The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 24

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Part 24

"Well, I took out Terror after you guys went into the tree. I told Kevin to follow you and make sure nothing happened. The battle out here started to lighten up, as W's ran for their lives and others took the bodies of those who were just knocked out. The W's ran, they usually do when they know all four of us Shapers are at a fight. Kevin came out with Peter behind him. They told me you were still in there, but they didn't know where. We were scared the W's got you back. It was around 10 minutes later that Mokoshan came out with you in hand. We brought you over here to rest, while we cleaned up the mess."

"What of the W's still in the HQ? They're sure to come out and take us on for battle." I ask, reaching for my sword, which is on the ground next to me.

"We blocked that door and they're not dumb enough to try taking us on two times in one day. Or at least in the same hour."

"Hello, Leonardo. I will like to say goodbye to you before you go."

I look up to see Mokoshan standing above me.  "Goodbye, Mokoshan." I say, as sharp pain goes through my shell.  I close my eyes in pain.

"We better get you home." Mark says, then he shapes over me. When we come up, I see Mikey already got Raphael and Ninjara home. Once Raph sees me, he turns his head and walks out of the room. I look down, it hurts to have Raph treat me like that. I feel a tear go down my face.

"Hey, Leo, welcome home." I turn to see April standing near the couch.

"Hi, April." I look around the lair.  For the first time in a long time, I think to myself. I'm free, I'm home! Then the dark gloom of the lair hits me. Mikey is sitting down next to Ninjara, as I see the tears in her eyes and it hits me. I will never see Master Splinter again. With all the pain in me, I want to fall down and cry, but I don't let myself do that.

I walk to my long missed room, using the walls to hold me up. Donatello must have cleaned it up for the place doesn't have a spot dust on anything. I sit down on my bed, feeling the pain.  I know I have to rest. Slowly, I lay down, feeling the pain with each move. Then I let my tears out. It’s around a half hour before I finally fall asleep.

Next I know, I awake fast as if jumping out of a nightmare. Sweat coming down my face, blood coming through my elbows and knee pads. I look up to see Donatello standing over me.

"Hi Leo, I didn't hear you come in." Don says as he sits down with a first aid kit in his hands. "I set up a funeral, Master Splinter is taken care of until then." I look down, that topic isn't something I want to wake up to. "Is there anyone not on this list that you want to invite?" Don hands me a list of names of our friends. Than he unwraps my shell and starts to take care of me. "You sure have lost a lot of blood Leo. I want you to stay in bed until the funeral."

"Ok, Don, I can do that. I need the rest." Not many more words pass between the two of us while he takes care of me.

Once he leaves, I lay back down and rest.  Two days pass the funeral, so I have two days to stay in bed. I close my eyes to let the time fly.

The following day, I wake to yelling in the other room.

"NO WAY DON! I WONT GO IF HE IS THE ONE TO TALK AT THE FUNERAL! HE WASN'T EVEN HERE FOR HIM THE PASS SO MANY YEARS! AND HE LET THE KILLER GO!!!" I know what Raph is yelling about and boy does it sound like he hates me these days.

"Look Raph, we all know Leo was Splinter's favorite student. Splinter would want Leo to be the one to say our goodbyes."


"NO! I checked him!  No matter what Master Splinter was going to die and there was nothing any of us could have done about it." I wish I could see them, but I'm in too much pain to get up. I want to stop this fight and I can't see what is going on with this wall in my way. I look up to the sound of a door slam.

An hour later, Don comes to my room. I look up seeing the tears in his eyes. I know all this fighting is hard on Don.

"Leo, we seem to be having some trouble"

"I heard, Donny." Don sits down next to me. "I heard the fight, Raph sure is over acting"

"Leo, is it true you let Revyen go?"

"Yes, Don. I want to stop the killing before it becomes a chain of killing. I saw fear in her eyes Don, she could fall just as easy as us.  I couldn't let her die. It would have caused more trouble than it was worth."

"I'm sorry, Leo, but I'm with Raph on this one. She killed Master Splinter!"

"I believe there was more to that fight then we saw. And I don't feel she's the one to blame for the death."

Don gets up and shakes his head. He walks out of the room. I feel the anger from him. I don't get that too often, but I know I would be mad if one of them had let Master Splinter's killer go.

Should I have finished the job and took care of Revyen for good? I couldn't! If she wasn't there and held Shredder off for me, I could be dead right now! I roll over, closing my eyes awaiting for the funeral.

"Leonardo!" April says. "I just want to know if you need a ride?"

"No thanks, April, I'll be there in time."

"Ok, I better get on my way then. I’ll see you guys when you're done. Right?"

"I'm sure you will see us beforehand April, but we'll see." I watch as April left the sewers. I can't believe that this day ever came. It all feels as if it was yesterday, but I know it has been a year.

One year since Master Splinter died, also today will be the first time in 11 months that all four of us Turtles will be together in the same area. I still have a hard time with all the things that have happened in one year.

Raph was the first to go. A week after the funeral, he told us that Ninjara and he were moving. They moved to Caseys farmhouse, not far from where Master Splinter was buried. Both Raph and Ninjara don't talk to me when I come over, so I don't go over there too much anymore. I did try to make up to them, yet Raph would just turn his shell. I miss him so much, and he'll never know. Now they just stay at the house.  Raph is said to spend a lot of his time in the barn working out. Ninjara, takes care of the place and tries to keep Raph level headed. I wish that he would just look at me the same as he did before Master Splinter died.

It wasn't long after that, about a month or two, that I was able to stand up and move around. The blades were not letting me live in peace with my brothers. I would snap at the smallest things. It was getting worse every day I stayed there. It was the day that I brought my blades at Donatello that I knew I had to go.

Donny was just cleaning up the living room and dropped one of Master Splinters walking sticks. I couldn't believe I pulled my blades out at him for that. I knew I had to move, so I found a new home deep in the sewers across town from the others. I use my blades on the W's and Foot Clan, letting my anger out on them. I have become more of a weapon to them with these blades. I just wish I could be my old self again.

Donatello and Michaelangelo still live at home. Don is taking care of Mikey and the rest of the place. He is also the peacemaker between Raphael and I. Donatello did get to speak at Splinters funeral, and I believe he's going to speak for us tonight too. Don didn't put up a fight about speaking after he heard that I let Revyen go. He just went on with it. He still holds that against me, I can tell by how he looks at me. The best thing about that was that Donny, unlike Raph, is still my friend.

Michaelangelo woke up around three months ago. I wish I was there for him. I heard he took Master Splinters death hard, he felt so bad that he couldn't have been there to help. No one told him that I let Revyen go, though sometimes I feel like Raph would tell if Donny wasn't always there. Mikey does know of my blow ups, but never seen me get mad. I hope to keep it that way. Don is working with Mikey and called me last week when Mikey stood up for the first time since he woke up. He made Mikey one of those wheel chairs that move around just by speaking to it, or he can just hit buttons and it'll move. It's not easy seeing him in that. Don says it will be awhile before Mikey will be back upon his feet.

**** Beep**Beep****

"Hello" I say as I answer my Turtle com.

"Hey, Leo. Just calling to make sure you're going to be there tonight."

"Yea, Mikey, I just lost myself in my thoughts. I'm on my way now."

"Ok Dude, just checking. April said you turned down a ride."

"Yea, well I can get there on time. I'll see you later, Mikey." I close my Turtle com and put it on my belt. Grabbing my swords, I remember back to the day Master Splinter gave them to me.

I close my eyes to see his smile and hear his words. "You have proven yourself enough to now hold and own my Master Yoshi’s old swords. Take care of them, my son." The smell of the dust that is on the swords when I first held them, hits me as if I was there. I open my eyes and I feel the tears coming. "I miss you, Master Splinter." I place the swords on my belt and head out to the woods behind Casey’s old farm house.

Donatello picked the spot years ago. He really got involed in learning about death after we started fighting. He would always tell us that we won’t live forever. When Don was putting everything together for any of us to pass away, he always asked us "What do you think of this? Would this work?"” He picked everything and we would say yes or no. This spot was Master Splinter’s favorite here in the U.S. He always told us he would like to be buried in Japan, but after he saw this area, he said it would make more meaning for him to be buried with his sons. So we did as he asked, and he lays there now.

Pulling my hat and coat on I took the Turtle blimp to Massachusetts. I land it on a hill in a wooded area near Casey's old farm house. I look over to see Ninjara talking to Donatello over near the house. I know if I went over there, Ninjara would turn and walk into the house without a word. I walk over to the grave site and get down on my knees.

"For the past year, Master Splinter, a lot has happened. All of which you would not stand for. Us Turtles have broken up from each other. Raph and I are always fighting. And the W's are bigger than the Foot ever were." I feel some more tears going down my face. "I'm sorry I failed you and everything you taught me." Just then a warm hand goes down on the back of my shell.

"Don't do this to yourself, Leo. It's not your fault he died." I know the voice and I know he is trying to help. But he is wrong.  If I never got caught, Master Splinter would still be alive.

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