Review: Nick TMNT "Karai's Vendetta"

KaraisVendettaIn the Nickelodeon series they have been teasing us with hints towards what the Kraang are up to on Earth.  We learned that they are working at fixing the Mutagen so it works how they want it to on Earth.  We find they are trying to change Earth's environment to match theirs and we are shown that they want to catch April O'Neil.  Each of these bits of information is given to us little at a time and keeps us hanging on waiting for more.  In the newest episode of Nickelodeon TMNT the Foot learn that the Kraang are after April O'Neil and join in on trying to catch the Turtles friend.  Here is my review of "Karai's Vendetta".


This episode starts off with Shredder trying to question the Kraang.  He wants to know why the Kraang are after the Turtles.  Karai teaches her father that you need to put the Kraang into it's robot body to get it to talk.  Shredder gets the Kraang into a broken body they have sitting there as the Kraang realizes it can't really move around.  Once the Kraang starts to talk it tries to refuse to answer the Shredder's questions.  He threatens the Kraang itself with his blade, as Kraang realizes it needs to answer Shredder's questions.  At this point they learn that the Turtles are protecting April O'Neil which is known as the one who is the missing part of the Kraang's plans.

I really enjoy this scene.  I like interaction between Shredder and Karai as they're questioning the Kraang.  I like how the Kraang tries to answer them.  And I LOVE how Shredder puts the blade right to the Kraang itself.  During Shredder's little question and answer time here, the Kraang's eyes are right on the blade that is pointed at it.  Really well done.   I really do enjoy the scenes that show what the Foot is up too, this is something I really enjoy in each series.  Moments with the bad guys, their personalities show through the best when they're not fighting.

In the lair the Turtles and April are training with Splinter.  Splinter is working one on one with April, as Leonardo and Donatello are sparing.  Michelangelo is sparring with Raphael.  Raph thinks he's got Mikey, though when he jumps Mike is able to take Raph by surprise taking him down.  Though after Mike does his victory, Raphael gets him into a hold where Mike gives up very easy against Raph.  Splinter asks Mike why he gave up, as Mike shared he couldn't get away.  Splinter teaches them to throw their attacker off balance.

If there is one thing I love in this Nickelodeon series it has been the training sessions with the Turtles.  Most of the time there's some great scenes between the Turtles and Splinter, this is no exception to that rule.  Though best of all was seeing Michelangelo out wit Raphael in sparing.  A pet peeve of mine in this show is how easy and fast Donatello and Mikey go down to Raph and Leo, so it was really good to see Mike finally best his bro.  Short lived, but still it happened.  The Mikey fan in me was proud.  Of course I loved Splinter's lesson and the look on Raph's face as he realized he was about to go against Splinter.   And how Splinter threw Raph off balance got me to laugh really hard.  Gotta watch to see what happened here, as it's one of those things that's best when seen.

After training the we go to the lair's living room, where Raphael is feeding Spike as Leonardo and Michelangelo are watching Space Heroes.  In this episode Captain Ryan stands back and watches another crew fail at a mission not reaching out to help them.  Saying they have to learn to fend for themselves.  Donatello bust into the room telling the others that April and him have been studying sewage water.  The Kraang are changing the water making it dangerous using pizza as an example of what this stuff can do.  Mike screams out that he can't live in a world without pizza and grabs his pizza box which has the dangerous Kraang water sitting on top of it, spilling the water onto April.  Though she's not hurt by this dangerous water.  The Turtles decide they have to stop the Kraang, April decides not to go on this mission.  Once she leaves Don shows them his new ride he's been working on.

This is a nice lead up to why the Turtles are going after the Kraang and can not help save April.  Though it does get me that Donatello makes a big deal about April going top side.  She has been going top side all this time, even after the TCRI episode where she was attacked at School.  All this time without Don getting worried.  Another thing with this scene is that while I know they wanted us to see that April was not hurt by the Kraang water, but even her wrist band was not destroyed.  I think this scene would've been more impacting if the wristband was damaged.

The Turtles are taking the new Turtle sub out for a ride as Raphael, Leonardo, and Michelangelo have to pedal bikes to help charge the ship.  Leonardo is not so amused by this, as Raph comments that it would be better to swim.  Donatello defends why it's set up this way and gets the engines turned on.  Leonardo asks for a periscope, though is not pleased with what it is made from. While looking through it he sees a sea monster that Donatello says is most likely from Dimension X.   They see that this sea monster is guarding the Kraang base and Leonardo decides to go stealth.

It's fun seeing what Donatello is willing to put his brothers through.  He must of knew Leonardo would react to the toilet seat periscope.  It is also neat to see the Kraang using other living creatures from Dimension X.  This opens up the show to so many new aliens and monsters that we have yet to see in the series.

April is walking down the street as she heads to get food.  Heading to Murakami's, she sees this new vending machine outside.  She's confused by this as she's looking it over someone comes up behind her and tells her this is how to order the food.  It's clear to the viewers that the person talking to April is Karai.  She shows her how to order and after they get the thing to order their food, Karai asks to eat with her and goes in.  The two of them agree to try each other's food as the viewers see that Karai orders Turtle soup.  She introduces herself to April as Harmony.

I really like this scene, I like how Karai gets to talk with April.  I like seeing the two of them just relaxing as Karai gets to know April a little.  I love that they go to Murakami's for food.  I think it's great that Karai ordered Turtle Soup.  Really this is my favorite scene in the episode, not because of laugh factor but because of character growth and just a very good set up.  Well written and animated.

Back underwater the sea monster is doing it's job at protecting the base, the Turtle's sub swims into the area and it goes towards the sub.  At this time the sub shoots a light out and the sea monster starts to go after the light leaving the outside of the Kraang base unprotected.  The Turtles get a look in seeing all the guards and decide to trick the guards outside by using a rock to block the water flow.  The Kraangs go outside and the Turtles sneak into the base.  When they get inside they see the sea monster has returned.  Leonardo decides they have to worry about it later.

I really wish Michelangelo took the time to name the sea monster so I'm not typing 'the sea monster' every time I am mentioning it.   Besides for the lack of a good name, this was a really good scene where everything was well thought out on how to get in.  They were lucky the Kraang's pet chased the light beam.  And it was smart thinking to use the rock to block the water.  Of course is always good to get some Kraang talking time, their voices are great and the lines that come out of them are always fun to hear.

At Murakami's Karai and April are still getting to know each other.  As Karai is playing with chopsticks April inquires on why she's in New York.  Karai answer is that she's here to finish some old business with her father, he works with knives.  Murakami bring the girls their food, as Karai tries April's food she agrees it's good, then pushes over her bowl of soup.  April goes to try it, as she asks what it is.  Karai tells her it's Turtle soup as April, realizes who this is and tries to leave.  Karai stops her saying that her father would love to meet her.  With Murakami's help, April is able to get away from Karai and goes running.   On her run, April grabs out her T Phone to make a call.

Once again they are really well with working on these characters.  A little surprised that April got that it's Karai just because of Turtle soup, seeing as how that is a food that people are known to eat.  Never tried it myself, nor do I ever want too.  Though I do know there are people who eat it, which is why it is sold.  Nice that Karai was so quick to agree that it is her.  Everything is in the open now and April knows she's gotta get out of there.  I'm very thankful that April did not get an ego saying "I've been training, do your best" or some crap like that.  They handled it good, she realized this was a fight that she should not be in and tried her best to get away.

The Turtles are sneaking into the Kraang base.  Leonardo reminds his brothers to stay quiet as Donatello snaps at him that they're Ninjas and know how to be quiet.  Just then his T Phone rings, loud and clear giving them away to the Kraang that are still there.  The fight starts as Don tells April now is not a good time, though he's taken in shock when she says that Karai is after her.  Leo saves Don, giving Don the chance to tell him that April is being chased by Karai and they have to help her.  Leo snaps about someone helping them.  Don realizes they can't go and save April and tells her to run.

A few things with this scene that I notice, one it should be a rule of thumb for the Turtles to turn their ringers off before going into any enemy base.  And second, what happened to Don's ringtone for April?  Did his brother's teasing him get him to change his ringtone?  In the episode "I Monster" Don had a totally different ring tone.  Nice to see Leo trying to keep Don alive as he is too focused on April.

April is running with Karai hot on her trail, she sees the pizza delivery boy and distract him asking if that pizza is for O'Neil.  She jumps on his scooter and takes off.  Karai runs off in a different direction and comes back through with a motorcycle chasing after April.  April gets to the first stop light and thought she might be safe, though she realizes Karai coming at her on the motorcycle and fastly gets going through the light causing some cars to swerve out of the way.  April keeps racing through traffic, she cuts through an alley as a truck is backing up that would block it, April speeds pass the truck just in time, as Karai is stopped by the truck.

Yay!  Other cars and people!  New York is getting a little bit more life to it.  The streets are not as packed as they should be.  And when Karai catches up with April the other cars on the street disappear to where it is only Karai and April.  I do give them some credit for people being on the sidewalk.  My favorite thing here is that the pizza boy talks.  He is voiced by Ciro Nieli, which is also who his design is based off of.  I was very amused by that.  A fun chase scene.

Back in the Kraang base the Turtles are fighting the Kraang.  Donatello is more interested in helping April against Karai.  Though Leo points out that it's hard to help her if he's blasted in the head.  Once they take out the Kraang, Don wants to go to save April but Leo gets after him about finishing the mission.  So Don is stuck coming up with the plan on how to take this base down.  He points out that the stuff they're doing is highly explosive.  So they decide to blow the place up, as soon as they get ready to go the door is open and the sea monster comes out attacking them.  With only 90 seconds before the bomb blows up.

I'm not going to say how they handle the Sea monster and the bomb.  Just that this was a great scene.  One that must be watched.  I love everything that was done here.   While the Turtles fight the Sea monster April is cornered in an alley by Karai and takes a beating.  If you want to find out how she gets out of that jam, you have to watch this episode.

This episode was great!  With tons of cool things going on for us to follow, great animation and wonderful character growth.  I really did enjoy this episode from start to finish.  I am surprised how much I am starting to like this April, when the series first started I was a bit disappointed with her, as I felt like her character was not growing into something I could enjoy.  The more the series has been going, the more I've been starting to like her and this episode may have just sealed the deal that she is one of the April O'Neils that I do like.  I can not wait to see where they take her from here.

Did you see "Karai's Vendetta"?  What was your thoughts on this episode?  Please share your reviews, comments and questions below.

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I really think that Karai is indeed Miwa. She reacted when April said she lost her mother, as she did as well (Tang Shen, who Shredder probably told Karai was HIS wife) and plus, here's something I found out. Miwa actually translates to Harmony, which Karai told April was her name when they first met. What do you think?

Looks like a mach to me, hope they reveal it soon.

Real great episode, The Sea Monster seen was hilarious. I do like that Mikey was able to through Raph once because it pays homage to Raphael #1. Also, how Splinter tells Raph to tack a both reminds me of several comics that show Raph in a bath towel. What are you thoughts on April losing her mother?

Hehehe on my second watch of this episode, I noticed Ciro's voice for the pizza guy, a nice little touch :)

And I agree that this episode was well done and well rounded off. April's character as well as the whole story is definitely developing!