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RedditTurtleReddit seems to be a well known site, where people share links of what they enjoy and get to have conversations about them.  Be it images, fanfiction, and videos.  There is even an area on reddit where you can get free pizza.  It’s a fun interactive page for people looking to make friends and just share what they see on the internet.  And they even have their own groups on there.  I’ve recently started to be a bit more active on the TMNT group, and since I’ve seen so many cool links go through there I wanted to share this with our readers.

With 1,700 readers who take part in the TMNT group we get links posted daily to different Ninja Turtle things across the web.  I’ve shared links from Cowabunga Corner, Facebook and TMNT-L in this group.  Others have been sharing photos from their personal lives showing their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle collections, while some people share videos they find on youtube.  It’s a great page to watch to keep an eye on what people enjoy about Ninja Turtles.  For example the LEGO TMNT sets seem to be a big hit on there right now.

The way Reddit works is kind of a point system.  If you like a post you click on the up arrow next to the post.  The more like arrows the more likely it will stay on the front page.  You can change your vote but never vote more than once per a post.  So if you click up, go to a link and decide it’s okay you can remove your vote, or if you think it’s bad you can come back and vote down.  If a post gets down to 0 it is removed from the front page.  Every post has one when it is first posted, from the person who originally posted it.  The little arrows does not just affect the person’s post, but the overall rating of that person.  As it keeps count of all of the up and down arrows that has been voted on your posts and keeps that count on your profile.  Your score on there is by the amount of good posts that you do.  Comments are counted separately.

This seems like a good system to keep posts that people enjoy easy to find.  Though is also works against the people on there, if people don’t like the poster they will vote down just because of the person who voted it.  Meaning the stuff that the person wanted to share will disappear from the front page just because of their name and people who do not like them.  So while it would work in a world where people voted for what the link is, instead of the poster.  It does not always work.

While I do think Reddit is a good site, I am still more a fan of facebook for the social websites out there. I have myspace, which use to be my favorite.  I’ve used twitter.  And now I stop in at reddit.  These are all pages that you share things with the massive amount of people who surf the web.  Each one works in a different way.  I use to be a big fan of myspace, but they changed so much that I do not even like going there to update my status anymore.  Facebook is now my main hang out, outside of TMNT-L.

I do check in on reddit at least once or twice a day now and try to share something.  I also look around at what other people are doing.  I try to vote on anything I look at, and give comments.  I also give up votes to anyone who makes a real comment on any link I post.  Meaning the comment has information, is not an attack, or is sharing a personal view of what the subject matter of the link is.  For those wondering, I am IveyAngelo on reddit.

Do you use reddit?  Do you post in the TMNT section on reddit?  What are your favorite types of links that get shared?  Do you vote on each thing that you read or only the ones you truly like?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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Hello this is AgentxLeavening mod of the /r/TMNT sub-reddit I love the post about our community and i'm glad you shared it to other followers that might not know about it. I hope to see the community grow now!

Thanks you,