The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 7

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Part 7

A few months passed before I was fully on my feet again. I know what I have to do, but there is a problem. These blades that are my arm are terrible.  They rip and tear at me. I get upset with every little thing that goes wrong.

I follow Terror's orders as if they are the world. I follow, yet in my mind I think I have full control.  I think I am just doing this to make it look like I wouldn't let him down, but the more I do as told, the more these blades have control over me.

It isn't until my next fight with my brothers when I see that I have lost all of my own control.

A few W kids, Blades, Shredder and I take a plane to Michigan. We have to take out a car dealer place in Detroit.   The owner is getting a warning not to dig any deeper on finding the W's.

Once we get there I see “Pitsville”. New York is worse, but with hiding out, and the towns we usually pick on, they weren't like this. Houses and buildings just left to fall apart in some districts. You don't feel safe at all on these streets.

As we were taking a car that was left at the airport for us, we see some guy run onto the street with a gun. He aims and shoots at the moving cars. It’s pointless, but deadly.  One bullet goes through one car, with a female driver, striking her.  The car veers off and crashes into a gas Station.

Once we got to the car dealer, I see people walking around buying and looking at cars. We pull up and jump out of the car. The W kids pull out guns and shoot everyone that stands outside. Shredder, Blades and I walk into the main building.

"Hands up everyone!!" Shredder yells. I go up to a guy behind the desk.

"He's the one to live. Kill everyone else."

"Yes, Leonardo." Shredder said.

"This is our gift, from us to your boss. Now if you want to live, you'll do as told.  First, I want all the money out of your safe.  Then I want you to tell your boss something for me and the rest of the W's."

"What? What do you want me to tell him? I'll say anything, please just don't kill me!!"

"I want you to.." then the door flies open. I grab out a sword and press it to the guy's neck. I look to see who’s standing there.

"Leo! What are you doing? Let that guy go!" It’s the other Turtles.

Shredder looks at my them.  "I'll handle them, you finish your job." I can't say no, if I do, New York might be destroyed or I would feel that pain that hurts so bad. I have to go on, do as I am told,  besides the blades won't let me stop.

"Ok." I say to Shredder, then look back to the guy I’m holding. "Now, you tell your boss, if he shoves his face into our stuff anymore, he'll get another visit from us. And next time he won’t be so lucky to have a place left here."

Shredder jumps at Raphael. Raph takes no time with Shredder as he comes for me. He wants to know what is going on. What I’m not telling him. And he isn't going to rest until he finds out.

He tosses Shredder through a window and jumps at me. I side step out of his way and hold my sword down towards Raph, who is now on the ground.

"Don't get in my way, Raphael! I have work to do!"

"Leo! What's wrong with you!!! You're hiding something, you're not telling us everything!!! DAMNIT! I want to know what's going on in that head of yours to be working with Shredder!!!"

"Raphael, just get out of here!!!" Raph stands up, my sword follows keeping him at a distance. He leaps at me. I bring my sword up cutting his right arm, to where it cuts to the bone. I stand there looking at him. "Now Raphael, do as you're told and get out of here!!!"

"I'm not leaving, Leo!!!" Raph grabs his arm. I can see the pain in his eyes. "I'm not going until you tell me what you're doing!!" Just then Blades tosses Mikey across the room, he crashes right into me. Raph takes the chance and jumps on me. Mikey helps him hold me down.

I try to get up, then the blades come from my arm. I bring them up, hitting Raph across the face and knocking him back. I see the blood drip down on me, but that doesn't stop me.  I jump on top of Raph with blades out, I start to hit him, not thinking of the pain this is causing him. All I can do is punch at him, as if I don't know him.

I let anger cloud my mind, as Master Splinter had warned us many times not to do. I look to see blood coming down Raph's face. He’s out cold. Mikey stands back watching in horror, being held back by a W kid. Donatello is up against the Shredder alone. I looked down, seeing what I have done, it is all my fault. I look at Raphael again...

"Why didn't you listen to me?" I get off of Raph. "STOP ALL THIS FIGHTING!!!!" I yell. Everyone stops and looks at me. The W's stop because I was put in charge of this battle, my brothers stop because they looked at me as the leader for so long, it would be hard not to listen. "We have fought enough today. Ws we have done what we came for. Lets get out of here." The Ws start to leave, my brothers come around me. "I'm sorry guys." I say with a low voice looking down at Raphael. "Please take care of him."

"Leo, why are the Ws listening to you. Even Shredder left under your word." Donatello asks looking back, watching the W's leave.

"It's a long story, and knowing if Shredder gets back before me, I'll have some problems. I'm sorry guys, I don't have time to tell it yet." I look back at Raph lying on the ground. Then look at the others. "One thing is for certain, you don't ever want to be caught by the Ws.  They let anger cloud your mind and they use it against you." I turn and walk away. "Sayonara, my brothers"

I look back to see Mikey and Don pick up Raph's body. I can't think of that being my doing, it looks like a animal got to him, like a bear and just tore into him for food. I turn to walk out and a foot kicks me right in the face. I go flying back, then look up to see Ninjara standing in the doorway. She isn't going to let me out easy.

"Sayonara is not the word yet, but konbanwa is" she says as she jumps at me.

Good evening?  Oh boy, that means it's just the beginning. I’m not going to be able to just get up and go. Ninjara won't listen to me. I jump out of the way, then roll towards the door. I have to get out of here.

Ninjara jumps in my way. "Now, it's time to fight." She says, grabbing her sword out. I block with my swords, keeping her sword from touching me. I don't want to fight her.  I've had enough of that for one day.

"STOP!!!" A voice cries out. It’s Raphael. "Ninjara, Leo is right. Don't get yourself hurt right now. We'll see Leo again, and he won’t get away so easy." Raph says, you can hear the anger in his voice. Now the question hit me, will my brothers ever forgive me. Will they ever know what's the dark truth that I have not been able to tell yet.

I leave, meeting back up with Shredder and the others. We head back to W Headquarters. I go straight to my room and sit down.

I just sit here, looking out the window. I feel the pain from where Raphael stabbed me with his sais months ago, I haven't felt that pain in a long time.  It is an old wound yelling at me for forgetting.

"You let anger cloud the mind, and see what happened." I look up and Mark was sitting across my room, with another friend.

"Can you please help me?" I cry to them.

"I told you, once you got your brothers helping you, trusting you just as much as they use to, that's when we'll help. In the meantime Leo, think about how much they trust you now." I look down, they were right. I let the anger cloud my mind, my brothers won’t trust me for along time.

"Why can't you help me?"

"Because you need the person who cares for you the most to remove those blades from you. The problem is you don't know who that is yet. Do you?"

"Could it be Master Splinter?" I ask, not knowing the answer.

"We don't know, Leo." the other one speaks up, you could hear depression in his voice. "That's what you have to solve for yourself, the person you care for the most, and that person has to care for you the same back. Otherwise those blades will be on you for life."

"Who are you?"

"My name is Peter, though humans use the nickname Brain when I'm shaped the way I really look. I'm the leader of the Shapers, I don't know why they call Mark 'Leader'." Mark smiles as if he knows "but I was born leader."

"Peter, can you tell me about you guys, how you came to Earth, and why you're staying here?"

"I will tell you our story when you're ready for it. In the meantime, think about the lesson you have learned today. If you let the anger cloud your mind, you'll lose everyone you need to get out of this. Now you must reconnect yourself with your brothers. Think of what your Master Splinter has taught you, and you'll be ok."   The two of them just melt into the ground. I was starting to see why they were called Shapers.

I go to the dojo, only to see Shredder in there and he doesn't seem happy. "You wrecked it! We were winning!! You called the fight off, how could you?!!"

"They’re my brothers, and I won't let them be killed. We did our job, now get over it."

"Are you growing weak on us, Leo?" Shredder says coming at me.

"I'm stronger than you, ShredHead. How would you feel if they threw you against Nagi if he was still alive?"

Shredder glares at me, I can tell I hit a soft spot there.  "If it wasn't for Yoshi, Nagi would still be alive!"

"If it wasn't for you, Yoshi would still be alive and Tang Shen. Stop and think about it, Shredder.  Yoshi was saving Shen, your brother started this all. He's the one that got you into this life that you lead now. If anyone is to blame it's the one that started it all, your brother Nagi!"

Shredder gets up and walks out of the room. I can see the anger in his eyes.  It hurts him to think that his brother could be the cause of all this. But I’m not going to let this fight continue. I don't want to fight, I want to clear my mind of anger and Shredder isn't helping.

After the Shredder is gone, I start to go through my katas, thinking of what Master Splinter would do at a time like this. Would Master Splinter work for the W's to save a full city of people he loves or would he let his honor be more important? I can't let these people die. I have to find a way of getting rid of the bomb that had been placed in New York.  Only then will it be safe for me to leave. I just wish those Shapers would help me.

What are they doing?  Why aren't they helping?  Why do they just sit back and watch?

I start to get mad at the thought of how they don't help me when I need it.  They stand there and let my brothers and I fight amongst ourselves. These Shapers are no good!  They're in the way and shouldn't be here on Earth!

Then I stop and think about what I just crossed my mind. The anger is there again, clouding my mind.  I am getting mad at these things, these poor creatures that are being hunted. And the worst part about it is that I am one of the hunters.

I put my swords away and head for my room.  I sit down, looking out the window. All the pain going through my head, the thoughts of the fight with my brothers and Ninjara. I wonder if Raphael is okay.  How bad did I hurt him?  Will he ever forgive me?

I start to lose hope of ever going home, but then I hear the song “Follow Your Heart” go through my head. I have to go on.  I have to find a way to get home. The blades in my arms burn once again, it’s fueling my anger about being here, about not being able to go home, about being told what to do.

It seems no matter how hard I try to hide these feelings from these blades, they just kept coming back and the blade eat it up, making me feel the pain in these thoughts. I have to do something, sitting around isn't going to help.

My arms feel as if I should break something, just throw something against the wall.  I fight that feeling, there is nothing I want to break, but I just felt like breaking something, just anything.

"Leonardo, I have another job for you." I turn towards my door to see Terror standing there. I want to jump at him and tear him to pieces, but I fight that feeling.

"What is it this time?" I can hear the anger in my own voice.  What are these blades doing to me? Why can't I get rid of this anger?

"This job takes place in New York. You have to go to a building on 34th street the east side of town.  Here is the address.  You and Shredder are to kill everyone in the building. I want no one left alive."

"Why?  What have they done?"

"This is one of the Foot’s old hideouts.  They are getting together and are planning to attack us. But we have the upper hand, go and do your job." Terror walks out of the room.

Well, this is going up against the Foot and with the anger inside of me, maybe I can let it out on the Foot. This way nothing can go wrong. I get up and walk to the Shredder's room. He is sitting, looking at a picture of Nagi.

"It wasn't Nagi's fault!" He says, I can still hear the anger in his voice, just as much as it is in mine.

"Shredder we have a job. Get ready to take the next plane to New York." I walk out without another word.

I'm going home.  New York... how much I miss that place. I think back to of all the pain I was in when I was last there and how much I just wanted the pain to end.  Now the pain is just a small one, I feel when it's touched and when I move the wrong way. I wonder if I should have told him it was the Foot we are going up against. His own clan, the clan that was about to fight us.

Shredder and I take the plane to New York as planned. But for some reason, my brothers are at the airport. I feel as if they know my every move and are waiting for me. I walk quietly and notice Raph is not with Don and Mike. I hope Raph's ok. Ninjara stands near them.  They are walking around as if they’re looking for someone. I pull my hat over my face and start to walk faster. I don't need them to see me, though I can overhear them talking.

"What if the note was wrong and he's not here, dudes?"

"Mikey, think about it.  Has those notes lead us wrong yet? Each time we've followed them, they lead us to him."

"But we never get two in one day before."

"Let's just stop him before he gets to 34th street." Ninjara says, then she looks my way. I don't look at her, trying not to notice as I kept walking. Saki walks by me.  He, too, wears a hat over his face. I hid my hands in pockets and wear shoes so they couldn't see any green on me. Ninjara looks the other way.

I wonder who left a note for them, who is letting them know where I am. I walked till they were out of sight.

"Come on, Shredder, we have work to do." Shredder looks at me, he could see I’m in a hurry to get out of there. I want to get to the place before my brothers got there to stop us. I don't want to fight them again. I have already hurt Raphael once, and Ninjara won’t let me get away with that.

Once we get to the place, the Foot are getting ready for a fight. I grab out my sword, but Shredder grabs my shoulder. "What are we doing here?"

"Our job is to finish off everyone here. That's what Terror wants."

"I don't care what Terror wants, we're not going to hurt the Foot, they're already stuck without a leader. Unless you want to call Krang a leader." I almost laugh at that.  Shredder and Krang always fought to be the leader of the Foot, both didn't like each other, but knew each other was needed in trying to taking us out.

I look around at all these teenagers. I've forgot how much work it is to fight the Foot. I jerk away from Shredder and throw my coat and hat off to the side.

Shredder looks at me again.  "We can't fight here!!"

"I've had to fight my brothers, do you think I wanted to do that. Now lets get this done before they find out about us." I see anger in Shredder's eyes.  He doesn't want to listen to me, but since I’m able to best him, Terror has placed me higher than Shredder. He has to do as I tell him, and right now, I have orders to take out this building.

Shredder looks as if he is going to go in for the kill, but as he goes to hit me, I see the pain in his eyes. Shredder pulls his sword back.  "I hate that!!!" He says with anger.


"When we try to hurt each other on work we feel the pain from Terror, he knows our every move. Lets get to work." I see anger and depression, Shredder himself is trapped in this, this world where he can't do as he wanted.

I jump down with swords in hand cutting two of the kids as they fall dead. I turn towards three other kids in the room.  At first Shredder doesn't jump out. I am fighting the Foot on my own. I bring my sword down into one of the kids when another grabs a gun out and shoots at me. I move out of the way just in the nick of time. These kids will kill me at any chance they get, they already hate me from the years of fighting before. I bet they don't even know I'm working for the W's right now, or why I'm even here.

Using a throwing star, and strike the kid holding the gun squarely between the eyes. Two more to go. I turn to see they are already down, with Shredder standing right behind them.

I walk around the bodies, then look over at Shredder. "There's more upstairs.  Lets get this job over." Shredder looks at me, then goes towards the stairs. I can tell he didn't want to do this, but I look at it as a favor, less Foot once I get free to have to worry about.

The fight on the next floor wasn't as easy. There were around 15 kids in the first room. All looked like they were about to head out to cause trouble. Weapons in hand. It took only seconds before the kids jumped me. I fought hard taking the sais from one kid and throwing them through another kids and Ushiro Geri the kid, who had the sais. Than I felt a sword go to my throat. I closed my eyes ready for the kid to de head me, than I thought he hasn't hit yet, it's time for me to move. I brought the blades out of my arm and stabbed the person, the cry I heard, I knew who it was and now I felt bad of what I did. I turned to see...

"Ninjara!! What are you doing here?" I got down towards Ninjara and a Foot kid jumped at my back, I brought my sword up and cut the kid in half. "Get out of here Ninjara!!" Ninjara looked at me, I could see the anger in her eyes, she didn't know what was going on, all she knows is that I've hurt Raphael and her, and she wasn't going to let me get away with this.

"I'm not leaving, Leo! Not until you tell me what's going on!!"

I back away from her, hearing the anger, then feeling my blades burn. I feel as if I have to finish her off.  But I can't, she is my friend. The blades burn and hit me hard. I close my eyes and look at her.

"Please, Ninjara. I don't want to fight you, or my brothers, I need your help. I don't know how yet, but I need to get away." Just then a Foot kid brings a sword down the back of my shell. I scream out as the pain rushes through me. I turn cutting his head from his body. "Don't touch my shell!!" I yell at the dead body.

"Wow, Leo, you almost remind me of Raphael there." I turn to see Donatello standing with his bo ready to fight me. "Why did you hurt Raph? What's wrong with you, Leo?" I back away, this is like a nightmare, to face my brothers. I have failed them, in doing so I failed myself. I look up at Don, the pain showing through in my eyes. Donny backs up. "Leo, what's wrong?!!!"

"Donny, I don't know how to tell you, but you have to help me. I need Master Splinter, I think he's the only one who can truly save me. I need these removed." I hold up my hand showing the blades. Then the pain in my back makes me fall to my knees. Shredder jumps down on Donatello. I looks up to see his Blades coming towards my brother. I jump in the way and knock Shredder back.

"You fool!! Your brothers are the last ones here alive. We have to kill all, remember." The Shredder says looking at me, I wasn't going to let him kill my brothers.

I look up at them. "Leave now! If you're ever to follow what I say again, then get out of here NOW!!!"

Donatello looks down.  "Okay Leo, but we're here for you. One of these days you're going to have to tell us what's going on. Only then can we help you."

"Domo arigato, gozaimasu"

"Doitashimashite" Donatello and Mikey grab Ninjara and they leave. I look at the Shredder and pull myself onto my feet.

"Lets go home."

Once we get home, I go to my room. It’s dark, but I turn on the light and look to see Mark and Peter in my room.

"Your brothers now know you're in danger and know that you need to remove those blades. You're ready to hear our story." Mark says. "Come here and join us, it's time for you to learn the fight that you're in."

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