Fandom comes from within


Over 20 years of being a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan, many memories have filled my head, some of which I hold very close to my heart.  Even though time has changed, the memories I will never forget are of those who have touched me through the fandom.  I’ll always be thankful for any lessons learned, gifts given, or time spent with me.  This is a chance to share some of those times.  So I would like to share a story that dates back to before the internet, to a younger me reading the letter pages of the Mirage Comic Books, to a Turtle Fan who still thrives in the fandom to this day and the lesson I hold from meeting her online.

Hazel Park's Dairy Park

When growing up as a child, there was a local treat that my mother would take me to, it was an ice cream shop shaped like a barn.  The small house next to it had these plastic animals in it that was fun to look at as we would sit at the picnic table eating our ice cream.  Not a far drive from where we lived, this was a treat we enjoyed on hot summer days.  They had shakes, malts, cones, banana splits and more, even hot food like hot dogs.  The Dairy Park is a place that people could go for some really good affordable food.

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer Journey