Snap Review: TMNT Blind bag Keychains


There’s so many different products released every year that we have a hard time keeping up with everything.  From toys, food, and novelty products.  Wanting to cover everything we enjoy, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can take time.  Which has got me deciding to do some shorter reviews, just doing fast coverage of the product itself.  These are our Cowabunga Corner Snap Reviews.  Each review covering a different product, depending on what ever it is we have to share.  This episode covers TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Blind bag Keychain Figurine.

These are cute little Blind Bag Keychains that I found at Target.  Sadly I was hoping to be able to get back to Target and buy more shortly after filming this review.  Though the review was filmed much earlier in the year and I don’t know if Target still has them.  I still have both of the Leonardos.  Debating if I’m going to trade mine off, I was thinking I could take more part in this if doing a trading topic.  Life just got way too busy for me to get into it more.

I do like how this Leonardo turned out, as I share in the video.  He’s a fun size for a keychain, got his sword and the cool little 3D card with him.  At some point I do hope to find and collect the rest of this set.  Watch the video if you wanna see my opening and reaction to this fun toy.

Do you have any of the Blind Bag TMNT Key chains?  If so, which ones do you have?  Please feel free to share reviews, comments and questions belows.

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