The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 9

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Part 9,

I go to Mokeshan and tell her of them having my brother. She agrees to help me find him and we begin our search around the place.

No one wants to tell me where my brother was taken. I stay near Mokeshan, she’s the only one helping me, even Blades just watches me search.  "Why aren't you helping me, Blades?"

"Sorry, Leo, but I got told to stay out of this. If Terror even catches me trying to help, I'll be in trouble."

I go on searching this place even harder. Terror is watching Mokeshan and I. It’s clear he doesn't think I can find my brother and I’m out to prove him wrong. I finally came across an empty room.

"Mokeshan, wait out here, I'm going in here."

"Why? There's nothing in there? We should be searching the places they don't want us at."

"Trust me, this is where I have to search." I walk in and feel sweat go down my face from worry. I can't stand the thought of my brother being held in such pain. Mikey would never take the Shredder on his own.  What really happened in this fight? I want to go back and get the Shredder for what he did, but I know if I did, I would be doing exactly what Terror wanted. I look around the room, it feel cold, stone dead.

"Give up, they don't want you to find him. Don't you understand that?" I turn around, seeing the Shredder standing there and looking at me as the freak he thought I am.

"I understand stuff better than you, SHREDDER! You may be some big Ninja Master to where you can fight, but you're nothing without a heart!! And as far as I know, you don't have one!" Shredder steps back, he's never seen me so hard on him since I got here. I've been trying to control my temper and when I did hurt him, it was in the dojo working out. This time he is facing the anger that he caused in me.

"Fine, SHELLBACK! Waste your time!!!! Do you think I care?! You'll never find your brother, and if you do, I hope he's dead!!" Shredder turns and walks out of the room. I fall against a wall, feeling a tear run down my dry face. I'm hurting and I know why.

I let my brothers and Master Splinter down. I should have done something, tried something to stop the W's, not just sit here on my shell doing everything they tell me! But if I don't do what they say, and they find me trying to stop them, what then?  What would happen to New York, what would happen to my Brothers and Master Splinter?  I have no choice, but this isn't me. I should never give in to the bad guys. I am lost with no way to go, but forward.

I stand up, feeling my shell rub the smooth wall going up. I see nothing but an empty room, just like my search empty. I can't find Mikey. I've looked every where  Where am I to go now?  Shredder is right, they don't want me to find Mikey, but I can't let him be right.  I can't think of finding Mikey dead. I turn around, facing away from the door and I bang my head into the wall. I feel the sharp pain go down my shell, but I don't care. The only thing I care about is finding Mikey.

As my head hits the wall again, it goes through it! I look at the wall.  Its thinner than it should be and it doesn't take much to break. I see hallways hidden within the walls.

I walk through the hole in the wall and look around.This has to be where they have Mikey! I run down the hall, looking everywhere that I can for Mikey. I find spy holes into all of the rooms, even my own room. They’ve been watching me from behind the wall. I wonder if they know of the Shapers coming to see me.

I come to a stairway going down. I start to go down, then quickly hide as I see a shadow of someone coming up. It is another red shaper. It isn't Terror.  There is a yin yang symbol on the belt.  This has to be Peter's dad, Killer.

I watch him walk by my hiding spot. I know he isn't going to be any nicer to me than Terror, so I don't let my face be seen. After he goes past and out of sight, I run down the steps.

The fear is deep inside of me, not knowing what I am going to see. Would Mikey be down here? If so, is he alive? What if he's not down here? What if I'm found? Do the W's know I'm down here? Are they looking for me? So many questions without answers.

Once getting to the next floor down, I see a hall with rooms off to each side. I go down into the hall.  No one is around right now. I walk up to the first door.

I reach for the handle and in my head I can hear Mikey doing a game show voice.  “And what's behind DOOR NUMBER ONE!” I smile a little, thinking of the jokes Mikey use to make. I turn the handle slowly, trying not to make a sound.


I turn to the area the sound came from and let go of the handle. I knew Mikey isn't this door. It was Mikey yelling from a different room.  I run down the hall towards the scream.

Elven doors later, I come to the one I know Mikey is in.  I open the door quietly.  There I find Mikey tied down to a table with a bunch of people in white coats around him. Mikey looks in serious pain.  I can see there is too much pain on Mikey's face even for him to try throwing a joke.  I’ve never seen him this bad off before.

I move closer to try to hear what they’re saying.

"You dummy, this Turtle would be no use to us. Why are we trying to saving it?"

"Because you heard what the boss said, he wants all four of these freaks working for him."

"I know, Professor, but I still think we should give up on it.  Let it die and tell the boss it had no hope of living. That way, we get to watch it die slowly and painfully and not get in trouble."

I can't stand hearing this and I’m not going to just sit here. At this point, I don't care about the pain. I forget about New York.  I can't let Mikey got through this. He never did anything to get this kind of treatment.

I pull my swords from their sheaths.  Sweat from my hands go down the hilts of the swords. I could see the three people in there are all doctors, not fighters. I see guns on their belts, so they're ready for a fight. I move forward a little more, getting ready to jump the nearest guy, the one that wanted to kill Mikey. I don't care if he lives or dies, I just want Mikey out of here. I feel my feet tense as I get ready to jump. My hands hold on the swords, as if they will never let go.

I jump and it doesn't take long for the others to react. I take the first guy out, shoving the sword right through his stomach. The next guy grabs out his gun.  He isn't too close to me, but I have to get him before the next guy grabs his gun. I pull out four throwing stars, throwing them all at once.  I hit one guy in both of his eyes, two stars per eye. The next guy backs away and brought his hands towards the sky.

"I give up! Please, I don't want to fight you, Turtle!" I nod my head towards Mikey, only because he is the only one who wants to save Mikey's life. I untie Mikey, who is passed out from the pain. I pick up his limp body and carry him out of the room. I feel his arm is cool, but his head is very hot. He’s sick and wounded.  I have to do something.

I get him up the steps and through the room. I know if I go out into the normal hall with him, we will be seen. I put his body in the corner of the room and cover him up with a blanket.
"I'll be back for you, Mikey." I say as I go to find Mokeshan.

I head straight for her room. "Mokeshan!"

"Leo, I'm sorry. I couldn't find Mikey. I tried and tried, but it's getting late and I think I covered the full place five times."

"It's okay, Mokeshan. I found him!!"

"You did?!" I take her hand and pull her to the room with Mikey.

When we get back to the room, I look her in the eyes. I need her help more than anything else right now.  "Mokeshan, can you do me a favor."

"Sure thing, Leo."

"I need to get away. I have to get Mikey home, I'll come back, I know I can't leave for good. But Mikey doesn't have to be pulled into this."

Mokeshan smiles. "Of course I'll help you, Leo. Just remember you don't have much time." She leads me to a back door as I carry Mikey. I thank her, then we separate as I take Mikey to safety.

I take a plane back to New York. I don't have much time and I know that more than anything. So I hurry.

Getting to the lair brings back old memories, dreams from my child years. I lay Mikey down on his bed, I know the others will find him here. I leave hoping not to see anyone.

"And where do you think you're going?!" Ninjara steps in my way. She must have seen me come in.

"Hello, Ninjara, I'm sorry but I have no time to talk. I have to get out of here. Take care of Mikey, the Shredder did that to him."

"How do we know the Shredder did that, for all we know you could have!!" Ninjara is mad at me. I can hear it in her voice. I back away, knowing she isn't going to listen to me right now and she is going to take everything out on me. "If Shredder even got that close to hurting Mikey, he would kill him in seconds."

I thought the same thing and I know she wouldn't believe me if I told her, unless she heard the full story. I look at my return plane tickets from my round trip. I don't have time to tell her the story, I only gave myself an hour to get back on the plane and getting here was 20 mins of the time.

"I'm sorry, Ninjara, but I don't have time to tell you my full story. I can tell you this, it wasn't me that hurt Mikey and he must be taken care of. Please believe me, Ninjara, I would stay if I could."

"Who's here stopping you from staying?!"

"The W's have me, and I must go back."

"What? Do they have you on some drug or something?! Your BROTHERS need you!!! Master Splinter NEEDS you! The W's don't! So why in the world would you go running back to them?! You can't be the Leonardo I know! The Leo I know doesn't give in to the Evil!!! I know, I fought with Leonardo working together and against him. You can't be him!!"

"Believe me, Ninjara, I am Leonardo and I only fight when I know that others are not at cost. Right now, I have a problem and I don't have time to talk about it." I go to run past her, just to get out of here. Suddenly, I trip over something. I look up to see Raphael and his scars from my blades cutting him.

"Well, well, well, what have we here? Leonardo!!!" Raphael kneels down on me, I feel the sharp point of a sai go to the back of my neck. "Leo, I'm not letting you leave this time. The last time you left, you turned on us and kicked my shell, but not again!" I have to fight, I can't let Raph hold me here.

I feel his anger, not at him, but at myself. I saw how mad he was and let it get me down more. I did let my brothers down and would Raph even understand. I have to get out of this and leave before my plane goes without me, but then something even worse happens. I feel Raph grab into my pocket.

"Plane tickets?" Raph gets the tickets from my pocket.  In his eyes, he has to do anything from keeping me from leaving. "HA! You're not going anywhere now." I hear the tickets rip. Raph has just cost me a half of a round trip airfare back to the W's. I look at the ticket land in front of my face torn up. I roll over, knocking Raph off of me.  He isn't ready for me to do that. I jump to my feet.

"Oh great! Now I have to buy more tickets! Raph, I have to go, I have no choice!"

"Yeah! Right, Leo! You're not going anywhere!!!"

I look at Ninjara as she walks behind Raph. The two of them would fight me until I fall, over letting me just leave. Raphael holds his sais in hand.  I can see the areas that my blades have hit him. He is scarred and still shouldn't really be up, moving around or fighting.

"What happened to Mikey, Leo?" Raph asks as he looked at Mikey on the bed behind me.

"It was the Shredder's doing, he must be taken care of. I shouldn't be your worry right now!"

"Oh yea, you shouldn't be our worry. WHAT SO YOU CAN RUN OFF AND WORK WITH THE SHREDDER AGAIN?? No way, Leo!! You're my worry!!! All these years, we listened and worked with you!!! DAMNIT You're my brother!! I'm not letting you leave!!!"

"What's all the yelling in here?" Donatello walks in, then went still, seeing me. "Leonardo?" I look down.  I didn't want to be found this time, I just want to get back to the W HQ. I'm not ready to face my brothers, I'll be ready when I find how to remove these blades.

"Yea! It's Leo! And he's trying to leave again!!" Raph says walking towards me. "Hmmm... I like the odds, don't you, Leo? Three against one!" Raph jumps at me. I go down and roll out of the way, watching Raph crash into Mikey's night stand.

"Raph, don't do this! I don't want to fight you!" Then I feel arms grab me from behind, it’s Ninjara and she gets me in a headlock. Using my shell, I get her on my back and flip her over. I turnto face Donatello.

"Sorry, Leo, but they're right. We can't let you leave. Maybe if you had stayed and told us how we could help you. I mean, we've been searching all over for you, looking to find ya and this is the only place we have you where we don't have to worry about W's jumping us."

"Don, I don't know how you can help me. I just know that the W's have me, and until I can find an answer and get it to you guys, then I'm stuck. Look, I don't have a choice right now, I mean they don't even know I'm gone, and they're going to be mad at me for even taking Mikey away." I can hear the depression in my own voice, but then tried to think of Peter, how depressed he is and he's the leader of the Shapers.

"Leo, you got a choice right now. And you're making the wrong one." Donatello says as he walks towards me. Just then I feel what I feared, Terror has found me away from W HQ and is making me pay for leaving. I feel the pain go up the back of my Shell.  I fall to the ground. Raph and Ninjara back off.

"We didn't do anything." Raph says, keeping himself and Ninjara from getting in trouble.

Donatello runs over to me, as he sees the pain in my eyes. He looked up at Raphael.  "Go get Master Splinter! Leo needs help! And this time we can't just let him leave us!!" Raph runs out to get Master Splinter.

Ninjara turns to see Mikey.  "Don, when you're done with him, you might want to check out Mikey. He's all bloody and I think he's got a few broken bones."

Donatello lowers his head, he knows he has a lot of work cut out for him.

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