TMNT Fan in Need of Help!

There are times when fans are needed to come together more than ever.  This is now one of those times.  Cowabunga Corner is calling out to everyone who comes here to ask for help of a five year old who lost his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection due to a fire.  Out of all of the collections he’s asking for, it’s his Ninja Turtles.  This here is a hard day for the child and if we can come together and make him smile that is all that truly matters.

“A 5-year-old Clinton boy and his family are in need of some superhero turtle power.

The family lost all their belongings Thursday in a fire at a Killingworth Turnpike trailer park.

That includes the boy's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle collection and he misses them very much, Sarah Newman told Clinton Patch via Facebook.”

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There’s times in all of our lives where charity from others can help us in a dark time.  This is a time where we can bring light to a young life, and help him through a scary and depressing experience.  If you can’t help send a donation, please share this story.  We have most media buttons to share at the bottom of this post.  Get the word out, so that those who can help can see this message.

Many of us can share stories of dark times in our lives.  Times were we lost it all, came close to losing our own lives, or times where loved ones was taken from us.  And during those dark times, how many people can say strangers helped them.  Police, firemen, doctors, the press and more.  This is not a time to think of ourselves, but to think of a family in need.

TMNT fans let’s stand united.  There are other things listed on the website that the family needs help with as well.  If anyone can help in those areas, please do. 

We at Cowabunga Corner have never met this family, we have no ties to the folks in the story.  It was brought to our attention, and we intend to send some stuff for help.  And we know is word is power in getting help from those around.  

Please share this story and bring hope to a family in Need.   

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