TMNT Live 1990 Auckland Aotea Centre New Zealand


So much Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stuff come out around the World.  These days it’s easier to hear about and see what is out there for Ninja Turtles.  Though back when the first big bang of TMNT fandom happened, it was not hard to miss out because of not seeing a News Paper artical or the event not even being in your country.  A lot of people seem to think I’ve seen and know of all things TMNT, when in truth I don’t think anyone has or could.  Which is why I love to share things new and old of Ninja Turtles here on Cowabunga Corner.  Today I’m sharing something old, but new to me.

This came to me, the same way a lot of cool TMNT stuff come my way.  A facebook friend, Neil McCready, posted it to my wall.  With the line “90’s in New Zealand”.  I saw this and had no clue what he was posting or how long it was.  The title of the video being “TMNT Live Ackland 1990”, did not help either.  And the photo looked like they could be claymation or something on my tiny cell phone screen.  I tried watching this on my phone, but saw it was 50 minutes and had to wait till later to watch.  And wow am I glad I did. 

The description of the video, shared on youtube by havelockmcc, says that this video was filmed in front of 2,200 fans for Channel 3 EBS Tour hosted by Russell Rooster.   With a limited released of the VHS tapes around New Zealand.  Making this a very rare and mostly unheard of video, much like the Blue Line video of the Turtles in Hollywood or the Tour Turtles video done for BLM.  They have such a small run, with so much work put into them that they deserve to be shared. 

“TMNT Live Ackland” is a fun live show based on a talk show with the Ninja Turtles as guest stars.  Though Shredder is in the area, so the Turtles are looking for him.  The crowd is told to yell “TURTLE POWER” anytime Shredder appears.  The 50 minute video has a lot of music, puppets, costume characters, dancing and fighting.  It’s a packed show, and really well done for stage costumes in the 1990.  The only costume I think they needed more work on was Splinter.  Otherwise, I’m impressed for a one time appearance show.

I am curious if these costumes were used for anything else.  I am also wondering, if this was a tour did they appear at more than one place with the same Turtle theme?  Which would make sense with all the work put into these costumes.  I personally have more questions than answers about this, as I just saw it for myself today.  And my google search did not turn up much information on this awesome video. 

I do have a favorite part in this, only because it shocked me to hear this topic be brought up.  Michaelangelo bumps into two of the main puppets in the sewers.  Part of their conversation is about humans, I would have loved for the topic to go on but Michaelangelo changed topics on them about pizza.  Though it goes on from Michaelangelo that they got no choice but to live in the sewers because of the ‘humans’ than both birds share why humans are bad for them too.  While I know they did a lot of environment right stuff for the Turtles in the day, it still took me by surprise at how the topic was handled in a very short scene.

Fun to watch, and I recommend it since it’s one of those things that just seem to have been lost in time.  A Big Thanks to Neil for sharing it on my Facebook, and  havelockmcc for uploading this for fans to see.  And also want to say, it’s really cool to  havelockmcc that you still have your VHS copy of this video!  I hope that sharing it here, helps spread the knowledge of this video to many more Ninja Turtle Fans who have not heard of it!

Have you seen this video?  Did you know of it?  Please share your reviews, comments and questions below!

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