The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 25

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Part 25

"Hi, Don." I say as I turn to see him.

"Leo, you're here early. Lets go back to the house and rest for a bit."

"I'll wait here Don. I'll be ok, I haven't been here for a month and a half and I need sometime to myself."

"Please come with us, Leo. You spend too much time to yourself. You and Raph are going to have to make up one of these days."

I look down, knowing what Don said is true. I get up, even though I know Raph won't want to see me.  "Ok Donny, I'm coming."

We walk back to the house and sit down in the living room. Michaelangelo is watching TV, April sits next to him. I can hear Ninjara and Raph in the kitchen, working on tonights dinner. I sit down in a chair in the back of the room. Keeping an eye on my brothers. Donatello goes and sits near me. I don't think that Mikey or April even heard me come in. But in away I would rather not talk right now any how.

"Hey guys, Ninjara wants to know if you guys want pear in the..." Raph stops in the middle of his words and looks at me. "Oh look who finally decided to show up." He turns and walks back into the kitchen. That's when Mikey and April notice me.

"Hey Leo! I didn't hear you come in, you ninja you." Mikey says with a smile. He backs his wheelchair up and comes over to me. "You never visit, dude!" I look down and turn my head towards the window. I want to get things over with so I can go home. "Come on, dude! Speak up, what's new?" Still, I don't have anything to say. "I saw the news about the bank robbery you stopped last week."

I look at Mikey. "I'm sorry, Mikey, I'm really not up for talking right now."

"YOU HAVE TO STOP THIS, LEO! MASTER SPLINTER WOULD NOT WANT TO SEE YOU LIKE THIS! IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT HE'S GONE!" I look at Donatello.  I swear he just blew his fuse, but for once I'm not going to talk back.

"Yes it is."  Mikey, Don and April look at me in shock. It is the first time I've opened myself up that much. And for me to say it is my fault, shocked them even more. "If I didn't get caught, the W's wouldn't be after us, Master Splinter would be alive and I would not have these blades in my arm!"

"Oh Leo," April walks over and puts her arms around me. I break down into tears in her arms.
"I miss Master Splinter. Only if I never got caught."

"You'll be ok, Leo." April says.

Mikey comes up to me and puts his arms around April and I. I have such a hard time with the fact that he's in a wheelchair. I can't wait for him to be on his feet again. Donatello gets up, he has to break this up. It is too much for even him to see, time to get us to work.

"Well guys, April and I will get things set up for tonight." Donatello says as he stands up to go outside. Don looks at Michaelangelo "You should get some rest, you shouldn't have traveled in your condition. The only reason you're here is because I couldn't leave you out of this."

"Ok Donny, I get the point dude."

It’s just minutes before I’m alone. I understood why they left and I didn't mind. I lay down on the couch and shut my eyes.

"HEY LAZY HEAD, WAKE UP!!" I open my eyes to see Raph standing above me. "Everyone is working getting stuff ready for tonight and you're sleeping?!!!"

"Don didn't ask for me to do anything and he's in charge of this."

"Oh! So, our fearless leader needs to wait to be told to do something?! I thought you would look for something to be done and do it!"

"Look Raph! I'm no leader anymore!! We're not even a team! So stay off my shell! If Don needs me, he'll let me know!"

"You're right! You're not needed! Then why don't you just get your shell out of my house!"

"This isn't your house! It's Caseys!"
"Yea, well I don't see him living here! Do you?" I grab Raph up against the wall and bring my blades at him. I see the fear and anger go into Raph’s eyes all at once. I pull the blades back and set him down."

"I'll go once we're done tonight. Oh and don't worry, you won’t see me for another year once I leave."

"Yea, well good! I can't wait till you're gone! I'll enjoy another year without your shell around!" I turn around to see Mikey in the doorway, with tears in his eyes. He has always seen Raph and I fight, but never before go to hurt or even almost kill each other. Mike backs his wheelchair up and turns around.

"MICHAELANGELO!!!" I yell and follow him.


"Look, what you just saw..."

"What I just saw was you about to kill or hurt Raph!"

"I'm sorry Mikey. It's the blades! I was able to control myself enough not to hurt Raph though. I held myself back." Mike goes down in tears. I step back only to bump into Raph.

"SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU'RE AROUND! EVERYTHING JUST FALLS APART!" I look down, now I don't know what to think. I know Raph started it this time, but it doesn't matter who started it. It mattered who ended it. I know if I keep this up, it will be like a bunch of babies fighting over nothing. I turn and walk away from Raph.

I walk back towards Splinter's grave site. Once I get there, I see Don and April are still setting things up for tonight. I don't want to get in their way, so I just keep walking in the woods.

I get to a river and sit down. I'll wait here until sunset, then I'll join the others.

While sitting here, I think again of life before the W's. Michaelangleo never gave up his dream of letting humans know we're real. Since he woke up, he’s gotten things back into action, making some live action TV show, but he sure is going to the limit with that. He's also having a new movie being made. I didn't get involved in this. Many people gave up on TMNT after I was in the W's. They would say one of the turtles is evil.  They're no good for our kids. It hurt all of us. I want to go back in time and stop myself from jumping into that fight with the W's, or to at least warn myself of what was about to happen. I wish the future Turtles warned us. I closed my eyes to clear all thoughts.

I feel the warm sun on my face as the sun sets. I get up, but at the same time, just feel like sitting here longer. Each step I take brings back the memories. How the W's got me. How I fought my brothers. How I made friends with Mokeshan. How I met Mark. How I got free. How Mikey was hurt. How Master Splinter died.

Just then I look up to see a fire in the fire pit. Donatello is sitting near it. Raphael stands over Splinter’s grave. Michaelangelo, in his wheelchair, is off to the side with tears in his eyes. I know April and Ninjara are at the farmhouse getting the dinner set up for once we're done.

"Leo, I was afraid you had left after what Raph and Mikey told me."

"I wouldn't leave without saying goodbye."

"Too bad." I look over to see Raphael staring at me. "You're nothing but trouble, Leo. If it wasn't for you, Master Splinter would not be lying here dead!"


"Calm down, Donny. I'm ok. It's Raph and we can't change him.  I like him the way he is. Let's get started."

Raph walks over and sits down near Donatello. Michaelangelo rolls his wheelchair over to the other side of Don, leaving me in between Raph and Mikey. Donatello starts to read from a bible that April gave him. I close my eyes  thinking of what Raph said. I know I do blame myself and that isn't helping the matter. Once I start to hear what Don is reading, it sounded more like it was meant for Raphael and I, than Master Splinter.

"Are ye also yet without understanding? Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever enterth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and in cast out the draught? But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: These are the things which defile a man: but to eat with unwashed hands defileth not a man."

I relax some with Donatello reading. I’m starting to understand why Don picked this. It’s about us being different, and how men wouldn't understand us. It asks if they understand us, then it says that they would first say bad things about us, then the evil will come forward which has shown in man’s history. Yet, we still are to face this life, and the fact that some people are not evil. Don’s trying to let us see that we have each other, but even with this, nothing is working, I still feel reponsible for Master Splinters death.

After Donatello fiinshes reading out of the bible, we bring our heads down into meditation. It feels so much like the time we lost Splinter to the Foot, but this time we know he is dead.

Then to our surprise, the fire makes that same spark of noise that it did from that night long ago. We dare not open our eyes.  We all stay deep in our meditation.

"For the past year my sons, you have grown apart. I have not been here to help you, and you must understand that I'll never be back, but I will always be with you. You have forgotten my teaching, and now it is time for you to remember." I heare the voice, but I can't believe it. Then I feel a warm touch pick my hand up and set it on.. could it be? Raph's hand? "Only you can help each other. It is time for you to be set free of your anger. Which now two of you hold, and it is time for the four of you to be one again.  Remember my sons I will always be with you. And I love you all."

All goes quiet. I open my eyes to see my hand on Raph’s hand. Why would Splinter do this? Does he know of our fights? Raph looks at me, we both know Master Splinter meant something when putting our hands together, but what could it mean?

Neither Raph nor I say a word as we head back to the farmhouse. Donatello and Michaelangelo  just watch us. They too know something happened. Once we get back to the farmhouse, I see Mark sitting on the porch. April said she was going to invite them for the dinner and I really didn't mind. Mark has been like my best friend for the past year.

"Hey Leo." Mark says, getting up off the chair. "The others are inside."

"Ok, we're coming in now."

At the table, Don tells the Shapers, April and Ninjara what happened. Peter seems real deep into the story, as if he knows what is going on.

"Raph. Leo. Will you two come with me to the fire pit?" Peter says, pushing his chair back to stand up. Raph and I look at each other and both nod.

Once we get back to the fire pit, we sit down. Peter looks at the fire pit, which held our fire earlier, and the flames come back to life. "How Donatello told this story to me, one thing came to mind. Leonardo can I see your blades, please?" I bring my right arm up and the blades come out. "Raph, will you touch Leonardos blades?"

"WHAT?!!! WHY?!?!"

"Calm down, Raph, if I'm right than we might be able to answer some questions." Raph reaches over and touches the blades. "Now I have one question before we go on. Have you cut Raph with the blades since Splinter died?"

"NO! I wouldn't! I’ve bring them at him, but I’ve never cut him at least since Master Splinter died."

"Good, now what I want you to do is try and cut Raph’s hand."

"Calm down, Raph. If what I think doesn't work you'll just have a small cut."

"Ok, but I really don't like this."

I bring my blades down and they don't cut Raph. Raph’s eyes widen, as do mine. I can't believe they didn't make a mark.

"What? How did that happen? I felt it touch and I felt the cold metal push down. But I didn't get cut?"

"It is what I thought. Raph, try and remove Leonardos blades." Raph reaches up and grabs the blades off my arms.

"It worked!!!!" I scream in joy! "They're off!!!!" I look at Peter, who still sits without a smile. "How did you know?"

"Can someone tell me what is going on? And how in the world did I remove these blades?"

"Well you see, Raph, those blades can only be removed by two people in the world. One is the person who put them on the one wearing them. The other is the choice of the one wearing the blades. But even that person would not know who it is. It would be the person that the one wearing the blades cares for the most.

"Leo cares for me the most?"

I look at Raph, as the same question hits me.

"Well, Leo was right at first when he cared for Splinter the most. Yet when Splinter died, he cared for the next one in line the most, which is you."

"How did I even get on that line?"

"Well, out of Leo's three brothers, you've always said how you felt about something, even if you knew it would get Leo mad. You never hid your anger of feeling about something. And is it not true when you were younger that you always stood up for Leo when he was in trouble. In karate classes with Spinter, you were always right behind Leo."

"Wow you can read me better than I can read myself." I say, looking at Peter.

"I didn't know you cared for me this much, Leo." Raph says, looking down. "I'm sorry for how I've been treating you. I guess I needed to take my anger out on someone and you.. well.."

"It's ok Raph. I have been mad at myself, as well." Then I start to feel very dizzy. The shock of removing the blades, that have been such a big part of my life, is something that my system wasn't ready for them to be removed.

I close my eyes and when I go to reopen them, I pass out. When I awake up, I’m in the farmhouse. I hear Raph and Kevin talking in the next room over. I peek in. It’s a shock to me to see Raph talking with a shaper. I thought he hated them. Raph looks up and notices me.  "Hey Leo, how you feeling?"

"I'm ok. What's going on?"

"Nothing much. Kevin and I were talking about where he came from. Michaelangelo and Mikey are playing Sega. Donatello is showing Peter some of his machines. Mark is outside, doing something, don't ask me. And April and Ninjara are cleaning up from dinner."

"Wow, sounds like everyone is up to something. I'm glad you are finally getting along with the Shapers."

"Gee thanks, Leo."

"Well what did the others say about my blades?"
"Well we're wondering, Leo. You see Ninjara and I are moving back home and we were wondering if...??"

"Of course I'll come back!"

"Oh Leo, didn't mean to get your hopes up, we just wanted you to clean your old room out."


"Of course we want you back Leo!" Raph says with a smile on his face. "Lets be a team again." Raph walks over to me and puts his hand on my shell. "Lets go see the others. It's time we all get back together. It's not fun just beating eachother up all the time." We walk out of the room, Kevin sees us and follows.

"Hey Leo, good to see you up."

"Thanks Kevin, it's good to be back." We walk into the living room, where Michaelangelo is in his wheelchair, with Mikey lying on the ground, playing Sega. The two of them look over.

Michaelangleo drops his controler and rolls over to me.  "Leonardo! You're up!" He hugs me. "Has Raph brought up about us being together again?"

"Yes, Mikey, I'm coming home." I say, looking up to see Donatello and Peter walk in the room. "Hopefully things will go back to normal. I know Master Splinter is gone, but he'll always be with us."

"Glad you see that Leonardo, there's just one thing you'll have to overcome, before things are fully back to normal, but that can take years." Peter says, "You have to let yourself know, it isn't your fault that Splinter is gone." I look down, knowing what he said is true.

April gives me a hug from behind. "Welcome back, big shot! We’ve missed you!"

It feels great to be welcomed back into my family. Now it seems we have four new members of our clan. The Shapers have become like brothers to me, with all they have helped me with.

Mark walks in and smiles at me. "Welcome back to the land of reality, Leo."

"Thanks, Mark.  It just took a year for us to realize how to get those things off of me. Now I won’t be jumping down my brothers shells for doing making mistakes like I was."

"Yea, and now I at least know that Leo still does care for us. I thought he was gone all the way." Raph says, standing next to me.

"One thing we ask of you Turtles."

"What is that Mark?" I ask, stepping forward seeing the look on Mark’s face.

"We ask that you help us in our fight against the W's. We can use all the help we can get."

"We're with you." I say, shaking hands with Mark.

The Shapers stay and talk with us for hours, then have to leave. But we know to stay true to our promise. Things do start to go better for us and the team got back together that day. Raph and I both are now more friends than we ever really were. But Raph still needs to learn to control his temper.

I remember when Raph finally asked me how I got to meet the Shapers, and I answered "Well Raph, when I first made friends with a Shaper, he was in The shape of a Turtle."


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