"The Shape of a Turtle" Chapter 4

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Part 4

As time went by, Terror eventually did come to my room to see why I never left it. At this time, I was use to the room and treated it like a cage. I knew if I left Terror would put me to work doing evil and that was one thing I could never do.

"Turtle! Why do you hide in your room? Do you think I don't notice you?" Terror says as he walks in.

I stand up to attention. I do so on my own terms. I feel as if this is a prison for me, then I'll treat it like one and treat Terror like a guard over me.  “Sorry, sir, but I haven't been feeling too well." I say.  "Besides, since when am I hiding if I'm in my own room?"

Terror just looks at me.  "You're going to have to start work soon and that means I want you up and about the place. No more hiding in your room." Terror walks over to me. "I want you up every morning at 7am, you eat, then start to work in the Dojo. Starting tomorrow." He turns and walks out of the room.   He didn't seem happy, but that makes me happy.

Just then, I notice something out my window. I walk over to see, but then it hits me.  I'm four floors up! What could possibly be outside my window?

When I look out, I see a kid wearing a hat and coat holding to the side of the building. "Gomen nasai" I said. The kid looks up at me.

"Konbanwa" The kid says, looking up at me. To my surprise it was a kid turtle. A mutant turtle. "Genki desu ka?"

"Hai, genki desu" I say replying to the kid’s “how are you”. Though I need to see if the kid speaks english. "Who are you?" I ask, testing to see if the kid could understand me.

"I'm a friend. I'm here to help you, Leonardo. Your brothers are in New York and don't know where you are." The kid gets up near the window and grabs out a small laser and burn the bars near the window. "I know you can't leave, but I can get in." He climbs into my room and takes off the hat and coat.  He looks like me, but younger.

"You speak good English. Where are you from?"

"I'm from Saki Japan, but I have lived in the US. I know english well." He walks over and jumps up onto my bed. "Now, what we have to do is find a way to get you out of here."

"Good luck with that. I'm trapped here. I have these blades in my arm, they are nothing but trouble." I shape the blades out of my arm. The kid looks at them then looks up at me and smiles.

"But you are good and the blades are not finding the evil they need to live. You care for someone, and you care for this person more than anyone else in the world. This person you care for is the one you need. Tell me who this is, and I'll get this person and then the blades can be removed."

The kid goes back near the window. I notice on his belt he wore a peace sign.

"I care of my Sensei, his name is Splinter. Master Splinter. He's been like my father all my life." The kid goes to jump out the window. I smile slightly and bow to the kid. "Domo arigato gozaimasu"

He smiles back at me. “Do itashimashite" Then, he was gone.

My mind goes back to the peace sign on the belt and of what Shredder told me, but then I clear my mind.  That kid couldn't be one of the ones Terror wants, could it? I sit and think about the young mutant turtle I just met.   Where did he come from and who was he? I don't know the answer, but for some odd reason, I trust him.

The next morning, I was up and out the door to get some food. I know I had to do what Terror said or I’d be toast.  I go straight to the cafeteria and eat a quick breakfast.

I walk down to the dojo after finishing breakfast. Though, as soon as I enter the room, I see the Shredder training on the east side of the room. I turn and walk to the west side, to be as far from Shredder as I could. Shredder's eyes go up, seeing me walk in the room. Immediately, he turns to walk out and bumps right into Terror.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm not staying here as long as that Turtle is in the same room as me! I don't like those Turtles and I will not work around them!" Shredder yells, pointing over towards me. "I hate those Turtles! You're doing a mistake taking one of them in here! He'll get away and warn the others, I know he will! I tried to hold these Turtles so many times, but failed each time!!"

"That was you Shredder, this Turtle isn't going anywhere. I want you working with him.  In fact, I'm teaming the two of you up. Shredder, you have to show the Turtle the ropes around here. He's now going to be spending a lot of time with you." Terror smirks and looks over towards me.

I drop my head. Not Shredder... anything but that.

"No! You can't do this!"

"I will, and I just did. Now, Shredder, go talk to the Turtle.  You're going to have to get to know him." Terror walks out of the room on those words.

I keep my head down, knowing Shredder isn't going to be easy to get along with.  "Look Shredder, I won’t hold you to what Terror said. You can go on your own and I'll learn the place without your help. We don't have to get to know each other, because to tell the truth, I don't want to get to know you." I pull my swords from their sheaths and start to go over my kata.

Shredder smirks towards me.   He could tell I didn't want him near me and his job was to make my time here as bad as he could make it. "I'm going to keep to what Terror said.  Doing that, I'll get back at you for all the times you destroyed my plans in the past. Meaning, your time here, is going to make you want to run home crying to your rat."

"Shredder, I know I want to hang out with you as much as you want to hang out with me. But we're not made for each other, so go and find yourself a friend to hang out with." I put my swords away and turn to walk out of the dojo.

"Oh, but I remember being taught to keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Shredder says with a smile.   He’s up to no good and I know it. Shredder wants to drive me crazy and he isn't going to leave me alone.

I might be able to use this.  If he's near me all the time, he'll be the one wanting to get away.  "Ok, Shredder. You got it, we're now a team. Until we get away."

"That's if we get away." Shredder looks at me. You can tell he’s only doing this because of two things; one he did want to get back at me for causing him so much trouble in the past and two he fears Terror.

Weeks passed and Shredder began to drive me up the wall, coming in the dojo when I was working out and he would mess me up. While eating, he would try and put stuff in my food.  He was acting like a little kid, trying to get even with a classmate. I didn't let Shredder get to me, and it got to him that I didn't care. I was use to Mikey doing weird stuff all the time and Shredder could never top that kind of stuff. Terror would watch us, and he seemed like he was having fun. We were his entertainment.

Tonight though, Terror comes to me to do a job.

"Leonardo, it's time for you to earn your keep around here.  There's a person who's been driving me up the wall.  He's a cop here in Japan. Your job is to kill him. I don't care how you do it. I want his body thrown in front of me by the end of the day." I look up from my books.  Terror's eye were bright red.  You could tell he was mad. I stand up and grab my swords.  I knew this day was coming, Blades had warned me of this day. He told me to do as told, or it will be the worst pain I've ever felt.

"What's the name of this person?" I ask, walking towards Terror. He grabs out a file and throws it at me. I look at it as Terror turns back into the dark halls, leaving me to go through the file. "I can't believe I'm thinking about going through with this, I'll live the rest of my life in regret for what I am about to do with this person." I look out the window, then a shadow strikes a reflection in the window from the door. I turn to see the Shredder.

"We have work to do, Leo!" Shredder says, then he walks out. I follow, not far behind. I figure I would let Shredder do the work since he was use to it. I glance to the window one last time, wondering about the kid Turtle I saw, was it only a dream? Was anything really there? Do my brothers know I'm in Japan? All these questions, without answers. I really need to know.

We get to a small house, much more skinnier than the place we were staying at. I look at it, as I never seen this kind of building before. Everything in it's own place, with little rooms. This was Japan life, I've always pictured the stuff I see in the old karate movies, the places where Ninja Master's live.

We go in through a window.  I didn't feel right moving through the place. I felt as if my shell, or the sword holders on my shell could knock into anything and we'll be caught.

Once we get to the room, we find the guy  asleep. Shredder stops and looks at me. "It's time Leo, do your job."

"I can't Shredder, can you do this, you're better than I." Shredder smiles with a quiet laugh. I knew he wasn't going to let me out of this, but I couldn't kill him, he was a cop, he fought for good, just as I have most of my life, and I still believe in good. The blades in my arm brought through another pain.

I do as I have been instructed...

A few days later. I sit in my room.  My first time alone since the night I did my first job for the W's. It's a new feeling, one I enjoy for some reason, but at the same time feel the pain for the person. It was as if the blades I wore fed on the blood from the kill, and they wanted more. I look at my swords, still not clean from the fight. Picking them up to clean, I hear a noise from my window. "You're brothers know your in Japan, but it's up to you to tell them what's going on." I turn to see the kid Turtle.

"How do I tell them what's going on?"

"That's up to you, Leonardo. You're their leader, they should hear you out...." In a blink of the eye, the kid Is gone, I am alone again. I could feel what he said, in every word there was something there. I am their leader, but how could I face them. Do I tell them about the cop I killed, or do I stay quiet about that.

Everyday I did as told. I would wake up, go to the dojo work with Shredder, eat. and for my free time I would hang out with Blades. He was a good fighter and would spend time with me in the dojo. There were the times I was sent with Shredder to work. I just wanted out of this, I didn't want to be the one doing the killing. Shredder treated it as if it was nothing. He said we should take turns on doing the killing, yet I fought against it each time. Shredder just went with the flow. The more I did as was told, the more I felt the blades taken control, I felt powerless. I wanted free.

I would sit near the window and think of Master Splinter and my brothers. I missed Mikey's pizza, Raphael and his jokes and temper were both missed. I really missed having Donatello by my side working on stuff. They were all so close to me, yet so far away. I missed Master Splinter, he was my father and teacher all in one, yet I haven't seen him, now for about 2 and a half years. I would wonder if my brothers were here in Japan looking for me, and I wonder how Mikey and Ninjara were, if they were wounded or not. Only if I had answers to my many questions.

It was raining out the day I first saw my brothers since Roy's. I was out with the Shredder, it was my turn to do the dirty work. Shredder was covering my back, when a sai went into his leg.

"Hey ShredHead long time no see! Too bad you haven't worked on your speed." I recognize the voice immediately and turn to see Raphael. He's looking at Shredder, not yet noticing me. I back into the shadows.  If Raphael sees that it was me that put a sword into the lady we were sent after for getting too close to finding the W's HQ, Raph would kill me. Shredder falls at first from the pain in his leg, but soon he is back on his feet, sword in hand.

"I watch one Turtle fall apart every day. Now I'll be able to see a second, but you I can kill!"

Shredder holds his sword high and brings it down towards Raphael, who counters with the sai he didn't throw.  Raphael makes a grab for his other sai from the ground near Shredder.

I can't let Shredder kill Raphael, I have to help to help my brother.  But if I am seen working with Shredder, my brother would never hear me out.

Shredder brings his sword back and swings again at him, this time Shredder pulls back from Raph's counter and stabs at Raph's front shell, leaving an open gash. I look to see Donatello's bo come down on Shredder's back. Shredder falls hard to the ground.

Raph looks up and around.  "Where's the person with him?" Raphael says, holding his wound.

"I don't know. I just got here, you really should have waited for me, Raph!" Donatello says kicking the Shredder over. "I bet the guy took off and is long gone from here." Donatello picks Shredder up and starts to tie him to a chair. "Raph, help me get these blades off so he can't cut through the rope."

I watch from the dark closet I chose to hide in. Don and Raph pull at the blades, but they don't come off. "Only if Leo was here, he would be able to cut these blades off." Raph looks down from Donatello's words. I could see they miss me, just as much as I miss them.

"Yea, once ShredHead wakes up, he better tell us where Leo is!!" Raphael says holding a sai to Shredder. I felt as if I came out to them now something would go wrong. I have to get out of here without them knowing I was even there. "And if that note lead us to the wrong place and Leo isn't here in Japan, I'm going to find who wrote that note and use it as aspirin!!"

"Raph, calm down, we'll find Leo." Donatello says. Just than a cop car drove up outside. "No time to question Shredder now, we have to get out of here." Raphael looks at Shredder.

"We can't just leave him here! He knows where Leo is!!!"

"We don't have a choice Raphael! Let's get out of here! We'll question him while he's behind bars!"

The two of them went out the window. I come out of the closet and untie the Shredder, carrying him. I take him back to the W HQ and to his room. The job is done and I know my brothers were looking for me. But what would they do if they knew I was one of the W's now, how can they save me? Am I ever going to be saved? I go to my room and sit looking out the window. The W's are strong, but they will never stop my dream of going home.


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