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In the last week Turtle fans have been hit with a lot of news a select group of fans was chosen to go to Nickelodeon to have a sneak peek at the Mutation in Progress itself.  They were treated with hotel, food and even gifts from Nickelodeon.  These lucky people got to share their feedback on what they thought of the things that were shown to them.  Now, some of them are sharing their stories with the rest of the fans.

I have been going through reading all of the different reviews that have been released so far.  Some were very detailed about the event and products, while some seem like short overviews of things.  We will link each of the original posts here on the page so everyone has a chance to read these reviews.  Though in this story I’d like to share my thoughts on what has been released to the fans through other fans of this Mutation in Progress.

In the new series, April is a 16 year old who looks to be 13 years old.  Wearing black pants and yellow shirt.  April is the one I’m hearing most people complain about, since she was originally an adult with a job.  As an adult, April was more helpful to the Turtles, as she could get into places they could not.  She had an income, which could help them in times of need.  She had her own place.  Though the story I’m hearing is that these aliens known as the Kraangs kidnap April and her family, the Turtles were able to save April but not her folks.  So the big questions that come to my mind is, where does she live?  Where is her income coming from?  If she’s only visiting the Turtles does this mean her folks get free, and she still lives with them?  As a kid, how much use will April be towards the guys?

Personally, I’m not a big fan of April O’Neil. In the original series she was always in trouble and needing to be saved.  You would of thought that she’d learn to defend herself.  In the movies, again we never see her trying to learn to fight.  I still liked the spunk that April in the first movie had when it came to the fight scenes.  Archie comics gave her a sword which made her a lot more likable to me.  The 4Kids series got her to start learning to defend herself, at a good pace and became my favorite version of April O’Neil.  The TMNT 2007 Movie... well, I hated her, felt that her character growth as a fighter was not backed at all by the earlier movies.  She changed into a bit of a snob with how she would treat Casey and was just all out annoying that they wrote her the way they did.  She was out of character.   Overall though, I could take the Turtles as a show with or without April O’Neil.  So this is not the first time her character had a total make over.  We’ll just have to see where Nickelodeon brings her from here.

Splinter is tall, looks more like a rat than he has before.  I know some fans have been making a big deal about this, though that is a bit understandable.  Splinter was originally a 4 foot tall Rat.  He was short, to the point that even in the original movies they made him into a puppet instead of a costume, for the skinny arms and legs to all work out.  These are the features we’re use to. seeing. Even the Next Mutation, hired a short 19 year old to wear the Splinter costume.  Though if his size is the biggest problem I’m hearing people complain about, it’s not something that’s going to trouble me.  Our characters have changed their sizes through each series.  Even the back of the toy boxes, did not match up to the video game profiles or the profiles found in the Palladium books.  Personally, I can not wait to see images of Splinter to see how they made him more rat like.

Splinter’s background story is interesting.  It seems he is human changed into a mutant rat, and had a family, even a daughter.  I’m curious if his wife was Tang Shen. It’ll be really neat to see what they’re doing with this.  This is the first background story of him being human since the original cartoon went off the air in 1996.  Shredder and Hamato Yoshi had their own fight going on, where Shredder thought he killed Hamato.  Though Hamato came to New York fleeing Japan.  These changes are not much different than the stories in the past.  Hamato and Saki have issues, Hamato leaves Japan because of Saki, Saki comes chasing after him.  The biggest difference is there’s hints that Hamato left a daughter behind.  I know my interest is really peeked on this and I really can not wait for the series to start, so I can learn where they’re going with this back story.

The Turtles each are a different size.  Donatello, who use to be one of the shortest Turtles, is now the tallest Turtle.  From what I’m reading he’s not super tall.  Just a little taller from Leo and Raph.  Mike is the shortest.  It does seem weird to think of Donatello as the tall Turtle, though once again I won’t let size changes trouble me. If size was all that important I would of had issues with the Next Mutation where Leonardo was the shortest Turtle, while his stunt double was the tallest.  At least in the toon, each turtle won’t change their size during fight scenes.

The Turtles are said to look like they came out of the 2007 Movie for the most part, which I originally talked about in the “2012 TMNT Designs First Look Review!” that was done here on Cowabunga Corner.  Though the biggest difference being pointed out is that the Turtles have Three toes in the video.  This is not something we’ve seen many images of at this time.  The idea of three toes is a bit odd, as a two toed foot print has been one of the signs of the Turtles for many years.  Even the Words & Pictures Museum had the two toed foot prints going up to the back door of the Museum.  Though as weird as that may seem, it’s a small change to deal with compared to the front shells of the Next Mutation. An extra toe is an odd feature, but it’s nothing to cause and uproar about.

Not much has been said about Shredder, besides for that he’s scary.  That was used in each of the reviews that I’ve read.  “Scary” doesn’t say much.  The toy isn’t as stiff as the 4Kids toy, he’s human and ran Splinter out of town.  He has a machine that makes Mutants in the TCRI building.  Shredder come to New York to hunt Hamato down.  We’ll have to learn what his beef is with Hamato in this story line.  Hoping it’s a good one.

Shredder has teamed up with an alien race known as the Kraangs.  These creatures are basically a mix between Utroms and Krang.  More scary, they move like spiders.  Though they can’t live in our atmosphere so they need their android bodies.  These are supposedly going to replace the Foot, so the Turtles have robots to fight.  Though the foot start off as human.  Personally I’m not a fan of Robot Foot soldiers.  I know we had them in the original cartoon series, though what I do like is that these are not just “Robots” there’s life forms inside of them, so they can have personalities, reactions, voices.

I know the Foot is not known for talking, though they have in the 4Kids series and I always thought it was cool when one would speak up.  Like in the episode "The way of invisibility", a Foot Tech Ninja holds up Casey threatening his life.  Things like this was something I enjoyed.  So I’m personally hoping that these Kraangs have personalities and are more than just standing around for orders.  Now there was talk that there might be a chance that some are bad and some are good.  We’ll have to see, this is not impossible as that is a way of life.  Nothing is pure evil or pure good.

Now the biggest thing that gets me which I read on at least one of these reviews is that the show has the feel of Teen Titans.  Now as much as I love that series, I don’t want to see Ninja Turtles turned into that series.  The anime reactions, are fun for series originally designed for it.  But that could be as much as a turn off to Turtle fans, as the sound effects in the Next Mutation was back in the day.  It would not be a bright idea to mix these two medias in that sort of light.  Teen Titans is a series that I enjoyed on it’s own level, though I never found myself collecting the toys, dvds, or anything else of the like.  Turtles on it’s own level has gotten fans all around the world that have stayed with them for over 20 years.  I hope Nick does not do something, that could change how those fans feel.

Another thing that has me concerned is Michelangelo being compared to Beast Boy.  Michelangelo, as most anyone who knows me knows, is my favorite Turtle.  He always has been.  And it’s not because he’s a goof ball who falls into trouble.  Mike has a great personality and it would be a shame if he’s over looked on that again by someone else who thinks he is best for comedy relief.  He’s a writer, artist, actor, comic fan, with a good sense of humor and cares deeply for his family around him.  He’s smarter than most people give him credit for.  I talk more about Michelangelo in “Cowabunga Corner” #51.  Keep an eye out for it this May.

Everything I talked about here is quoted from fans who went to the sneak peek that Nickelodeon had.  I was not a part of this, so for some real views on it by the people who witnessed these events take place.  Please do read the source of this article by the lucky fans who got to be part of this.

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Nickelodeon is on the move to bring the Turtles back in full swing!  And as far I’m seeing they’re making some really good moves by trying to find out what the fans think.  If you have a blog, I encourage you to share your stories on what you feel about everything you’ve read and heard from your fellow fans!  Also do take time to say Thank you to all the fans that have taken the time not just to share what they saw, but to give their own personally feedback upon it.

Thank you everyone who took part in this event and has taken time to share it with us!

Thanks Nickelodeon for showing that you’re interested in the thoughts of the fans!  It at least makes this fan excited to see what you come up with!

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Well, that about does it for me. I am totally out.

Your loss, Cynthia! I for one am totally psyched about this new series! Hell, the only thing that kinda bothers me is the idea of the Turtles having extra toes. That's going to look weird.

Are pictures going to be allowed at THIS event? I certainly hope so. Or is there anyone at Nickelodeon we can contact to allow pictures to be taken?

Michele Ivey's picture

I do not know if pictures or anything will be allowed. I'm hoping photos are allowed, though when they did their event back at the studio a few months ago they were not. So we will have to see. Sorry it took so long to approve your message was not around yesterday. Comments go through an approval step before they're posted on the page, so we were getting your messages. Just couldn't do anything till now.

i heard the turtles are gonna go to school

when is it coming out??

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We're not sure of a release date, the show is due for Fall 2012. Other rumors have been going around. Though it will be this year.