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For the last week, the 15 second clip from Michael Bay talking at Nickelodeon Upfront has overshadowed anything and everything else going on Ninja Turtles.  People have been reacting out of fear from the words “The Turtles come from an Alien Race”.  As soon as I saw this clip I knew this was going to make waves, and that it did.  Fans have been speaking up from all over, fans are coming out of the shadows who we haven’t met before to say how much this news angers them.  For the past week, I’ve been waiting for someone official to say some real news to help ease the fears and anger that has crowded the fandom.

This new video has done just that. The person talking is Jonathan Liebesman, and he is talking about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.   Being the director of the film, he knows what he’s talking about, so this news is official.  And it gives us more of an insight than the 15 seconds that Michael Bay has stated.  Which also confirms what we’ve been saying on Cowabunga Corner since the news first came out.  The Turtles themselves are not the aliens, it is going to be the ooze.

More news has been sliding out this week about the new movie through all this uproar.  co-creator Kevin Eastman posted on his Facebook that he is involved and supports the new film.  Kevin Eastman has been a lot more involved with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as of lately, though he was really involved back in the 1990’s as well.  Hands on with a lot of projects.  Since Viacom has gotten the Turtles, we know that he’s been working on the IDW TMNT Comics and he’s backing the movie.  It’s cool to have him back.

While I’m sure this debate will not disappear anytime soon, because now it is a question amongst the fans.  What if the Turtles were aliens?  It seemed there was some division in how people felt in this.  Though the biggest noise from the fans was in protests of this idea.  Many fans showed their passion by speaking up at this time, a lot of these people came out of the blue to defend the Turtles.  And there were even very cool voices speaking up for the uproar of Turtle fans, like Robbie Rist.  He had the fans back, in a time of fear.

From petitions, news clippings, postings on Facebook, Twitter and more.  The Turtle News has flew around everywhere.  If anything, this stunt was a great promotion for the new TMNT movie.  And that’s the power of Michael Bay, people are so scared of what he’s done with some of his past movies that when he speaks everyone assumes the worse.  Whoever released that 15 second clip knew what they were doing and is getting a good laugh of how fast that clip spread.  Though each of us have said our peace on why we feel the Turtles should remain from Earth or Aliens, and now hopefully thanks to this video the debate can end.

Let’s all give some hope that the writers, director and other crew members bring us a film that we can all enjoy!

It was amazing to see how much outcry came from the fandom over this bit of news.  Though it’s sad that it took something that scared people to get the voices to become so loud.  Just a week ago, we shared two amazing things for TMNT, one was breaking a World Record and the other was the opening of a new Thrill Ride.  Good news for Ninja Turtles, a vibe I was hoping to hold onto, though it was the trip home from those events that the short clip came out and overshadowed anything that was good from this past weekend.  It was a little disappointing that the timing just knocked this great event into the shadows.  Please do check out our stories about these events and see some of the great things going on for the TMNT fandom.

Personally, I feel that Jonathan Liebesman said all the right things to handle this fear of the Turtles themselves being aliens.  He also answered other questions, like about filming later this year and maybe in Canada.  It’s exciting to hear things like that, those are words I’ve been waiting for with the new movie.  I have hope still for this film, and I am looking forward to what ever is to come of it.

So what are your thoughts on this new video about the TMNT Film?  Were you for or against the idea of the Turtles being alien?  Can this clip truly end the debate of the Turtles being aliens?  Please answer these questions, comment or ask your own questions in the comment area below.  Please remember all email addresses are kept private.

Original source of the Jonathan Liebesman Interview:

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Again : just because the ooze in an alien substance, THAT NOT MAKES THE TURTLES ALIENS !!!! . Definitely a bad use of words -___-

Thank the gods for Jonathan Leibsman. Ever since I saw that 15 second clip I was worried. I thought maybe they were going with the original comicbook origin but this confirms it for me. I'm glad that film is in the hands of someone who is a fan and will make the film from that standpoint. between this and Kevin Eastman's comments last week, I'm offically psyched for this movie.

ok, watching this, it only made me madder... the Ooze is NOT an alien substance... It's a waste product. and it's not TCRI, it's TGRI. he says he's a fan? he'd have his facts straight. ask micheal bay what canon is and his response would probably be "that's what pirates use to shoot other pirates' ships, right?" You could see Liebesman actually was sorry for Bay's behavior, but a true Turtles fan he is not. oh, and by the way, Kevin Eastman is a hack. Peter Laird came up with the idea, but just couldn't draw the Turtles the way he imagined them, so he described them to Eastman to draw, and voila, TMNT. When everything was starting to get big, (movies, comics, cartoons, toys) Eastman bought out Laird's half, just so he could, in the future, do whatever he wanted with these beloved characters.

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Wow do you not know your facts of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The only area where the ooze was a Waste Product was the original Three TMNT Films, with TGRI. All other medias the waste was Alien Substance. The original Comics was TCRI, which was changed in the movie because there was a real company at the time that went by that name. In the original cartoon it was Krang, who was not from Earth who created the mutagen. In the 4Kids series (2003 to 2009 series) it was TCRI again. So the ooze in most medias of TMNT is Alien Substance.

Now on your facts about Eastman and Laird, where in the world did you come up with that stuff? Cause none of it is true. Kevin Eastman drew the first Ninja Turtle when Eastman and Laird were watching some TV one night, November 19th, 1983... Peter liked it and had to draw his own version of the Turtle standing up right with chucks. The two of them goofed off by the end of the night and came up with a drawing of four Turtles with ninja weapons. Kevin wrote Ninja Turtles on the paper, and Peter added Teenage Mutant above it. They chucked the drawing to the side and laughed about it, before heading to bed. The next day they looked at the drawing and decided to come up with the story of how they became "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

In 2000 Peter bought the rights from Kevin Eastman, getting all creative control. He then did a handful of projects on his own like the 4Kids series, Mirage Volume 4, and the TMNT 2007 movie. Though in 2009 he bought up the rest of the rights from Kevin, then sold the Ninja Turtles to Viacom. Making it so everything TMNT is now in Viacom's hand, where we're getting the IDW Comics, Nickelodeon Cartoon, and new movie coming in 2013. Kevin Eastman is not the owner, but he is still a creator of the TMNT and Viacom has brought him into a few projects like IDW and the movie. So it's nice to have him back on board.

Sorry this made you mad, though you may want to check out the original issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... to learn about the TCRI aliens. There's a recent reprint of the original comics by IDW called the "Ultimate Collection" Vol. 1... if you really want to see the first story of TMNT I highly recommend that book. It also have all the notes from Eastman and Laird on how they came up with the ideas for each issue including the first one.

Thank you Michele I'm glad there are other people out there that know the "true" origin story. All these people out there complaining need to chill. Bay is not directing/writing it he is only producing. Kevin Eastman supports it as does Peter Laird. Van you need to get your facts straight pal, reading your comment makes you look like a fool. I remembering hearing this news and getting mad at first then calmed down and realized maybe they are going to stay true to the true origin not the 87 series one. Which people need to remember The 87 series was changed considerably from the darker-toned comic, to make it more suitable for children and the family so that playmate toys could produce the action figures. The 5 episode mini series was made and all of a sudden it was a hit. People seem to think that series is the real origin because that's what they saw first. Highly Anticipating the new film and hope its like Batman Begins! Few changes will be made but hopefully they arn't to extreme.