The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 3

Part 3

This night everything seems so dark.

I go to look outside, past the bars on the windows. I want to go home. But I know before I can do that, I have to take these bad guys out and from what I saw, I’m on my own. My brothers and Splinter have no idea where I am.

I walk to a room filled with ninja weapons. I sit down near a wall, staring back to the door. I can't stop thinking about what Terror said, saying I would be the one to fall. There has to be something I can do.

"You trying to think of a way out of here?" A voice says. I look up to see it is one of the W kids. I didn’t even notice anyone in the room when I came in.

"Yes. I can't stay here. I'm not evil.  This is not where I belong and most of the people here don't belong here either."

"I know. I am not evil either, but I followed my friend here.  They took me in and said if I ever tell anyone about this place, they would kill my little brother. I can help you though. You are one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, right? My brother is a fan. Is it true that there's four of you guys?"

"Yes, there's four of us and I am one of the Ninja Turtles, but my brothers have no idea of where I am. Unless Raphael thinks the Ws have me, but even then they don't know where W headquarters is." I look down. I know this kid would be looking up to me, seeing me as a hero, but for once in my life I don't know how to save this kid.

"I can leave here and bring a message to your brothers." He said, walking over to me.

I look up to see his face filled with hope. I look back down, thinking I couldn't say where we live, not here.  This place is filled with evil, but I do know one thing I can do.  "What's your name?" I say walking over to him. He smiles and put his hand out to shake mine.

"My name's Mark. Can your brother help?"

"If you do as I say then they'll be able to help. I want you to go to Roy's and ask for Keno. Then show Keno this." I grab out a picture of Circus Boy signed 'To Yoshi, from Cirus Boy, Micky'. "Keno will know you're with me, then tell him of the W' Headquarters. He'll get my brothers."

Mark shook my hand and went towards the door.  Then Terror walks in.  "You are one to keep an eye on, aren't you." Terror walks over to me and puts his arm around me. "You are now working for us, meaning you don't tell the heroes where we live. Now do you?" Terror walks over towards Mark, runs out the door. Terror looks at him. "Wait a second! That's not one of our kids!!!"

I then stop and think about that kid.  When I came into this room, no one was here and I never heard anyone come in. Yet the kid was sitting across the room from me when I first saw him. I get up, for all I know this kid could be trap for my brothers and I just lead them into it. I run out of the room and down the hall, going after the boy. Terror isn't too far behind me.

"For once you're doing things right Turtle. Get me that boy!"

I didn't even listen to him, all I want is that picture back. I turn the corner just in time to see Mark run out the front door and down the street. I’, right behind him, but I can feel my body starting to get tired. Terror starts to pass me by. I try to run faster. I want to that kid first.

Mark doesn't even look at us.  It’s like this is a race, he was keeping his distance in front of us. Mark turns to another street.  When I turn to that street, he’s nowhere in sight. Terror comes to a stop and looks at me. "What was that kid's name?"

"Mark, at least that's what he told me."

"It can't be! Why would they want to your brothers!"

"Who are they? Who are you talking about?"

"Nevermind.  That's for me to know and you to find out. If you can." Terror turns and starts to walk back to headquarters. I can't just leave.  I can't let anyone get to my brothers, unless I know that my brothers are safe. Terror grabs me from behind. "Come on, we're going home. If your brothers do show up to save you, they too will be stuck sharing your fate." I look down, then notice a sewer.  I think about what happened the last time I tried to get away.  What I need to do is out think Terror. Then I look over to road. I knew where it leads and it could help me.

"Hey! There's Mark!!!" I yell and start to run towards that street. I turn and go as if I’m following someone. It doesn't take long for Terror to get behind me. "He's up ahead! I saw him!" I yell.

Terror goes ahead of me.  He isn't going to wait on me. I duck off to the side and get out of Terror's sight quickly. I run into a building that’s empty and get to the roof. I notice Terror isn't following me. I jump to another building, going down and out a back door to another street. I jump down and head towards Roy's.  I’ve got to stop Mark from getting to Keno before I do.
Once getting to Roy's I noticed I don't have a hat or coat with me. To go in would totally giving myself away. I have to get Keno without being seen. I notice a phone booth over on a dark side street. I climb out of the sewer and run to it. Thanks to Mikey, I know Roy's phone number by heart. I dial the phone and wait for an answer.

"Roy's Pizzara, can I help you?"

"Yea, I'll like to talk to Keno please."

"Hey Keno. Telephone!" I heard some talking in the background. "He'll be right with you, he's talking to someone right now." I look through the window of Roy's and see Keno talking to Mark. I don't like what’s going on.

"Ok, thank you Roy." A few minutes later.


"Hey Keno, it's me Leonardo."

"Leo? But I was just told the W's had you."

"Listen, Keno I'm outside. I don't have a coat and hat, but I'd like to talk to you in person. Can you come?"

"Sure thing Leo." Keno hangs up the phone and comes out. I call him into over to the phone booth.

"What happened with Mark? What did he tell you? And what did you tell him?" I ask looking at my picture in Keno's hands.

"He said the W's had you and gave me this picture. He also gave me the way to the W's headquarters. Then he left. He didn't say much more. Why? Is he trouble?"

I look at the picture, then at Keno.  From what Keno told me it sounds right.  "I'm not sure. He's a question mark to even me." I walk over to a sewer. "I have to warn my brothers about what's going on. You stay low, I don't need the Ws getting you."

Once I get down into the sewers, I smell that smell I grew up with.   True, it's not one to like too much, being a sewer and all, but it was home. Before I can take another step, I feel the pain. It goes right up my shell. Terror now knows I’m gone and for all I know he might even kill me for taking off like that. But I’m proud of myself, I outsmarted that dumb alien for a bit. Keno heard my cry and jumps down into the sewers.

"Are you Ok?"

"I'll be fine Keno, leave me now. We don't want them finding you with me. Go tell the others what Mark has told you." I fall from my feet to my knees. Keno knows what he had to do and without another word, he’s gone.

I grabd onto the ladder to get out of the sewer and try getting away from here so Terror won’t find me near Roy's. The first try at getting out of the sewers I fall back down, cutting my leg on a rock. I try again, this time I’m able to get out of the sewer. After 5 minutes, the pain gets worse. I can hardly move. I feel hot sweat going down my face, as I pull myself back towards the street I left. Then it hits me, why go back there. It would be more honor to try stopping this crime wave, even with the pain, then going back running to them. Then I feel the pain again, this time it hits too strong. I look up and things start to go dark. Then with all the pain in me, I shut my eyes and feel as if it would be my last time.

When I awake, I’m in my room at the Ws. I look around, then try to stand up, but I feel more pain. I look at myself. I’m all bloody and beaten badly. The pain in my left arm is the worst. I use my right arm to push myself up, even with all the pain.

Blades walks into my room.  "You're up? I didn't think you would be up so soon."

"What happened?"

"You tried to run away.  This is what happens when you do that." Blades walks over and lays me back down on the bed. "You'll be ok. They never kill the workers here. They say Death is too good for us.  We must live and feel the pain, only then do they have full control."

I lay back and close my eyes, I’m starting to see that I’m not going anywhere.

Blades sits next to me. "You know, I'm with you all the way if you know of a way out of here. I want free too." I open my eyes to see him, the fear in his eyes. "I've been here too long, and it's really gotten in the way of my life.  I never wanted to be evil, but he took me because I'm a good fighter."

I close my eyes and heard every word. I wish that I knew what to do, but if this pain is to come each time I try to get away, I have to heal before I do anything else.

It was a few months before I could get out of bed. I can't believe how much they did to me. But I was able to heal. All I could think about was Master Splinter and what he has taught me. I stayed in my room at first, I didn't want to see anyone.  The W's were not my family and I was feeling very homesick.

The first person I see is Blades.  He seemed like my only friend here.

"Hey, how ya feeling?"

"I'm ok, I guess, but don't tell Terror, he'll try to put me to work." I get out of bed and walk to the window with bars. I look out, seeing that I wasn't in New York anymore. "Where are we?"

"This is the Japan HQ, Terror knew you would have let your brothers in where we were at, so he moved us to Japan. You can never hold the W's down in one spot. At least that's what Terror says." Blades starts to leave the room, then stops and looks at me. "I was told not to tell you this, but your brothers did come to save you, but Terror was ready for them. There was a fight, I know your brother, the one with the orange face mask was hurt, they hit him from behind with a laser, and he fell to the ground. Blood was all around his body, your brother in the purple head mask grabbed him got him out of there. The one wearing red didn't leave as easy, he had that fox with him, they fought hard, but not hard enough. The Fox got hit from behind with a sword, the one in red grabbed her and took off. I thought I would tell you that. You're brothers are looking for you."

"Thank t\you for telling me, I hope my brothers are ok."

"You're welcome. I'll see you later." Blades walks out of the room. I look at the bars on the window again. I want to get out so badly.  I don't like being held down and I never did. I see my swords sitting on a table. I grab them and put them near my bed and than I lay back down, my eyes never leaving the the window. I only hope Ninjara and Mikey are ok.


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