Video Review: Playmates Toys Bebop & Rocksteady


Bebop and Rocksteady are two of Shredder’s most famous henchmen.  Brought to us through the original cartoon series back in 1987, these two became the most called for henchmen of the Foot Clan.  While these was lots of toys made of them and they appeared in the Archie Ninja Turtle Adventure Comics, they were not brought back in either the movies, Next Mutation or the 4Kids series.  Before Mirage sold their Global rights to Viacom the only time we saw Bebop and Rocksteady after the original series ended was in “Turtles Forever”.  Times has changed as these two characters are returned to us in both the IDW Comic Books and the Nickelodeon cartoon series.  Playmates Toys has released the action figures of Bebop and Rocksteady from the new TV series and here is my review of those toys.

The Bebop and Rocksteady toys are much different than the old school versions of them.  Bebop is so skinny.  He’s got fancy toys.  He still has his purple mohawk and his visors.  Something I didn’t notice in the video is the back of his shoes each has a wheel.  There’s also a wheel in the middle of his back, so he can lay down and row, a lot like how Bebop is in the show.  This is an awesome detail that I wish I saw while filming. 

Rocksteady belt is not part of the figure it is an attachment piece.  The connector can be found on his back.  He’s pretty cool looking toy though the weird feet does make him harder to just stand anywhere when doing a set up with the action figures.  There is one thing about this toy that took me by surprise, not something you normally see on toys from Playmates.  I do not recall this detail on any other action figure they’ve released.  It is not a detail that I find needed for action figures either, I was surprise when I found it.  If you haven’t figure out what this detail is, I will not say here.  Just know this is not a detail I really want to see on the toys.

This review was filmed in February.  Real life has slowed down the editing of some of the reviews that were filmed earlier this year.  At the time it was filmed the only time we saw Bebop and Rocksteady was the end of the episode where they were mutated.  By filming at that time I was not able to pick on how Michelangelo names them, how they helped in making Mutagen man or the trouble that they’re in right now by Shredder having Tiger Claw take them away to punish them.  So much not in the video but will be touched upon through stories here on Cowabunga Corner. 

I do recommend these toys to anyone collecting the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy line.  Even though they do not fully look or act like the Bebop and Rocksteady we knew and loved, they’re a new spin on these two beloved characters.  Just as fun and evil as they were intended to be.  The original Bebop and Rocksteady will always be my favorite versions of those goofballs, this will not taint me from enjoying the new and seeing where they go.

Do you have Bebop and Rocksteady?  Have you found one of the rare versions?  Do you know about the rare versions?  Please leave reviews, comment and questions below.


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