Snap Review: Minions Mega Bloks

There’s so many different products released every year that we have a hard time keeping up with everything.  From toys, food, and novelty products.  Wanting to cover everything we enjoy, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can take time.  Which has got me deciding to do some shorter reviews, just doing fast coverage of the product itself.  These are our Cowabunga Corner Snap Reviews.  Each review covering a different product, depending on what ever it is we have to share.  This episode covers Mega Bloks Despicable Me Beach Party Set!

I got this Minion Mega Blok set by going to Toy Fair 2015 event for the Minion Movie.  They had a LOT of stuff set up for the new movie, toys that are out and toys that are coming out.  This was something they gave to everyone who came to the event.  I wanted to share it here on Cowabunga Corner.

I personally am excited about the Minion movies as I’ve always like the Minions.  Miki made a foam Minion doll before the first Despicable Me came out that I brought with me to the midnight screening.  It was a lot of fun, and there wasn’t really any Minion dolls out at the time.  So we got attention for having one of our own Minions already.

In this video I put the small set together.  And share my excitement for the moving that is coming out this summer.  I will most likely keep my new little minion near my TMNT LEGO sets.

Do you have any of the Minion Mega Blok sets?  Which ones do you have?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.  


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