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Review of 2012 with Cowabunga Corner


Cowabunga Corner #100! Bloopers

Welcome to episode 22 of Cowabunga Corner Season 4!   And Thank You to all of our viewers for supporting us through 100 episodes!  In this episode we go over the many bloopers that has happened through the first 15 episodes of trying to film this fun blog for everyone.  Lots of laughs, falling items and background noise.  And even editing bloopers with this episode, like the L in the title to noise issues as our editing program hated how much work we threw it through.  So enjoy our mistakes!

Making of Cowabunga Corner Season 3

Cowabunga Corner Season 3 was a total blast to make!  I cannot thank everyone enough for all the time they put into it.  This season was the first time where we had almost as many interviews as we did reviews, which did really surprise me as that was not something I thought was going to ever happen.