Super strong Turtles

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and IDW TMNT Comics have both been going strong for a long time now.  Giving us great stories to talk about, from Bebop and Rocksteady, the Mighty Mutanimals and romantic interest for the Turtles.  There’s always something new and exciting for the fans to chime in about in the world of Ninja Turtles.  Even with these two amazing areas going at full swing, the news I see the most about on the internet is that filming has started on the Ninja Turtles second movie due out June 2016.  I’d like to talk more about my feelings on the last film, and why this news is okay to me but not the hottest thing going on for Ninja Turtles in my eyes. 

I have and always will support all things Ninja Turtles.  I am open to different people’s views of the Turtles.  My goal is to keep the Turtles around for future generations of fans, so that they can be that extra support for fans who need it, like I needed them.  So I will see the second movie when it comes out, I will get the toys, I will happily go to more than one showing and hang out with friends while doing so.  Though I will never feel that these Turtles are the Turtles that I truly am a fan of.   And here’s why.

When the Ninja Turtles came out, they were the first heroes that I learned who were like us.  No, we’re not mutants.  But the only thing really different with them was their looks.  They were strong, but not super strong.  They were at the point that people could train and become in that way.  They had no real super power, besides bringing body parts into their shell and the shell being their armor.  They were not rich, so they couldn’t go out and buy fancy toys.  Everything they had, they made or found.  Because of this, the Ninja Turtles inspired me to stand up for myself.  I got into defense classes, ended the fighting at school, and have stopped people from beating up others around me. 

Now I always loved superhero cartoons.  So it’s not like they were the first heroes that I became a fan of.  They were just the first superheroes that inspired me that I could do something for myself instead of relying on others to come and save me.  This helped my life in so many ways.  And I can say that most areas of TMNT has kept that part of TMNT true to heart; the original comics, cartoon, Next Mutation, 4Kids series, Archie Comics, and even Nickelodeon and IDW.  Though the new movie took that one major part of the Turtles away for me. 

I could live with the new looks, I can put up with the sick humor, and I can even stomach that April got more screen time than any of the Turtles.  But them being super strong, and I mean bigger than life strong, that is where it hurts to watch for me.  I feel like they just made the Turtles into another version of the Hulk.  They took away the human side where they struggle like we do, instead they’re breaking things and throwing things that we couldn’t picture doing.  And because of this, these are not the Turtles that I hold and they land near the bottom of the different TMNT universes out there for me.

Do I hate the movie?  No.  It had a better plot than the 2007 movie.  But I far from love it.  I still support it, wearing shirts for the movie, keeping the toys and such on display.  I would love to see a movie in theaters based on the IDW story or the Nickelodeon cartoon.  I would love to see the Turtles, looking closer to the Turtles we know and love without super strength.  So yes, I do fan all areas of Ninja Turtles, I just don’t hold all of them at the same levels of my fandom.  

I’m happy that people out there enjoy these Turtles.  I’m glad it’s got a fandom, where people found this to be what they were looking for.  And I’m sorry that so many people who don’t like it, took it personal.  This is not a personal attack against us, and will never get rid of the versions of Turtles that we know and love.  Every fan is different so it’s awesome that there’s a universe for all the different types of fans.  Let’s not confuse our self wants, with what has to be done for the entertainment of Ninja Turtles. 

What are your thoughts on the Turtles’ super strength?  Did it help the movie or hurt the movie for you?  Please no bashing, this is so fans can share how they feel without being judged for it.  Please share questions, comments and reviews below.


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