TMNT : Why not Aliens?

With all the topics out there right now about the really big blown up 15 second video of Michael Bay saying that the Turtles would be of an alien race, there’s been one big question from people.  Why does it matter to TMNT fans if the Turtles are from Earth or not?  The percent of TMNT fans ok with this is much lesser than the fans who hate the ideas of the Turtles not being from Earth as polls, petitions and and more has been showing up to say “Hey! We want the Turtles to be from Earth”.   In this write up, I’m going to express why I think that a good chunk of TMNT fans would rather the TMNT be from Earth.

One of the things that a lot of fans like about the Turtles is that they are from Earth. They’re not aliens, they’re creatures who never had another home. This is where they belong, yet they are not able to even enjoy the fruits of our world at full blast because they look different from the rest of us.  Even on their home planet they have to remain in hiding.  It’s one of the strong build ups for the characters of the Ninja Turtles.  As well as the fact they are the first and last of their kind to ever live.  These things help hold them together as the family they are, where they realize they need to be together.

The comics and cartoon series has really been able to pinpoint this feeling between the Turtles through different stories.  It’s those stories that the fans still share and talk about 10 years later.  In the Mirage comics, we had the issue “Sons of Silence” where April realizes for her first time just how they are the first and last of their kind. In the artwork of that comic you can even see the pain in her eyes as she realizes just how bad this is for the Turtles.  In the original TMNT cartoon series “Planet of the Turtleoids”, you hear Donatello going on about how he would love to be from a planet of other Turtles, so that they don’t have to hide all the time.   Even in the very early episodes of the original cartoon series, Donatello voices his thoughts on why do they have to be the ones to fight the crime for a world where they are out casted.


This is a very rich and strong history for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  To make them aliens, even if their home was destroyed, they are not of this planet.  This is not a true home to them, so the connection to the planet won’t be as strong even if they grow up here because they would understand the outcasted feelings they get here.  This is not their true home, they would be visitors who moved here.  It takes away the depth that we’ve had in the other areas of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and this is why fans would be outraged.

I personally would love to see their roots remain to planet Earth, I’ve always felt that the Turtles could be seen as real as they were.  That their character growth was one of the main reasons that fans have stayed with them for over 25 years.  Changing where they’re from is not going to give them a richer background. It will make them a lot like other shows like Dragon Ball Z.  Goku was a baby sent to a planet to destroy it, he lost his memories and grew up loving his home and is now a world defender.  So the aliens growing up and protecting a planet has been done.

Now all this said, I do not feel we should be overreacting about a 15 second video clip of Michael Bay.  We don’t know everything he meant in the video. It is way too short and definitely cut down.  The full video has not been released and most likely will not be.  This is a controlled leak, meaning they wanted to get people talking Turtles.  Well, they got it.  The big question is, do we really want this negative vibe to be the feel the media is getting from us?  I will wait and see where this goes, but I do not feel that we have enough information from that one video clip to know if things are being taken out of context.  Things can be said sometimes, that are not as they seem.  So until more news is released.  Let’s see what they’re doing.

I’ve answered why I think the Turtles should remain from Earth, with just using the open question of “Why do you feel the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles should not be aliens?”  Join in and answer this question in the comment area.  Please avoid from attacking the new film, Michael Bay or making this a hate post at all.  Just share your passion on why you care which planet the TMNT are from.  Please remember all emails in the comment area is left private.

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Michele, I think you took the words right of my mouth. That is the way I feel about the boys in green. Thanks for a great article and I will just keep watching the first movie again and again to see the turtles I believe to be the real ones. Thanks!

But for one Michael Bay comment that is a good one... at least it is going to be live action with real costumes this time!

Michele, Good Blog. As much as I despite Michael Bay's "overboard" talent, but I wouldn't mind to research more as a die hard "Turtles" fan. Alot of people's gonna hate me for(oh what the shell I'm more of an outcast too)Sewer dwellers or extraterrestres as long as they're ninjas, eat pizza, have a sexy babe for a friend from the outside I'm okay!

Think, Highlander 2...

Michele! We can't let this happen! You're taking this much better than I am I've been flipping out all day, I threw out my transformers movies and punched my Optimus Prime cardboard cutouts head clean off! I think this is beyond ridiculous. We need turtle fans to unite against this!

Thank you for being a voice of reason Michele. It's true that this is only a quick tease about the movie only showing a small snippet from the conference. It's soul purpose is to get us talking about the film. But with that said, this small comment is a bombshell that has massive repercussions. turning the turtles into an alien race not only effects the notion of the term mutation, but also beg the question if they can be New Yorkers.
Michael Bays take on transformers was that we had to view the autobots from the outside in, establishing them as a unknown threat first. Compare that to how ninja turtles (or transformers for that matter) and you don't really need to meet them through another on screen character to accept them. Heck in the original movie you learnt more about the 4 turtles before you really met the supporting cast. Bay has a foreign policy about introducing characters, if they aren't like us, we have to establish they aren't a threat in the script before the actual story can start! How can we relate to them as local New York teens with that kind of story telling.
But my problem in his statement of them as an "alien race" isn't the word alien... but RACE. a race of alien turtles? One of the strongest themes of ninja turtles is that at the end of the day you have a family to fall back on. This was made very clear in the shock revelation in issue 28 of the original comic. They are the only 4 turtles, they are to be the only generation... Its one of the things that made Donatello's funeral in the image comics so powerful. Or even Splinters death in volume 4.

For me personally, there isn't any recovery from this other than going back to page 1 and starting over. And Michael Bays reaction that fans need to "chill out" is just down right insulting.
And if he is set on making a movie with a script about bipedal crime fighting aliens that resemble animals from our planet, that have edgy and comedic personalities... He should just make a movie about battletoads and leave off ninja turtles all together.

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Ever since I heard about this, I've been on the same page as most people. The Turtles as aliens?! That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard. But now that I have had time to really gather my thoughts and re-watch the short clip, I think we have all jumped the gun.

Michael Bay says "these Turtles are from an alien race". He doesn't say they ARE an alien race. It is now my belief that Michael Bay is stirring up controversy on purpose by choosing his words carefully. I now believe that Michael Bay is hinting towards the Utroms. After all in the Mirage origin it is the Utroms who created the mutagenic agent that caused the Turtles and Splinter to become their mutant forms.

Well, one huge main idea is not even just about them being from Earth, but from New York. How are you going to cut the NYC out of the turtles, or their love of pizza. Most of the show from the 80's was about their love of pizza.

Where will Raph get his accent from if he's not from NY. Even putting them in another state would be blasphemy! Turtles <3 NYC and we love our Mutant Turtles, not alien turtles. The Dinosaurs are aliens, can't we just leave it at that?

Real Simple: Turtles are from Earth.

Bay animosity aside (but I'm itching for it),
Ninjitsu and Turtles are Earthly things. How is there a planet of 'humanoid turtles' that know ninjitsu?
I suppose logically since Earth is a planet where mammals (apes) may have 'evolved' into humans, there can be a planet where turtles did the same, but come on?
What bugs me the most is that this whole notion is pointless. You can tell a good TMNT story and keep the mutagen angle intact. There is absolutely no reason to go this route which is where I believe most of the anger stems from. I am anxious to learn Bay's reasons for doing this (but I feel like it's just Bay's ego)
And through all of this, where does Splinter fit in to things? Is there's going to be a planet of rats right by it?

i've pretty much been in Rage mode every since i heard Turtles and Aliens i will not see this movie if this dude just totall change there origin story its just one of those things you just don't mess with! you don't see Batman or Spiderman being freakin aliens they are the Teenage MUTANT Ninja Turtles not Ninja Alien turtles like i said on the facebook post 30 years of Turtles history right out the window! i know we don't know were this is going yet but we do know the main story won't be wait alot of us has know our whole lives if they don't change them from being alien and stick to their Mutant origin and make a story out of that i will not see this new alien piece of crap! This is a video I made in my reaction to this news.

Because the title : " Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles " isn´t as cachy as " Teenage MUTANT Ninja Turtles " .

But you know what ?, I could accept the movie ONLY if the title is something like : " Tales of the TMNT " , because that can implied some really alternative things to the concept we all know ( and love ) as it is, otherwise, as quoting Obi Wan Kenobi : " I don´t have a good feeling about this ".

honestly I can look at it this way. Just like the movie Ninja Turtles Forever. They are multiple universe that had different turtles. Isn't that what Shredder was trying to do in that movie "Destroy all Turtles?"

Now I really don't think that they will make them aliens because....
1. they are making a new cartoon series that follows the "original origin" story that we all know and get the newer kids involved and know how the four green turtles mutated into well the ninja turtles.

2. Michael Bay may be right, we haven't seen the script, he's working with the creators of the franchise to begin with... so we shouldn't freak out until we see the teaser trailer.

So honestly I'm not really worrying about him making them aliens because he's not going to do it. if anything the ooze may come from another planet that doesn't effect the alien race but will mutate things on earth.

Have no fear fans (including myself). I enjoyed the transformers movies so maybe I'll enjoy this one. here's hoping.....

Okay, how to put this, how to put this. Maybe most of you are right, maybe we're jumping the gun.... but I'm a hardcore TMNT fan and I'm SCARED and have a REASON to be. I grew up watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The origin story, as pet Turtles, mutated, that was the origin that has defined them Teenage Mutant Ninjas I grew to know and love.

Michael Bay has to understand the following.

A. His speech on the turtles coming from an Alien Race, I could only see, from a perspective of the Utrons. I can see that as an origin of where the mysterious ooze came from. But as for the Turtles BEING aliens? That is NOT something I'd pay top dollar to go see.

B. We've all seen this from Armageddon, to Bad Boys, and Transformers, the nautious camra angle. That has to stop.

C. If I don't see Splinter or hear anything of his teachings on Ninjitsu then I WILL cry fowl.

I think the mutagen could be alien base, but the turtles are earthbound, that is how I see it.