Cowabunga Corner #18

In this episode of “Cowabunga Corner” I talk about the 4Kids TMNT DVDs.

I have been collecting the DVDs since they started to come out, and I’m really glad I have. I really think it’s great to have this series to where if I want to watch it, I can.

I’m disappointed that Back to the Sewers is not on DVD, I hope that it is released at some point to have the full series on DVD.

Did you collect the DVDs? What did you think of them? Do you encourage others to pick up the DVDs?

If you have not collected it, I do encourage people to pick it up, the DVDs are very affordable and worth the buy.

Cowabunga Corner #17

In this episode I talk about the TMNT 2007 Movie Toy line done by Playmate toys.

I collect all the different toy lines of the Turtles that I can get my hands on, and at some point I hope to go through all the different toy lines with reviews on my likes and dislikes. This may take awhile since Cowabunga Corner is doing a lot more stuff than toy reviews, though this is one of the things that will come up from time to time.

Please do share your feeling of the 2007 Toy line here in comments or in video replies. Always fun to hear a lot of people’s reviews and better for collectors out there deciding if they want to find and collect these items.

Cowabunga Corner #16

In this episode of “Cowabunga Corner” I give my review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 came out on March 19th, 1993. It did not make it as big as the other movies as the promotion wasn’t as active and the look has changed which discouraged a lot of people from going to see it. Henson’s Creature Shop was a big part of the first two movies and with them out of the picture, it would of taken more hype to get this movie where they would want it. Still it pulled in good size amount of fans to the theaters, as I worked the crowd at the different theaters in the Detroit area I got to see a lot of fans coming and going from the movie who really enjoyed what they saw.

Ivey Flashback 1

In Ivey’s Flashbacks, these are videos with no new words added, all the speaking is that from the original footage. These are sort of bonus videos, they’ll be released every now and than, sometimes they’ll be TMNT related, sometimes they won’t.

The first episode of “Ivey’s Flashback” was filmed on Saturday, June 5th, 2004. The first of three days of filming for “Totally Obsessed”. This was after a 3 hour long interview done up in my bed room. It is the scene where I wear my Turtle costume to spar my brother.

Cowabunga Corner #15

In this episode of “Cowabunga Corner” I share my visit to the set of “Ninja Turtles : The Next Mutation”.

This is the first time I’m sharing any copies of this video. Back in July 1997 I got to go to Vancouver, B.C. and visit the set of Ninja Turtles : The Next Mutation. I spent two days on the set, and had an amazing time. It was hard to cram this into 10 minutes, so all of the video is fast forward.

Cowabunga Corner #14

In this episode of “Cowabunga Corner” I talk about the Mirage Comics.

Ninja Turtles started off as a comic book, and this blog I take the time to talk about their creation and the history of the Mirage Comics.

If you have any videos about the Mirage comics or creation of the Ninja Turtles, feel free to connect them as a video reply.


Music: “Overthrown” by Josh Woodward

Cowabunga Corner #13

In this episode I talk about animation cels and original art work for the animation cels. I’ve been collecting animation cels since the early 90′s and thanks to my Friends at Art-Toons I have been very lucky to get my hands on a lot of wonderful cels.

Animation cels is the art work used to make a cartoon, every cel is hand drawn and painted, than placed one after another onto back grounds to make the cartoons we see on TV. This is normally done after the voices are recorded so that they can match the mouth to the voices as they’re drawing the cels.

Cowabunga #12

In this episode I talk about conventions, one of the things I’ve done a lot of during my life and still plan to do a lot more. Through conventions I’ve met many TMNT Guest and fellow fans. They’re a lot of fun and I highly recommend them to anyone!

I have reviews of a lot of different conventions at if you’ve gone to conventions and have reviews you’d like to connect please feel free to. I will do blogs about different conventions with more photos and video.


“Burning Gasoline” by Karmafish

Cowabunga Corner #11

In this episode I talk about the original cartoon series. This is just my over all view of the series, I will be doing episode reviews in future blogs.

If you have any blogs about the original Ninja Turtles cartoon series please free to add them as a video reply here.

I hope you enjoy!

“Sonic Colours” by Stan+SB

Cowabunga Corner #10

In This episode we go back to late 1990 and early 1991, the beginning of my days as a Turtle for Children Birthday parties, movie theaters and more. I was surprised to find this much video footage from those days, including video from one of our first parties.

The “Party Turtle” lasted from March 1991 to August 1993, did over 150 Parties, also worked all the movie theaters in the area for TMNT 2 and TMNT 3. Another gig we would do was visit sick or injured kids at the Hospitals in the area, as well as making home visits if a hospital requested it for any children. So this here is another area in which I have a lot of stories to share from my past.