TMNT 2012 Voice Actors!

More news is being released about the new TMNT cartoon that we’re going to be waiting a year to see hit TV.  Today, all four Turtles voice actor names have been released to the public and the excitement grows in the crowds.  Though everyone is going to react differently towards the news with one thing for certain, we’re going to be sitting at the edges of our seats to hear what they’re going to do for the voices.

Already announced a few months ago, Rob Paulsen, the original voice of Raphael, is back to now be the voice of Donatello.   This was the best news I’ve heard to date about the voices for the new series.

Two of the Turtles are going to be voiced by people more known for their live-action movies rather than their voice acting.  Jason Biggs, Leonardo, is best known for his work in American Pie.  Released today, we have Sean Astin as Raphael. Sean is best known for great movies like The Goonies and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Sean is one of the things that did catch me a little off guard, he’s got a great career in acting and I never even thought of him going into voice acting.  Though when the interview was released on Entertainment Weekly today he said “I used to want to work as a voice over actor. From the time I was a kid, I used to want to do commercials and cartoons. I would go in for auditions and I just couldn’t get them.”  This has given me a lot of respect towards Sean, as most voice actors out there reply to if they wanted to be a voice actor is “they want to be an actor” and basically that voice acting just happen to fall into their laps.  Though this is a man who originally wanted to do voices, that did not work out for him, so he starred in a few hit movies, got some training and is now going back to a goal of his from long ago.

In the interview for Entertainment Weekly though, Sean was asked if he was a fan of the original cartoon series his reply was “I was too old for them.”  which was a bit disappointing.  Sean is only Seven years older than me.  I know many people older than that, who enjoyed the Turtles series.  It’s an answer you hear from people who did not try to give that series a chance, he does say that enjoys the world of the Turtles.  So it means he’s had some TMNT stuff go through his life and even shares one of his memories at Disney world that included the Turtles.

I highly recommend reading this interview with Sean about his gig as Raphael, his reactions to recording with the original voice of Raphael in the same room, and where he got his training that helped him become a voice actor.  It’s located on the Entertainment Weekly website.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that my favorite character in TMNT has always been Michelangelo.  So that’s the voice I’ve been waiting to hear for the longest time.  I’m happy to say that he is not being done by an on-screen actor, though someone else who’s known for his voice work.  Greg Cipes, who’s done roles in shows like “Ben Ten” and “Teen Titans”.  He’s really talented at making people believe that his characters like the things that they like, and seeing as how he pulled off Beast Boy in Teen Titans, this shouldn’t be a hard role for him.

This will be different for the Turtle series. In the history of the TMNT shows, we did not see any “star actors” as the voice any of the characters.  The original toon, Next Mutation, and 4Kids series used people who were known mainly for the voice over work.  This is showing a change in hands of ownership and is going to change how the behind the scenes of TMNT is going, as well.  Personally I’ve felt that while actors can do well at the work, it’s nice not to take the work from people who make a living off of voice overs.

It is great knowing who all four Turtles are going to be, and I can say I’ve had the honor of being at events through my life that has had three of those Turtles as guest.  I’ve seen Rob Paulsen a few times, I went to a panel where Greg was for San D Con, and I saw Sean at Toronto Fan Expo.  I’ve never had the opportunity to met or see Jason Biggs before at any events. I’m hoping at some point in the future we can interview some of these people for Cowabunga Corner.

We just have to put some trust in the producers, writers, and directors that the choices they have made on the voices is to match the series they’re going to give us.  And knowing that they brought Rob Paulsen on board as one of the main characters in the series, it makes me feel a little better, believing that we’re in good hands.

Anyone going to San D’s “Comic-Con International” next month, make sure to check out what Nickelodeon is sharing of the new TMNT series!  At this time no one from Cowabunga Corner will be able to make it to the convention, though we hope to be able to still cover the news as it hits the internet to keep our readers informed.  Also do not forget to check out what IDW is up to for the new TMNT Comic!  This should be an exciting year for everyone at Comic-Con International!

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It seems Nick really want this series to succeed which is good in my book.

I love this show and my favorite character is Raph :)