Thank You!

When I started Cowabunga Corner in 2010, I thought it was going to be just a few videos shot to share some of my stories.  Though with a lot of good feedback of people excited about the new blog, it kept going.  And some things started to change.  Originally just a show of me talking at a camera has now become a show with event footage and interviews.  Sharing stories of other fans and guests.  Cowabunga Corner expanded from what I thought it was going to be, and grew before my eyes.  Costing more than I could've pictured.  Though after discussing things with crew members, viewers and some of our guests we decided to start this kickstarter project.  Which was a great success thanks to our supporters!

Cowabunga Corner needed help as my gear was getting old and falling apart, my hard drives were filling up, and I needed new software for editing.  People were commenting on our blogs about our cameras, our mics, and locations.  In fact one of our comments this week from the Kevin Eastman interview quotes “That's awesome that you got an interview with him. Maybe next time you should have a sit-down indoors to avoid the wind, and also make it more comfortable.”  These were things that I personally could not have done anything about without help.

This show is now something where people are coming for cool interviews and information.  We want to make sure that our viewers are happy.  So we went over what we need to do that, and did the math.  After working things out for what we need and doing some online research in what other people ask for help with, for online series, we came up with our amount that would be needed to keep the blog going.   So we started the kickstarter!

This was an amazing ride as we watched things flux in how the pledges were coming in.  I know the rewards were not much, though to keep the goal as low as we could we did not want to add rewards that was going to bump the price up.  So they were mainly Thank Yous for helping with the show.  As the kickstarter went on, people like Kevin Eastman, Tokka, Art-Toons and Ciro Nieli came through to offering rewards better than I could.   I can not thank these people enough for helping Cowabunga Corner through this time.

The biggest thanks though goes out to each and everyone who took a moment to donate to bring us to our goal.  Everyone who put a dollar in made it so this happened and we are very thankful.  I promise that every dollar is going towards ‘Cowabunga Corner’.

On our Facebook page as a Thank You to our viewers we’re taking questions in the sticky topic.  15 of the questions will be randomly picked by the Cowabunga Corner crew and used in a 27th episode for Season 4 of Cowabunga Corner where I will answer them.  These can be Ninja Turtle or non Ninja Turtle questions.  Have fun and I’ll do my best to answer them!

We will be keeping people up to date as things are done for Cowabunga Corner, as Season 5 is already started with filming.  We look forward to bring everyone a great new season!

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