Youmacon 2010 Teaser

Here is a Teaser for the Youmacon 2010 Video report which is coming soon! We got a lot of video footage at Youmacon which I can not wait to share with everyone. As one of the new features of the Cowabunga Corner channel we will be doing event reviews in written and/or video format.

Youmacon 2010 written report is done and can be found on the new “Cowabunga Corner Web Page” Please check it out, feel free to comment and browse around the site.

This here is video from the “So I get paid to say this” Panel that is held yearly at Youmacon. This year the panel fell on Halloween day, so Brad Swaile’s Halloween costume was dressing up as Scott McNeil. I’ve seen Scott at a lot of conventions, so when I saw that Brad was dressed up like him I knew I had to come up with something fun to go along with his costume.

I am a personal fan of AMVs and one of the videos I downloaded many years ago has become a running joke with Scott McNeil. Here is the link to the original AMV that came out: ”I’m a Cucumber” by Brak done to Piccolo.
Well fans enjoyed this video so much that they asked Scott McNeil to do the song “I’m a Cucumber” in Piccolo’s voice… which was sent to the creator of the first AMV and we got a second AMV.
Because of these two AMVs Scott McNeil is asked to sing this song often at conventions. So this was the joke I decided to do with Brad.

I want to thank Brad for being a great sport and going along with this. I hope everyone enjoys!

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