Snap Review: TMNT Party Pack


There’s so many different products released every year that we have a hard time keeping up with everything.  From toys, food, and novelty products.  Wanting to cover everything we enjoy, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can take time.  Which has got me deciding to do some shorter reviews, just doing fast coverage of the product itself.  These are our Cowabunga Corner Snap Reviews.  Each review covering a different product, depending on what ever it is we have to share.  This episode covers TMNT Party Packs.

I originally found these at Walmart near the Valentine stuff.  I thought this was going to be something for Valentines and threw it in my cart not really reading it, till I sat down to film.  What a surprise it was, to see that this is really an all year fun thing for parties.  And anyone who knows me, knows I love parties and party supplies so I’m not too disappointed in what I found.  If you want to see my reaction to what I found, and the awesome things included just watch the video.

We do have plenty more Valentines TMNT stuff for the week.  As we do enjoy sharing this holiday and the cool TMNT items with everyone.  I will be in New York City on Valentines Day, covering Toy Fair.  I do hope everyone has good plans for the day to be with someone you care for or doing something you love! 

Have you found this TMNT Party Pack?  What part of the store was it in when you found it?  Do you own it?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.


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