Toy Fair 2013: Little Kids Booth


Toy Fair was two weeks ago now and I still can’t believe how great everything there was.  There was so many booths with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stuff that I know I won’t be able to cover them all.  As I’ve taken the time to cover LEGO, Playmates Toys and Sakar International, there is another booth I believe has the right to belong highlighted with those three booths for how much they’re doing for TMNT this year.  In the press room on February 10th, I made some new friends.  One of which was Michael.  Michael told me about a booth that had a Ninja Turtle shell backpack that shoots water.  He shared that there was even a video display for it.  So on February 11th, my goal was to find this booth with no name.  A booth with more Ninja Turtles. And after walking the entire second floor searching, things worked out for me as I found the “Little Kids Toys” booth.

I was two allies away walking down the halls, checking each booth for some sign of Ninja Turtles.  With luck coming for small items like more tattoos and stickers, the thing I was searching for the most was escaping me.  Realizing I’ve walked almost the entire floor by this time, my hope of finding this mystery booth was fading.  Wondering to myself how I could miss it.  As I was thinking this I looked up and saw a wall that had bright blue on it in a booth with Nickelodeon in big words and Ninja Turtles plastered on one side.  I thought about it, walk down the rest of this hall that mainly was the back of other booths I’ve already seen or go straight to that booth.

BubbleLauncherUpon the table this girl was standing behind there was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle merch, as well as items hanging on the wall behind her as well.  This was exciting.  I looked at everything realizing these were for bubble toys.  No Turtle shell backpack, but still more than cool enough to stop and get photos.  We had four bubble bottles with each Turtle having their own head, there was a Pizza bubble launcher, and a bubble wand with Leonardo coming out of the sewer.  This was exciting.  And the kind lady there was doing demos showing us the different items.  I took this moment to introduce myself and so she took the time to show me their products.  And surprised me with the line “You should see our Turtle Shell backpack, it’s on the other side”.  I FOUND The booth!

I went around the corner and started to get photos of the Turtle Shell backpack as well as photos of these little Turtle Heads that squirt water.  How exciting this all was for me.  A different lady came up and did a small demo with the backpack.  And I got to watch the TV ad for the the backpack which was playing.  The ad was all done by a child telling and showing you what the backpack does.  It was great.

BubblesI made sure to take time to talk to the reps of “Little Kids”, sharing how much I loved their booth.  They stood there and talked with me for a bit, as we went over everything they had.  I will be doing some reviews of each of their items as “Little Kids” became one of my favorite booths in all of Toy Fair.   A lot of very nice people!  Some of which knew of Cowabunga Corner.  And some of the most fun Turtle Products I saw around the Fair.

Still to come on Cowabunga Corner we have a bunch of other booths and TMNT Products that will be covered.  From Kites, stickers, and board games there is so much more that I saw, took photos of and want to share!

Did you go to Toy Fair?  Did you visit the “Little Kids” booth?  What did you think of their layout and how many TMNT Products they had?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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