Work With Us

Want to be a part of Cowabunga Corner?    Here are a few different ways to become part of the crew or on the blog.

1. To be interviewed on Cowabunga Corner. Keep an eye on the events and Facebook page to see where Michele is on her trips.  If she’s coming to an area near you, just send her a message asking to be interviewed for the show.  We are always looking for TMNT fan interviews, which only takes a few minutes to film and is only five questions.

2. Write for Cowabunga Corner.   The website publishes five stories a week.  We do reviews for movies, books, events, toys, tv series, etc.  If you have a story that you think could go on Cowabunga Corner, submit it to the contact us address and we’ll look it over.  You will get a reply if the story is approved or not for Cowabunga Corner.

3. Editors are wanted.  People who are really good at going over stories and fixing them up are needed.  Right now Cowabunga Corner has only one editor and we would like to lift the load from her shoulders if we can.  So if there are editors out there willing to help out when we get backed up please contact us through the contact us page.  An sample story will be sent to test the editing quality.

All work on Cowabunga Corner is done for free, we have no steady income to pay editors or writers.  We will make sure that credit is given to anyone who takes part in Cowabunga Corner.


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