"The Shape of a Turtle" Chapter 5

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Part 5

I sit looking down, feeling the pain of losing my brothers and wondering if it’s going to be this way from now on. Am I going to be trapped here to never see my brothers again besides fighting them. Shredder comes into my room and looks at me.

"Why did you take me back? Why didn't you leave me for the cops?" He asks, sitting near me.

"Because, I'm not one to leave anyone behind, friend or foe. Besides, I saw you were in pain, my brothers were not easy on you."

"You were never easy on me."

"Hey, if I'm stuck working with you, I'm not going to let you fall." I really don't want to talk about it, because deep down I know how much I hate the Shredder, but right now he kind of reminds me of Mikey and Raph put into one.

The Shredder gets up and walks towards the door. He looks back at me.  "Thank you for not leaving me for the cops." He says, then leaves.

I feel very alone, and don't want to ever go out to work for Terror again. I want free...

The next day Terror comes into my room. I can tell he knows what happened yesterday and he doesn't look happy about it.

"You left Shredder on his own yesterday. You let him fight alone. I send two of you out so you guys wouldn't have to fight alone." Terror says, standing over me.

I look at him, seeing the stone cold look in his eyes. I feel a deep fear inside me, feeling as if he was going to hurt me.

"I couldn't fight my brothers. I'll never be able to live it up if anything ever happened to them." I then turn from Terror, ready for the pain. But nothing happens. I look back at him.   He has a grin across his face, one of pure evil. I can tell he’s up to something and it has something to do with my brothers. He turns and walks out of my room.

I get up and go to the window. Where is that kid Turtle when I need him?

A few hours later, Terror sends Shredder and I out on another mission. This time it’s a bank.  The job, which was hard for me to believe, is to go in and kill everyone in the bank, leaving no one alive. Though, not to take any money.

I can't do this one, it was Shredder's turn and I even remind him of this as we’re going to the bank. I see in Shredder's eyes that he, too, did not want to do this.  He may be evil, but his attacks always had points, even if they were ignorant. Shredder isn't one to just go out and kill randomly.

"Hands up everyone!!!" Shredder says as he runs into the bank. He has a gun with him, while I still carry my sword.

The people in the bank do as told, though you could tell that some wanted to fight back, but everyone knew not to mess with the W's. Shredder aims the gun at a little girl who was holding her mom's hand.

I turn my head and close my eyes, waiting to hear the shot. Instead, I hear a different noise.  It’s the sound of the gun being sheared in two. I turn to see Raphael standing there and I slowly start to back out of sight, but bump into someone. I turn to look at Donatello.

"You're right,Raph, he does look a lot like Leonardo." Donatello says holding his bo out at me. I back away.  There’s no way I could fight Don.  I have to get out of here. Shredder looks at me and you could tell there was a smile underneath that mask of his, for even if I did help him, Shredder liked to see me in pain and in trouble. I know I was going to get no help from him.

"I don't want to fight you, Don." I say looking for a way out of this.

"Oh please, don't tell me you're even going to act like you're our Leo! Raph saw those blades come out of your arm, you're not a mutant turtle, you're something else." Donatello goes to bring his bo down upon my head. I use my swords, stopping the bo from hitting me. "But boy do you look like Leonardo."

"Donny it is me! And I don't want to fight you! Please stop this!" Don comes at me again, this time with a roundhouse kick, followed with a hook kick to the face. A noise comes to my side.  I turn to see an end of a nunchuck just before it hits me hard in the face. I feel blood start to ooze down my face.  I look up to see Michaelangelo with his nunchucks close in hand. "Mikey, don't!" I yell as the chucks came flying back into my face. I fall hard to the ground. Then I felt a kick in my chest. It came from Don. I get back up, trying hard not to strike at them with all that they were doing to me.

"Dude, he looks too much like Leo. I can't hit him again Donny." Mikey says looking at me.

"I know he looks a lot like Leo, but we have to remember he's not our Leo. We have to stop him, before he gives us Turtles more of a bad name." Donatello brings his bo down towards me. I have no choice but to defend myself. They will kill me given the chance. "Where is Leonardo, you clone!!!" Donatello yells at me.

"I am not clone! I am Leonardo!!!" I yell back with another block, stopping Don's bo from hitting my chest again. "I need your help, Donny! I don't want to fight you!!" Donatello doesn't listen to me, he would never believe that I would be working with the bad guys. He brings his bo down onto my head.

I fall to the ground, the world around me darkening. I stare up at Don. "It's me Don......"

When I wake, I find myself back at W HQ. Shredder is sitting over me. "Now you know how it feels to be hurt by you freaks." Shredder says.

"What happened? Are my brothers ok?" I ask as I sit up. Shredder seems to look ok.

"We got back up after you were taken out.  More W kids came and helped us. We were saved. Your brothers almost made off with you, but we got you back. Trust me, your brothers will not listen to you. The W's are all you have now." Shredder gets up and leaves me alone in my room.

I fall back into my bed. I know what he said was so far coming true. My brothers will never believe me, not as long as I'm working with the Shredder.

In my heart, I feel a break, a deep pain. My head starts to hurt, as if nothing can heal it. I’m alone, and alone I will remain. I remember the song Mikey wrote for that tour that went around of us. It was called Follow Your Heart. Mikey wrote the song one time when he was feeling down and when we talked about letting people go around in costumes of us signing he said that song had to be played in it, somehow to fit it in.

I sit back hearing it go through my head. I couldn't stop hearing it. The part about when “it feels like every way that you turn there's faces made of stone...”  I feel like that, for I was in a place of evil, and when I looked into Don's face it was a stone cold look he had looking back at me.

“He can try anything to tear us apart but there's one thing that's still clear, that there's no way
that he'll get inside of our hearts just remember that we're still here” I feel this for Terror making me do all these wrong things, but I’m still here. I know what I’m doing and I still want to be free.

“Sometimes it seems like you got no choice that deep inside you, you lost your voice.”
No matter what I say, my brothers look past me. I don't feel like I have a voice. The song just makes perfect sense to me.  It’s as if it was written for me. Just then I look up to see a face smiling at me.  It was the kid Turtle.

"But in the quiet you know that it's been there from the start. You have to follow your heart, Leo." The kid says walking towards me. "Leo, I know things went wrong for you, but you have to do this on your own. You must get your brothers to believe in you, and to do this you must believe in yourself."

"Why can't you help me? Why can't you tell them what's going on?"

"They wouldn't believe me, they would think that I was one of the W's trying to fool them, and you would have less hope getting away. I don't really know you or your brothers. They need to hear it from someone they should be able to trust, and they should trust you, Leonardo. As my brother tells me, you Turtles are heroes and would always work together."

At that point, I look up.  The kid’s gone. But I know the voice, it’s the voice of Mark, the kid I met back at the W HQ in New York. But how is it him and why does he look like a Turtle? I run to the window and see he’s gone.

Mark is right though, I have to get through to my brothers.  But how?   I’. locked up here and when I am out, I’m doing crimes.

I go to the DoJo and start to work out, thinking of what Mark said and trying to think of way out of here. Blades walks into the DoJo.

"What's eating at you, Leo? You seem more down than usual?" He says, grabbing a bo staff to work with.

"I saw my brothers today, they don't believe it's me." I go through my kata, working hard at what Master Splinter taught me.

"I'm so sorry to hear that." Blades walks over and grabs my arm, messing up my kata. "Leo, don't do this to yourself. You must relax and coming in here, letting the anger be what guides you is what the blades in you want."

I look down, seeing I was doing as Raph would do.  Instead of going through and coming up with plans, I was asking myself questions and not finding the answers.  I was letting my anger control me to where I needed to come somewhere to try working it out of me. I have to relax and Blades is right.

"Lets go talk, Leo. Maybe we can get this off your mind and let you handle it more when you're ready."

I put my swords away and walk out of the DoJo looking back and thinking of what I learned today. I have to get rid of these blades in my arms.

Blades and I go to my room and we sit and talk for hours. I do have a friend here and if I am to get free, I will take him with me.

I go to bed that night more relaxed and thinking more of what has to be done. Now, to only get it all done as needed.

I have fought and worked for the W's for almost two years now, thinking of ways to get away on my free time. Blades and I work on plans. We both know we want to get away.

Within this time, I didn't see my brothers at all, and in away I didn't know if I wanted to see them. I also haven't seen Mark. He only seems to appear those few times to give me some hope. I told Blades about Mark and he says that Mark might be one of the Shapers that we're after.

It’s late October and a lot of the kids were let loose to go cause terror on Halloween night. I sit in my room, thinking of how I use to go through the streets this night with Mikey, stopping these kids. Mikey would have so much fun going after these kids. He says it was funniest to get the ones with the eggs, for they would drop the eggs all over the place and sometimes there were some we could throw back at the kids. Mikey said it was the best night to go out stopping crime. I can picture him out there right now. But who would Mike be paired up with this time? Donatello and Raphael always worked together this night. I sit looking out over the city.

It’s around this time that I see something move through the night. It looks like two mutant turtles. Could it be them? Was it Raphael and Donatello? I jump up over to the window and start to yell over towards them.

"DONATELLO!!! RAPHAEL!!!!! OVER HERE!!!!!" I yell loud enough to get the two turtles to  turn their heads and came running towards me. It isn't Don and Raph, it’s Mikey and Don. They look up at my window.

"LEONARDO, IS THAT YOU?!?!?" Donatello yells and you can hear the joy in his voice.

"Yes Don! It's me! Come up here, I have a story to tell you."

They don't waste any time coming up towards my window. You can tell they wanted to see me just as much as I want to see them. Once they get to the window, I show them how the bars were able be moved because of the young Turtle.

They climb in and we all hug each other out of sheer joy. Just then, my door opens and there stood Terror. "Good job, Leonardo. Now we have the other three turtles." Don and Mikey look at me, then back away.

"No! You can't touch them!" I yell.

"You want to bet on that!" Terror says, then I drop in pain. "I do what I want to do."

Don and Mikey look at me, confused. "Is this the clone or our Leo?" Mikey asks as they head towards the window.

"We have no choice but to leave him, Mikey. We can't take a chance, if this is a trap and that's not Leo, then we'll be the ones to lose this fight." Donatello says, then looks at me. "If you are Leo, we're sorry, but we have to do this."

"We can't just leave him, Donny!! It might be Leo!! He needs our help!!!" Mikey says as he starts to run towards me.  Terror seems like he’s enjoying this, as if it’s a show for him.

"Mikey, we have to go!" Donatello says, then pulls Mikey out the window. I can hear Mikey's cry in the wind as they leave.

Terror starts laughing.  "Oh, now we'll have to move in the morning. Your brothers know where we live." Terror smirks.

"Why didn't you try to catch them?" I ask.

"Because, it's funnier watching them wonder about you. If I tried to take them and you stop me, they'll know it's you. But if I'm willing to let them take you, they'll have a question mark." Terror keeps smirking as he walks out.

I fall to my knees, tears going down my face. My brothers will not trust me as long as Terror acts the way he does, and I know it.

I look at the scars left on me from my one fight with my brothers.  My brothers won't believe me until I can get them alone. To do that, I’m going to need help.


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