TMNT 2012 Comic Con Event!

“Mutation in Progress” EVENT

Excitement keeps coming up around every corner for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans, as Nickelodeon is keeping the fans on their toes by giving us little hints that something is coming.  This is a lot different than the lack of coverage Warner Brothers did for the TMNT 2007 film, where we did not see anything till within months of the movie and still being disappointed by the lack of promotion used for the film overall.  We see now, Nickelodeon is not going to make the same mistake with the Turtles.

With the TV series coming out in 2012, most fans would not think they would see anything of this series till months before. Though back in Spring of this year, Nickelodeon did their fan event and brought in a handful of fans.  This event showed ideas for the new show and was released to the public.  We covered that story in great excitement, with things for the fans to discuss, giving Nickelodeon a chance to watch our reaction.

Once again the fans are being given the opportunity to see more of the new TMNT in progress.  As Nickelodeon, IDW Publishing and Playmate toys are putting on an hour long demo for selected fans, making tickets easy to access for fans who are very active online. Though not open to just anyone who shows up to the convention, a few fans have been given a handful of tickets to give out to fellow fans who are coming to the event.

Cowabunga Corner is happy to say that we will be covering this event, releasing whatever news we can.  Please keep up with our Facebook page or Twitter page as we will be updating those sites throughout the Comic Con weekend!

Comic Con International has a lot more to offer TMNT fans than this panel, as IDW has their own panels, Kevin Eastman will be there for his Heavy Metal Booth, and the voice actor panel will have voices from the original Cartoon series.  With other TMNT guests slide in through the convention, fans going there for Turtles can have a fun weekend.

Overall, Comic Con International looks to be a fun event for fans to meet up, share their thoughts on TMNT, new and old, while getting to see a peek at what Nickelodeon has in store for us next year!

Thanks Nickelodeon for keeping this fandom lively with hopes for great things to come!

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Do you know if Nickelodeon is allowing pictures of the new toys at the SDCC event? Is there someone I can contact at Nickelodeon in regards to this? Thanks.