Wolfman Mac's Chriller Drive-In

"Spider Baby", the Original "Little Shop of Horror", and "King Kong Escapes" all have something in common these days. Night time Horror Host Shows. Usually on Friday or Saturday night you can find some TV show with a creepy host showing bad old movies, making fun of them and doing their own things in between the clips of the movie. In July 2007 a new face came to the world of Horror Host, Wolfman Mac.

Wolfman Mac started off in Michigan, originally with a show called "Nightmare SINema", with his Wolfman costumes and his skeleton side kick name Boney Bob. Mac took Detroit, Michigan by storm. Starting off Saturday Nights on the My TV20, the fan base started to grow. With the fun story lines, costumes and characters that Wolfman Mac had on his show. "Wolfman Mac's Chiller Drive In" became a hit amonst the Horror Host shows and in 2009 the show went national on RTV.

The Wolfman Mac show caught my attention before I ever saw it when they invited my dad to come watch filming. When my dad came back from the set, he was excited as he became part of the Wolfman Mac show and has been with them ever since. So I do have a personal connection on why I watch Wolfman Mac.

My dad, Dave Ivey, is well known in Michigan and Ohio for his work on a show back in the late 70's and early 80's, known as "The Ghoul Show". He would write, draw, animate, and voice his own cartoons for the show, plus made a lot of the props and wrote scripts. He loved working on the Ghoul Show and when it went off the air he fought for a long time to try and get it back on. It inspired him so much and he always wished that something more came from the show. So getting this chance to work on Wolfman Mac has helped inspire my dad to build his props and write again. This here is enough to make anyone who knows my dad, support Wolfman Mac.

Wolfman Mac's show is fun because it's about as crazy as the movies he shows. Costume characters running around to a different story line each week, usually with some sort of trouble caused by Boney Bob. The cast of characters has changed a lot since it first aired on My TV20, as some of the main cast is no longer with the show and now there is new faces. This has not hurt the fan base, as Mac knows how to work with the public and keep things interesting.

Originally, the show was filmed at a Studio in Warren, MI where they had the large blue screen set area, which was normally used for filming the show. Though a better offer did come around for the show as the owners of Erebus, a Four Floor Haunted House that made it into Guinness Book of World Records, offered some of the space up for rent to Wolfman Mac and crew. With a new and better set built up at a place that has a bunch of other creepy and fun things around them, they have made themselves at home.While the show is fun, my biggest complaint about it is the use of some of the same movies more than once. "Little Shops of Horror" has been used a few times already, when there's so many other public domain movies out there. It would be nice to see some other shows surface on "Chiller Drive In". It was fun seeing these old movies the first time around, and okay the second time around. Though when they got to the third time the feeling of watching the movie with the show just gets a little old. As a viewer, I hope to see them change up their films at some point so we have new bad movies to point at the screen and laugh at.

Each time they reuse a movie, my dad has to build props much like the ones he made for the other time that same movie was used. Even if the script is different, the props still fit the episode. He's made the same set of puppets for "Little Shops of Horror" so many times now, that it's not a surprise to see him come up stairs with them. The original props from the earlier times they filmed the show was sold on ebay, shortly after the show aired. We don't have storage to keep them around our house, and making his money back is a nice thing that he's able to do now that he did not do when he worked on "The Ghoul Show".

Wolfman Mac does one thing that I really think is great, he makes a lot of public appearances in full costume for the fans. From Horror Conventions, costume contests, to even performing weddings! That's right, every Halloween Wolfman Mac holds a massive wedding for couples that would like him to marry them. He is certified, so the wedding is real. Something different, which people seem to enjoy yearly.Though my personal favorite appearance he does is held in Royal Oak at the "Main Art Theater" on the first Thursday of every month. They call it the "Attack of the Killer B's Show", this is where as much of the cast of "Chriller Drive In" gather as they can get, hang out with fans and show one of these old horror movies on the big screen, with a different movie each month. It's a night of hanging out with the cast and fans, watching bad movies, using laser pens in the theater and tossing a beach ball through the crowd. Something for any fan to look forward to! Fun for anyone who shows up, no matter how bad the movie is. I highly recommend it to all of my friends, and if I'm in town during "Killer B's" I'll go to the show!

Wolfman Mac can be found on RTV across the United States now, if you like what you've read here and have an interest in checking out the show please do check your local listings!


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