TMNT Review: Robotic Foot Soldier, Tiger Claw and Rahzar


Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles keeps us on our toes with new characters all the time.  Many of which turn into key characters that we have found ourselves enjoying.  Such as Fish Face and Kirby Bat.  Playmates Toys has done a great job at bringing these characters to the fans in the forum of action figures.  Here is the video review that I did for the Robotic Foot Soldier, Tiger Claw and Rahzar figures.

This was an interesting group of toys, I put them together in one review because they are all members of the Foot Clan.  Though each one has their own story.  Because of this, the video review does carry many spoilers for the Nickelodeon series.  If you have not seen these characters in the show yet, and wish not to hear spoilers than I warn against watching the video.  Though if you don’t mind hearing spoilers, please do enjoy!

Out of these toys I have to say that Tiger Claw is my favorite.  I love the details to him.  I like that he has hostlers for his guns.  I enjoy the expression on his face.  He just feels right.  Plus I’ve always had a soft spot for tigers.  Playmates Toys did a great job at bringing him out as an action figure.  If you want to see my full reaction to all three of these toys, please do watch the video.

I highly recommend each of these to TMNT fans.  They each play a key role in the new Nickelodeon series, and will help complete anyone’s collection of characters. 

Do you have the Robotic Foot Soldier, Tiger Claw or Rahzar?  If yes, what are your thoughts on these Action Figures?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!


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