TMNT Movie on Hold

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle history there has often been the promise of a new movie, with it falling through in the end.  This past year a lot of talk has been going on about the new film, which was originally promised for 2011, as 2011 rolled around we were told it was going to be released in 2012 and then it got pushed to 2013.  When people came to me asking for my thoughts about the film my main response stood at “I’m more excited about the new cartoon series by Nickelodeon in fall 2012.”  I also told people “I don’t get my hopes up about movies, until I see the movie in filming stages.”.   So was I surprised when I heard that the new Ninja Turtle Film is on hold?

I can not say I’m surprised.  I truly think the movie would've still been in production if Michael Bay’s video was not released to the public.  15 seconds, where the word ‘from an alien race’ brought a world of anger and hate against the movie.  As many people changed the word ‘from’ to ‘are’.  With people screaming out ‘Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles’, putting words in the studios mouth.  This out lashed is one of the reasons I personally feel that the Michael Bay movie is put on hold.

It is amazing how much power the fans can have these days.  To think back when the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film came out in 1990, we would of never seen a sneak clip of the producer talking.  The fans would never been able to get as much spoof images, hate videos, and petitions going to get the film changed.  We all would just see the finish product when it came to theaters.  Which is what happened.  Fans had no say in the original three movies, if we did the 3rd movie would of more than likely remained with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.  Is this a real change in the industry?  And if it is, is this a change for the better?

In all reality I was not afraid of what they were going to do with the film.  I was willing to ride with it and see where things went.  I trusted the creative team, knowing that they were even talking things over with Kevin Eastman.  Even though at this point Eastman and Laird do not own the Turtles, they were kind enough to keep Eastman in the picture.  There was hints about the Utroms, from the original Mirage Comic Books and 4kids Cartoon series, which told us the alien part of the film would be the ooze itself.  Just as it has been in the past.

This is a first in Ninja Turtle history, usually it was the studios that stood in our way from having the movies promised in the past.  From the Next Mutation film that was going to be made, the John Woo movie and more.  Films have been mentioned and disappear soon after, this movie made it to a point most of those other unsuccessful films never got to.

How do I personally feel about this news?  Not disappointed or excited.  I never put my heart into the film, as I learned from all the other let downs in the past.  I will be excited when a movie makes it to it’s filming productions.  In the meantime bring on the toys, comics and new series!  That’s where the true action is at this present time!

What are your thoughts on this new turn of events with the TMNT Movie?  Please share thoughts, comments and questions below.

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