"The Shape of a Turtle" Chapter 8

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Part 8

"Our story begins millions of years ago, before Earth was created. There were many planets being created at this time. God's hands were full while making the worlds and the devil fought to take over the worlds that God made, working to bring evil everywhere. God had a fight that he could not handle on his own. Then one day, he made a planet into two parts, one part pure good, one part pure evil. This planet was the help he needed, where the good and the evil would work to decide what world would have what problems. Each side had warriors that would never be defeated by any power that's under the power of God." Peter sits back, taking a deep breath.

Mark picks up on telling the story.  "The warriors would have to only fight when needed, but the evil half hated the good half and wanted to destroy it. If they got rid of all the good there, they would be more powerful than God and be able to take over all worlds. This planet is called the Planet Shaper. God had to make a born leader for each side, so the Shaper that was born with the shape of their planet on the belt would be the new leader of their half of the Planet Shaper" Marked looks towards Peter, knowing this was more the story for Peter to tell, but also seeing Peter's eyes.  This is something that hurt him to talk about, but they knew the story has to be shared.

"In the late 1920's in human terms, the leader of the good half was killed. The evil half's leader, a shaper named Killer, had a plan to win over good . He came to the good half in search of the good leader’s first born. He found the two Shapers that were in lead, and took their child. Taking the child back to the evil side, he started to bring the child up in the Evil ways. The mother, my mother, tried to get her son back. Going to save him, was exactly what Killer was hoping for. Once she got there, Killer used her to be the holder of the next leader of the evil world.  This child would be the first child born by two Yin Yang Shapers, meaning the leader would be half and half and would have 30 zens, or 300 years, to pick the way of his/her life." A tear goes down Peter's face as he tells his story. "My mother lost the baby for a zen, and got the child back after a long hard fight. The baby was... um is me...."

"I was born in the early 1930's, in human years. I spent a zen under my dad, learning the ways of evil, with my older half brother by my side. My half brother is someone you know.  He's Terror." Peter looks at the door, hoping no one would hear his voice in here. "After a zen, I was freed by my other older brother.  His name was Jim. He came with an army to save me and they did. I got taken to my mother and my step father. I was there for three tenths of the zen, to watch my three half brothers be born." Peter stops and takes a breath. I see Mark wants to tell the story for his brother, but he isn't here to be the one to tell it.

"After my third younger half brother was born on May 4.  If you can tell, I use a lot of human years and dates, but trust me, it's different where I'm from.  I'm doing this to help you understand it. We didn't know how little time he had on our world. It was 10 days later when Killer and Terror made their big attack on the good half of our world. I was with my step father at work. He was husband to the leader of the good half of the world and looked forward to me being the new leader, since I was a born leader. Jim was there and so was the new born there with my mom." Peter stops talking then looks at me. "The rest of my story will have to wait.  This is too hard to tell all at once. You will learn more, but later." The two of them melt into the ground.

I sit there watching where the two of them were.  I wonder if he's ever told anyone this story. It seems he was having a hard time telling the story, must be a painful thought. Whatever happened next must be why they are here. When I look at Peter, I see depression in his eyes. I have yet to see a smile on his face. I want to hear the rest of the story and see how they got here and why they were here, but I must wait.

I walk into the dojo, Shredder and Blades look up at me. I want to do some sparring to keep my mind off of all of what's going on. I look over at the two of them already working out together. I need someone else. I walk out of the dojo. I didn't want to get in the way of Shredder and Blades training. I bump into Mokeshan on my way out of the dojo. It's been awhile since I've seen her.

"You looking for something, Leo?"

"I just was going out to see if anyone would do some sparring."

"I'll work with you." She walks towards the dojo. As we walked in Blades and Shredder walk out. Mokeshan and I begin our work out.  She is good, better than the Shredder. Working out with her feels good, because it is a harder fight and it lets out a lot of my anger. She is the person I've always dreamed of meeting and now I'm on the floor working out with her, sparring with her.

"So, Leonardo, you've been here for awhile now. What do you think? Is it as bad as you thought?"

"Yes, and worse. I really hate it here. Things in my life have gone all down hill."

"Leo, why don't you start hanging out with me. I'll make your stay better." For some reason I feel as if it would only be right if I say yes.

"Sure, I'll be honored to work with you, Mokeshan."

She smiles at me and puts her weapon to the side. Our sparring is apparently over for now. We stand, facing each other and then bow to one another.  "Come with me, Leo. I'll show around here and make you feel at home."

I walk with Mokeshan as she shows me parts of the headquarters that I've never been to. I spend a while out with Mokeshan, as she teaches me the ways around the place and where not to go because Terror hangs out at. It is later that night though, when I really got to know Mokeshan.

"Mokeshan, I would read about you being a hero in my old magazines.  Most of those magazines were from the early 50's. How come you look the same?"

"Well, Leonardo, the answer for that questions is a long story. If you're up to hear it?"

"My ears are open, I have no where else to go."

"It started after I was known by the people in my hometown in Japan. They called me a hero for a few small things I did. I never looked at myself as a hero. I just did what I thought was right. It was in late 1957, I was outside the dojo on a nice day working on my training." She sits down with a cup of tea at a table. I follow, as she tells her story.

"This child, he looked very young, came running in, in the middle of the class. He said there was trouble, that his sister was in danger and I must go help them. I followed the boy, for I was never one to let anyone down."

"Once we got to where his sister was said to be, a bunch of Ninjas came out around me. I backed away ready to fight. I could feel pure evil all around me. There was the smell of fire. There was no sound at first, besides the footsteps of the young boy as he ran behind the Ninjas. I heard his cry. 'I brought Mokeshan, let me have my sister back! You promised!' Then I saw the one he was talking to. It was my first time to see Terror. Looking as red as the devil and I could swear he was."

"He laughed at the poor boy. We called the boy Blades.  He was always good with knives and swords. I stepped forward to speak to this thing of evil that stood in front of me. 'What is it that you need to have called upon me.?' Terror smiled and looked at me, pointed towards Blades and one of the Ninjas grabbed him. 'I have lost my brothers, and I have come to you to ask of help to find them. My name is Jason, and I'll bring you no harm if you listen to me. Oh and if you don't listen to me, then you can say Sayonara to the two kids that I hold.' I had no choice but to listen to Terror, Blades was one of my best students. I couldn't let him or his sister be killed. But I could feel the danger I was walking into."

"Once upon the ship he took out the blades and placed them on my arm, I laughed him. 'You think you can hold me with just these blades? I can cut them off when I wish.' He smiled and told me not to try later I found out why, now I'll warn you. DO NOT LET YOUR BLADES GET HURT!"


"Because Leonardo, It will kill you. To cut the blades or hurt them, will hurt you.  To take them off the wrong way, like cutting them off, will kill you."


"Later, I learned the story of his brothers being lost here on Earth.  At first, he just said that he wanted to save them and take them home. I found they didn't want to come with him and that he had destroyed their home, I don't know how though, because I've never really talked with them, yet they seem to know who I was. Terror holds all the best fighters from my hometown, having us work for him."

"That still doesn't answer my question about your age."

"Wel,l you see, as long as you wear the blades you don't age. I also know of a shot that Terror has that will make anyone stop aging at the age of 21. He used it once."

"Ah, ok." After spending the day with her, I found I made a new friend. I return to my room to find the two shapers sitting there waiting for me.

"Welcome back, Leo. You ready to go on hearing our story?"

"Sure, I seem to be hearing a lot of flashbacks today." I smile and sit down to hear what they have to tell me, the story that Mokeshan couldn't because she didn't know.

"We were at my step father’s work as I said before. I was learning how to lead our world. Jim was standing by my side. A screen turned on, it was a countdown, but for what we didn't know. My step father tried to track the countdown with a computer.  Then another screen came on, with my dad, Killer. 'You have but mere minutes to give me back my son or you'll be asking for a war.' 'We would rather have a war, than let you have the next born leader all to yourself.' 'Then so be it, say goodbye to your home, your people.  This war is soon to be won by me.' I watched in horror as my step father told our babysitter to get us home, to a safer place. She grabbed the new born, Jim and I and headed out. I saw my mom and dad waving bye to us from a window as... as..." He stopped talking for a bit and bowed his head down. I watch a tear come from his eye.

Mark walked over to him and put his arm around his back.  "Go on Peter, it's ok." Peter looks up at him and then looks at me.

"A bomb hit the building my mom and dad were in. I didn't want to leave the spot, I could smell the fire coming up, taking what was left of the building. Our babysitter grabbed my hand and started to walk the other way. Once we got a few blocks away from the blast that killed my mom and dad. She told Jim to take me home, and not to look back. To get to a safe place and stay there. But as we left her, as she went to save others.  We saw a blast one that took out a few blocks and took her out just as well. I couldn't stand the thought of losing my family and friends."

"I was feeling crushed by the sound of each blast, it was a sound I'll never forget, one that will haunt me forever. Once we got to our home, my other two brothers were sleeping through this as if nothing has happened. Jim and I picked them up and brought them to our ship. As the five of us were on the ship, we waved goodbye to our world, leaving to find a safer place.”

“Looking back at our world, seeing what we have lived out, then seeing the last blast. It was over, my home was gone. But evil could not take rule, for there was still some good shapers left.  Us. Before being truly gone from our world, another ship noticed us.  It was my other half brother. He followed us."

"We crashed here on Earth in the late 1940's, in Japan. It didn't take long for some people from the United States who were doing some studies in Japan to come to our crash site. The form we first saw were frogs, so that was the shape we took. The humans took our ship, and saw us, shaped as frogs. I'm not sure of what they said that day, but they picked us up and brought us to a lab, where they hide our ship and put us in a cage with other frogs. We watched the human, not knowing if he was friend or foe."

"That night, when my brothers were asleep, I sat awake. Looking out the window, getting the feeling of the new world. My brother said it was the planet of the Gods, and it was called Earth. I still don't know why he called this world the planet of the Gods, but when I heard Earth, the first thought that came to my mind was Entertainment. I felt the new wind hitting me in the face, but it wasn't long until that wind was broken by the guy coming back in the room. He picked up Jim and went to a table. That night, I watched as this thing killed my brother. I didn't know what to do, how to save him. But what ever I could do, it was too late." Peter lowers his head.  The depression in his eyes grew deeper.

"Now you know our story, Leo, we're not here to bring danger to Earth, we just have nowhere else to go.  Even if we did, we would be bringing that world into just as much danger. This is where we have to stand for our fight, just as you Turtles have to." Mark says, putting his arm around Peter. "Remember our story, remember we're friends." The two of them melt away into the ground.

I wonder if this will be the last time they would come by to talk, if this is all they want me to know, or if they will help me get away. They are hunted by the W's.

I go to sleep shortly after they leave, thinking how much us Turtles and the Shapers are alike. We're hunted by the Foot Clan and the Government. The Shapers are hunted by the W's and the Government. We each are a set of four, but their leader is filled with depression.  What would the other Turtles do if I went depressed on them. I know now, I have to fight this anger even stronger, and stop myself from losing all hope.


I jump to the sound of my door opening hard. It sounds as if someone is breaking into my room. Standing there is the Shredder.

"What do you want? And don't you ever knock?"

"Well first of all, I don't knock if I don't want to. Terror wants you NOW!!" I get up.  The Shredder looks furious, but of what I have no idea.

I walk down the hall, Shredder not too far behind. A kid comes running out of a room and he bumps into Shredder.

"Gomen nasai" The kid says backing up. The Shredder looks at him and pulls out a sword killing the kid for no reason.

"SHREDDER, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!! He said EXCUSE ME!!! He's on our side, or did you forget!!!!!"

"I'm having a bad day and he got in my way! Leave me alone SHELL BACK!" Shredder takes the lead in front of me.  He must be really having a bad day, but I’m not with him to know what he went through and in a way I don't want to know.

We get to a room. Terror is standing near a door, looking at me. He walks over and put his hand on my arm. I look at him, knowing something is definitely up.

"Leo, I'm so glad you can make it. You see, Shredder here has been having a bad day, but he did something right for once." I look over seeing the Shredder up against a wall, as if he's in pain. I listen to what Terror has to say. "I sent him out without you today, because you were busy with Mokeshan, and when he returned, a few of the kids carried this with him." He opens the door that was behind him.  Mikey's body is lying on the ground behind him.

I run over to Mikey, putting my arms around him. I feel the blood from Mikey's face covering my hand. I can hear him breathing hard, like it hurts. Blood is coming from his mouth and eyes. I look back at Terror.

"He needs to be taken care of! Tell me WHAT HAPPENED TODAY?"

Terror smiles.  He knows this is the first time I was really letting my anger out. I look at Shredder as death fills my eyes. I know he was the one to do this to Mikey. Terror snaps his fingers and some kids come in and try to take Mikey's body from me.

"No!! Don't touch him!!! I'll take care of him!!!" I yell, pushing the kids away. Terror grabs me back.  He doesn't drop me in pain because he wants me to watch the full thing. One of the kids walk over and before even going down to pick Mikey up, he kicks Mikey in the face. "Why did he kick him!!! Mikey can't do nothing, it isn't fair to hurt him like that!!"

The kid just goes on doing what he was told. He picks up Mikey's body and pulls it out of the room. I look at Shredder and once Terror let go of me, I am on top of Shredder.  "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Hey, if your brother didn't try taking me on alone he wouldn't be here, now would he?" Shredder does a half smile, as if he’s enjoying this. It’s all too evil for me.  I mean Shredder is cruel, but he would kill Mikey with no problem. Why did Shredder let Mikey live like that?  The pain Mikey is going through, it would be more honor to die in battle than to die slowly. I back away from the Shredder, then run out of the room.

Anger isn't one of my normal feelings, especially this much anger. I've always watched Raphael and his anger. I never felt Raph could make the right choices while being so mad, so I figure neither could I. I will wait until everything slows down, until I can think clearly. Then I will face the Shredder.  Though right now is not the time.

In the meantime, I have to find out where they took Mikey.

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