Anyone who comes here to Cowabunga Corner, will see the TMNT-L banner here on our page.  With so many other message boards out there, I wanted to let people know why Cowabunga Corner supports TMNT-L as it’s main forum.

TMNT-L originally started in 1995 as a mailing list.  I found it in September that year with only 15 members.  In 1996, the person who ran the list left, leaving it to The Shredder.  He helped keep it going, paying the fees. Though we went through some rough times, where we didn't have servers at times running it, so we needed to make sure we were replying to everyone's email addresses so that the list would live.

In 1998, TMNT-L had it's first real issue, and other mailing lists were created out of spite. Though TMNT-L still lived with Shredder in charge.  I joined the others, though couldn’t bring myself to be to active.  I enjoy when something is made out of fun and to work with each other.  So TMNT-L remained my main list.

The mailing list of TMNT-L died when Shredder created his message board, which was the Ninjaturtlesnetwork.  Many originally felt like that should be the new TMNT-L, though there was only a small section dedicated to TMNT-L on that board.  At first we were cool with that, cause it was all still TMNT.  There was a movie section, guest sections, and so on.  A lot of the original members of TMNT-L joined this forum, treating the full board as TMNT-L.

In August 2005, the ninjaturtlesnetwork board was being switched to "" and no longer a TMNT board alone, though a multi media board.  Some people liked this idea, though from what I heard from many people was that it wasn't what they signed up for.  So when discussing about creating a new board, we decided to give TMNT-L the spot light it deserved as being the original mailing list.  We knew other names were out there and other boards, such as the Technodrome and Mikey's TMNT forum.  So in no way were we going to try to compete with any boards out there. We just created a new board and kept TMNT-L alive.

After talking things out a bit on August 17th, the new TMNT-L was created.   We still make sure news is out about all of the other forums out there.   The old ninjaturtlenetwork forum is now gone, all the old post that many of us worked hard on are gone.  I do miss that forum as we had a lot of fun there, though when the board had it’s reboot our messages were one of the first things that disappeared.

The TMNT-L forum puts it’s members first.  We keep updates going on the board, even when it’s quiet.  There’s a handful of us that have helped keep it alive.  It’s the longest standing community that I’ve been a part of on the Internet.

Because of this history, the friends I’ve made and the stories that have been shared.  TMNT-L remains my favorite forum.  I do go to other forums these days, hang out on Facebook, and even have a MySpace page floating out there.  Though they will never replace TMNT-L.

If anyone wants to talk with me on TMNT-L, please free to join up.  I go by the nick Michaelangelo.

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Just want it to tell you good job Michele on everything you do with tmnt. "TURTLE POWER"