Splash Leonardo Bloopers


Filming Cowabunga Corner Reviews is normally something I do alone.  Setting up, starting the recording, sharing my thoughts and showing the product.  Though every now and then I get people to join me like with “Calling all Turtles” and the “Leonardo Splash Ball” review.  For the Leonardo Splash Ball review we had Andre from “Black Nerd Comedy” join us, which meant for a lot of laughs.  Many of which had to find it’s way to the cutting room floor.  Though I felt that these jokes were so worth showing, so this video is the bloopers from the Leonardo Splash Ball review with Kooki, Andre and myself.

Andre is a lot of fun to hang out with, and comes up with a ton of funny things to say.  He’s also got a cool talent of reading stuff I could never picture reading.  Giving us all a fun review.  I really hope that Andre and I are able to work together on more reviews in the future.  It always depends on if we’re in the same area long enough to film something. 

Kooki is a good friend who may join me for some reviews soon.  Got a handful of games I’ve been holding off from reviewing till I had someone else to play the games with.  She has been helping the Cowabunga Corner crew at different events and have even joined us on trips.  Hopefully she’ll be doing a lot more with us.

I hope everyone enjoyed this video.  It was a lot of fun being there and joking around with both Andre and Kooki.  A big thanks to both of them for joining me in this review.

All comments and questions are welcomed below.

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