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Midwest Media Expo 2014: Pop Culture Panel


Review: Detroit Fanfare 2013

2013 Detroit Fanfare has rolled around.  This year shows the growth of the event as they used the same location as they did last year, but took up a bit more space.  Adding another dealer room to the mix.  Miki and I checked out two days of Detroit Fanfare getting to talk with the vendors, guests and enjoy some of the panels they had to offer.  Here’s my review of Detroit Fanfare 2013.

Miki and I got to Detroit Fanfare on Friday, we were there kind of late just to pick up our badges.  We had just enough time to peek into the dealer room and find a few friends to say hello.  On our way out we bumped into our friends doing the DLUX Entertainment Expo this upcoming March.  They had new flyers and TMNT guests listed.  We spent our evening hanging out in the lobby, catching up with them and other friends.

Review: New York City Comic Con 2011

New York City Comic Con is a convention worthy of having returning fans and booths.  With a great lay out, fun panels, and a nice size crowd, guests for all sorts of people, games for young and older fans and tons of comic booths and artist for everyone to enjoy, this is not an event that disappoints the attendees.  Every year they try to make it bigger and better, with goals to become as big as San Diego Comic Con. Though, personally, I’d be happy if it stays at the size the convention is at right now.