pete, Annie and Mary? You know they too are lost here, let's find them and have the family together again."

"Forget it, DAD!!! I don't want anything to do with you! You killed mom! Kim! And the full good half of our world! Thanks to you, my life has been nothing but trouble! And to tell the truth, I’d rather have trouble than live with you DAD!!!" Peter is letting out his feelings and I see in Killer's eyes, each word Peter said hurts him.

"Fine then, Peter, we'll do this the hard way! I'll get you back, if you want to be back or not!" Just then, I feel dizzier.  I can't keep my eyes open.  The lost of blood is too much.

I look up to see everything is blurry.  Though I can make out that Mokeshan is standing near me, watching Killer and Peter.  But I can't make out what anyone is saying or who is talking. I try to listen and find out, but my head won't let me. I lose all sense of what is going on, then everything goes dark.

Once I open my eyes, I see Mokeshan over me.  Looking around, I see Peter on the ground with Kevin fighting by his side. Mokeshan is watching them fight Killer. I crawl away, to another hallway. I have to find Mokoshan, no matter how much pain I’m in.  This battle must end. I wish I could ask Mokeshan for help, but if she's caught helping me, that could mean she would go through a year or two of the pain that the W's have put in her.

I go to the jail area and find Mokoshan sitting down on a wooden bed that the W's have given him to sleep on. Then I saw the guard.  Blades.  Boy, do I hate having friends that I have to fight against. I don't want to fight him or hurt him. I feel the blades in my arms burn again, but I won't kill my friend, not even if these blades want me to. I've already done enough killing for one battle.

Blades is sitting down with a deck of cards playing a game, not even watching the cage. I pick the keys from his pocket.  Luckily he doesn't notice, but how can I unlock the cage without him noticing.

I look over towards the door and see some of the W kids running past.  As they run I get an idea on how to get Blades out of the room.


Blades stands up.  "COMING!!!" He says, following the W's who don't even notice that he is behind them. I crawl over the to the cage and unlock the door.

Mokoshan runs up to me.  "Are you ok?"

"I'll be better once we..." Everything goes dark.

Once I wake up, I see we’re outside and everything is on fire.  Who caused a fire?

I look up to see Shredder, Terror and Killer standing around me. Then I look at the battlefield.  All of my friends were dead!!!!! Ninjara! Mokoshan! Mark! Peter! Everyone just lying there.

"Now you're back with us! And there's nowhere for you to go!" Killer yells. I stand up, and find myself with no pain. I look at Killer, Shredder and Terror laughing.  I’m not just going to give myself in. Then Killer looks me dead in the eyes. "Even if you did have somewhere to go, you would just kill your friends from the anger of the blades.  No one is safe around you in the first place.”

Next thing I know, everything is shaking and I’m lying back on the ground.  This time, I’m next to Raphael and Mikey

"You're awake!!!!" Mikey yells with a smile upon his face. "Mokoshan got you out of there. We just cleared the battlefield. We won the war." I feel the relief fall over me, as those words are spoken.

I go to sit up, but then I feel the pain in my shell. I look towards the battlefield. Ninjara is taking care of some of the wolves. Mokoshan is talking with Revyen. Kevin, Mark and Peter are cleaning up the mess of dead bodies. I lay my head down and close my eyes.  This battle is finally over, or is it?

Just then a sword goes down by my head. I feel the wind then open my eyes. Revyen is standing over me. I know this is either time for truth or time to finish the war. Her army stands behind her.

"Leonardo, I'd like to say I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused and the death of your Master Splinter. I was blinded by the fact that I loved Mokoshan and he loved a fox. I know what I have done was wrong." Am I dreaming? Or is this an act? Is she really sorry?


I look down.  I don't want to let this fight go on. There is nothing we can do about Splinter's death. He's gone, and for another death to happen, this war will go on forever. It has to end now, without another death.

"Raph, cool it!" I say, looking at him. "Look, Revyen, let's just put it this way.  We want the war over and we want it to stop now! Ninjara is coming with us and we shouldn't be back unless Mokoshan needs us. Otherwise, we want a truce and have this over with."

"WHAT?! YOU CAN'T DO THIS LEO!!! SHE KILLED MASTER SPLINTER!!!! WHAT?? YOU GOING TO LET SPLINTER'S DEATH JUST GO LIKE THAT?!!! REVYEN SHOULD PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Revyen looks at Raphael. I can tell she wants the fight over too.

"Raph, this war has gone on too long. I'm tired and I can't even stand up. It's got to end, and we don't want anyone else to die, and seeing how things are, we're not really going to be the winning team. I could be the next to die, or you."

"Well maybe we'll better without you, LEO! You seem to lose it after being with the W's so long! Man! I know you're wrong NOW, LEO! Letting Revyen get away with this! Well I'm not going to!" Raph gets up on his feet. I can see the pain in his eyes.

Revyen walks over towards Raph and grabs his hands, looking him dead in the eyes.  "I don't know how I can say sorry for what I have done. Yet, I didn't mean to have what happened to happen.  I'll do anything to make it up to you and your brothers. Leo is right, this fight will never end if we keep killing each other."

I look at Raph's face, as the tears come down from his eyes.   It has to end. At least for now.  We can make up and be a team again. But can we ever be a team again? I mean look at us.  Raph just said it might be better if I die. A tear goes down my face and I lay my head back down. I can't jump into this, I can't even jump onto my feet.

"Look, right now we want this battle over, but if I were you Revyen, I would watch my back." Raph says as he leans up against a tree as the pain from the the battle hits him. Revyen looks over, you can tell she is mad and I don't blame her.

"Raphael, stop this." I look to see that Ninjara has walked up behind Raph. "Lets go home and end this war that was never meant to happen."

Raph looks down, his eyes filling with tears.  "But...but...Master Splinter..we just can't let his death go like this." Raph looks up at the tears in Ninjara's eyes.  He knows just as well as we do that the war has to end.

"Lets go home, Raph." Ninjara says, holding Raph's right hand. She places her arm around his shoulder and turns him around, taking Raph away from Revyen. Raph is too sore to fight back and he knows this had to come.

Revyen walks over to me, with her back towards Raph and Ninjara. She gets down on her knees next to me.  "I'm really sorry, Leonardo, and I'll do anything to try and make up for what I've done."

"I see you are, lets just make sure this doesn't happen again." I look over towards Mikey. "I want to go home." He gets up and runs to Mark. I turn my head away from Revyen and close my eyes again. I lay still as I hear Revyen get up and walk away. I keep my eyes closed until I heard Mark's voice.

"I'll take you home, Leo. Are you ok?"

"I'll be better once I get some rest and stop bleeding. Please tell me how we won.” Mark sits down next to me and begins the story.

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