"The Shape of a Turtle" Part 19

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Part 19
"Mark, I need your help. You guys have a way to travel to where I don't even know I'm going somewhere. I need your help now, I'd like to get Master Splinter home for Donatello to take care of him, but I don't want to have to pull him home, through a plane trip and all, that would be to much on him.  Can you help me?"

"Sure Leo." Next thing I know it goes all dark. The next I see the light of day, we're home, New York City. We are right outside the sewer den.

"Thanks, Mark, I'll bring Master Splinter to his bed.  Boy, is Don going to be surprised when he sees Master Splinter and I here today."

I smile at Mark, he could tell I'm getting happier.  I just have to keep thinking this way.  Wipe out all the bad that has happened to me.  It's going to be hard, but to let the lonely days and depression rule over me, would be letting the blades win.

I get Master Splinter to his room without Don seeing me. Donatello is cleaning the kitchen up when I walk into the room to look at Mikey before I tell Don about Master Splinter. Mikey's body looks so empty. It's a sad sight for any eyes. I wish Mikey wasn't down.

After looking at Mikey, I walk into the kitchen. Don turns around, surprised to see me.  "Leo! How did you get home so fast?!"

"We were headed home when I called ya, I wanted it to be a surprise that we got here today." Don smiles and gives me a hug. "Donny, I got some bad news to tell you."

"What is it Leo?" I see the worry fill his eyes.

"It's Master Splinter, he was too close to a bomb when it went off.  He's in the other room." Donatello runs to Master Splinter's bed room.

"Woah! He looks worse than Mikey!!!"

"He's talked to me once, the first day I saw him like this. Donny I thought I should get him home to you, for you to take care of him, he needs you now."

"Leo, what am I to do, I already have Mikey? My hands are full... and I can't turn Master Splinter away, but this is a lot of work."

"I thought about that Donny, I'm going to call April in to help us." Don walks over and puts his hand upon the melted fur. He looks up at me, then a tear goes down his face.

"I don't think he's going to live this one, Leo. I have a bad feeling about this." We both hug each other.  I feel the tears from his eyes hitting my shoulder, as my own tears go rolling down my face. To think of losing Master Splinter is one of the hardest things. I love him so much.

"I better call April in, and get back to help Raph. You take care of yourself, Donny."

"Ok Leo, I hope the war ends soon." I look at Don one more time and nod before I leave.

Mark is waiting outside for me. I walk over to him.  "I've got to go get a friend to come and help Donatello."

"Who are you getting?"

"April O'Neil, she's a friend of ours, and will help Donny."

Once I get up to the streets above, I go to April's place.  She is going through some papers with Irma sitting down next to her.

"Well April, you could always go to that station down town. They did stories on the crime a lot more than Channel 6."

"No, I think I'm going to stay as a free lance, I have more of my own right to do the stories I want. Besides I even have a good camera lady.  Who could ask for anything more?" April smiles.

I knock on the door, even though it is open for me to see this. "Who's there." April asks as she turns around.

"Hi April, it's me, Leo."

"Leonardo!" April runs over to the door, "Come on in.. where have you been? How's the others? Are you free from the W's? Why are you here?"

"Should I answer that all in order?"


"Ok, I've been with Raphael for a little bit in the war against Nevyen. Yes I'm free from the W's and I'm here because Donatello needs your help." I say, walking over to the table, looking down at the papers.  I see they are over due bills. "What's going on here April?"

"Why does Donatello need my help, and never mind the bills!" April grabs a coat.  Irma just stands to the side watching all this.

"Well you see, Master Splinter and Michaelangelo are wounded and sick.  They need to be taken care of. Donatello can't do it all on his own, and I have to go back to help Raphael and Ninjara."

"Ok, I'll help Don." April says, getting ready to run out the door.

"Oh fine April, just leave me, I'll show my own way out."

"I'm sorry Irma, but this sounds serious! I'll go through the bills later."

"Yea, yea, you're just looking for a reason why not to do the bills now." April smiles at Irma, then goes out the door. Irma sits down and looks at me.

I turn and follow April. I figure I would go with her, so she can see how bad they are.

"Leo, you've been through alot I guess, with all this stuff with the W's.  Do you think there's a story within it, that you can give me?"

"Maybe when all this madness is done with, but I don't know right now."

We go quietly, but fast, back home. I could tell April has a lot of stress on herself that she is trying to block out. When we get to the lair, I find Donatello running towards Master Splinter's room with some first aid stuff.

"What's wrong, Donny?!" I yell as I run to Master Splinter's room.  April is close behind.

"I think we're losing him! He's dying, Leo!!! I don't know if I can save him!!!"

"We're going to have to find away! Let's give it all we got!!" I start to do anything that Don tells me to do, as does April.  We work together, handing Don tools from the first aid box.

Fifteen minutes pass, which felt like an hour, of just working on saving Splinter.  "Okay, that should do for now." Don says looking down. A tear goes down his face. "Leo, this is crazy, I don't think I can save him, he was about to die right there. If that happens again, I don't know if I'll be able to pull him out of it." I look down, feeling the pain that Donatello is talking about, to lose Master Splinter is too much.

"Hi April." Don says, looking up seeing April standing behind me.

"Hi Don, I'm sorry about this, Master Splinter sure does look ill." April puts her hand down on him, then looked up at Don. "I'm here to help you, together, we'll keep Master Splinter alive." Donatello smiles at April, she is such a good friend of ours.

"Well, guys, I have a war to return to, don't worry, I'll return. Hopefully next time the war will be over." I turn and walk out of the lair as I could hear the two of them saying good bye. I just hope everything turns out right.

Mark is waiting for me.

"It's time to go back to the war, Mark." I say, looking at back towards the lair. "I will return here as soon as I can." Mark shapes over me, and all I can see is pure dark, and right now that is the way I am feeling too. I am lonely, scared, and I think a little ill.

Once I see the light again, we are in the room that we left, the room where they had Master Splinter in. I walk out of the room and see Raphael sitting down.  Then he stands up as fast as he can.

"What took you so long in there?!! What were you doing?!!"

"I got Master Splinter home, for Donatello and April to take care of him, he shouldn't be this close to the war!"


"Raph, take it easy, Master Splinter is ok. He's been moved, and I did so carefully. I don't want him hurt, and I don't want him this close to the war! Don't you trust me?"

"No Leo!!! I almost thought I could, but you lost that trust! How could you be so dumb! I didn't even think he would live to get here! Then you have the guts to take him to New York!!! I didn't even see you leave the room!!! YOU HAVE TO BE LYING!!!" Raph runs past me and looks in the room. "Master Splinter!!!" He yells.

"Raph, Mark took us home. Remember he's one of the Shadows, a Shaper." Raph turns and looks at Mark. "Don't even think of saying it's his fault, because it was my plan. I had him do it.. for Master Splinter!" Raph turns and walks out.

I look down. I can tell that he’s mad and he’s mad at me. How am I to earn his trust back, when he acts like that?

I walk to my room and sit down, looking out the window, I see the wolf people with weapons and guards all around. Ready for a war  It wouldn't be right to keep Master Splinter at a place like this, he's safer at home. I know it, I can feel it.

I stay in my room for about an hour, thinking of all the stuff that's been happening.  Will we ever catch up to our normal lives?  Did we ever have a normal life? So many questions, I'm in the dark about. I feel lonely, seeing the dark go over the land. Did I do the right thing? Did Raph have the right to be mad? Then my mind goes towards Master Splinter.  I close my eyes.. thinking...thinking of him.

He was just a young rat when his Master Yoshi got him, he remembered so much, and told us so many stories. Like how Nagi and Yoshi use to work together, then when Shen came into their lives.  They grew apart, both wanting the same woman. They started to fight over many things and never worked together again. Yoshi did feel bad after killing Nagi, he didn't mean to. Nagi got him so mad.  It was just that his anger had clouded the mind that night.

That's why Yoshi started over and moved to New York. Only if Saki saw what really happened, instead of being brought up to believe it was a cold blood murder like he was. It has destroyed so many lives.  But what if this all didn't happen, would we have ever had a father character like Master Splinter? With his years with us, he taught us many things.  One thing was to try and hold our anger from clouding our minds, from destroying our lives, like it did with his Master Yoshi.

I open my eyes, it’s time to try getting things more in order, we have to end this fight. The W's want us Turtles, not the wolf people. I walk down the steps, on my way to get Raphael.


I look down as my Turtle com goes off. Picking up my Turtle com, I hear Donatello's voice. "Leo! I need you come fast! Master Splinter, he’s awake, I know you can't be all the way back to Mokoshan's place already! I need you to come home!"

"Ok, Don! I'm coming" I turn off the Turtle come and run into Raph's room. "Raph! Master Splinter's awake! Don wants me to come home! I want you here for this, Raph!" Raph sits up and looks at me.

"Ok, Leo, I'm coming. Let's get our shells out of here."

We go into the living room where Mark was sitting. Mark looks up at us. He sees there is something going on, by the looks on our faces.  At that time, Ninjara walks into the room.

"Raph, I'm done with my shower." She stops and looks around "What's going?"

"Mark, we need to go home now." Next thing I know it goes all dark. When Mark uncovers us, we’re home. I look to see that Ninjara was brought along too. "Come on.. let's find out what Donny sounded so worried about."

We walk in and Donatello looks over.  "What are Raphael and Ninjara doing here??!!"

"They, well, it's a long story. Let's get on to what's going on with Master Splinter?"

"Well, I walked past his room, I was going to take care of Michaelangelo.. and I heard a noise.  I ran into his room, he was lying there, with his eyes open. He hasn't said anything, but I think you guys should be here." Donatello walks into his room. Raph, Ninjara and I follow. I look to see Master Splinter, the pain in his eyes, and I feel a tear trickle down my eyes.  I feel a deep fear that this might be that last time I see him looking at me.

"Hi Master Splinter." I say, putting my hand on his right arm.

He smiles at me.  "My sons you are together."  Some blood comes from his mouth and over the lips that smiled to us. "I have missed seeing you all together,............. but where is........................Mich...ae...lang....elo..... ?"

"He's sleeping right now Master Splinter, as you should be. Get your rest." I sit down next to him.

"My sons..... there is something I must say...be..fore.. .I...close.....my... eyes..this..one.."

"Say what you must Master Splinter, but remember this isn't your last time closing your eyes, we'll make sure of it!" Raph says, I look towards him and I see the worry in his eyes.

"I...have...alwa..ys....t.o.l..d..you...m.y...so..ns.... th.at..I..wi..ll..be gon..e....one da.y...t..his..day. is comin..g..closer.., as..I talk..no..w." Splinter closes his eyes in pain, as we see blood come from his eyes.  His words are slow, with a sound of pain, a deep pain, a sound I didn't want to face. "Be..fo..re........I'.m...go.ne..I..mu..st.. sa..y.. .I... love..you..all..m..y..sons. .and...no...matter...what... hap..pens...ne..ver ...gi.ve...in...for I am..always with..you.." Splinter smiles at us, then closes his eyes again. I reach down and feel for a pulse...

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